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Author Jack Ketchum 11/18/11


AdventTraitor 12/06/12

Jeff “Wickedbeard” Cochran 07/27/11

Kiki 12/01/12

Mizz Jupiter 12/04/12

Natsuo Cosplay 11/28/12

YunaDaKilla 11/29/12

-Etc., Etc., Etc.-

9/11 Twin Tower Survivor Michelle Rosado 09/11/11

Julie Shuster, Executive Director for The International UFO Museum and Research Center at Roswell, New Mexico 11/19/11

R.J. Seifert of Bobby Mackey in Wilder, KY (Very Haunted) 10/23/11

Redneck Roundup Creator Buca 11/07/12

Shawnda owner of Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling 10/12/11

Tanya Meadows, Director of Marketing for American Wind Power Center and Museum in Lubbock, TX 10/26/11


Betsy Humphrey owner of the Humphrey Company 08/28/11

Brian Levin owner of Perky Jerky 11/02/12

Cara Davis-Jensen from Uncle Woody’s Popcorn 11/08/12

Dennis Cohn owner of Salsa Texas 11/01/12

Dennis Flynn owner of Setter Mountain Food Group, Inc. 10/05/11

Doehne (Deano) Duckworth Maker of Deano’s Jalapenos 08/26/11

Gary Guittard owner of Guittard Chocolate 09/27/11

Glen A. Firth owner of Rocko’s Gourmet – Bloody Mary Seasoning Blend 10/18/12

Jim Norsworthy from Longview Jerky 09/29/11

John Becwar from Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix 10/13/12

Kari Mansfeld owner of Kari’s Malva Pudding 09/29/11

Larry Kling owner of Stagecoach Salsa Company 10/19/12

Mark Callahan, VP Sales & Marketing for Amusemints 11/29/11

Michael Cobb President Guylian USA Inc. 10/15/11

Pete, The Chief Bacon Officer and Creator of Bacon Hot Sauce 11/16/11

Robin Horn owner of Kentucky Silk Pie 10/27/12

Shirley Bailey owner of Texas Tamale Co. 09/16/11

Tony Griffin owner of Wow Wee Dipping Sauce 10/21/12

Willow King of Esoteric Food Company 10/12/12


Curtis Paul Owner of Curtlin Toys & Games 09/18/11

David Fooden Inventor of the game “Oh My God! There’s An Axe In My Head”

Patrick Stevens of Numbskull Games


Roderick Calhoun inventor of The Gotta’go 11/08/12

Tiffany Krumins inventor of AVA The Elephant 11/16/11


Rich Ferguson, AKA “The Ice Breaker” 08/31/11

-Models/Tattoo/BBW/Pinup/Rock Chick-


Butch Cassidy 11/29/12

Dolly Darling 11/16/12

June Storm 11/20/12

Sabina Vön Wonderländ 12/06/12

Trisha Rockabilly 11/27/12

Rock Chick

Dark Morte 11/27/12

Maria Katharina 11/11/12


Deena Deen 10/29/12

Edith Harris 10/23/12

Francesco C. 10/22/12

Jey Gi 10/26/12

Cayleigh Rose 10/24/12

Mandy Davis 10/20/12

Pretty Poison 10/18/12

Tattooed Brookie 10/21/12

Tattoo Liz 10/19/12

-Movies/Documentaries/Directors/Producers/Writers/Actors/Actress/Scream Queens-

Actor Mike Farrell of “Days of Our Lives” & “M*A*S*H*” Fame 10/17/11

Actor Tyler Tuione from “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End” & Priceline Commercials 10/05/11

Actor Vince Lozano from “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl” & leader of the Vampires on MTV Series “Death Valley” 10/27/11

Actress Felissa Rose from cult horror movie “Sleepaway Camp” 10/10/11

Actress Heather Donahue from “The Blair Witch Project” 10/18/11

Actress Catherine Mary Stewart 03/27/12

Actress Lilith Stabs 10/11/11

Actress Michelle Tomlinson aka Mighty McT 10/29/11

Actress Sirena Irwin from Animated Shows “Spongebob Square Pants”, “Stripperella” & “Batman: The Brave And The Bold” 10/27/11

Actress Tuesday Knight of “Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master” 10/21/11

Actress/Model Kayla Perkins 08/30/11

Actress/Model Tha Original Gata Monique Dupree 08/11/11

Darla Fay who plays Hildred in Christmas Story 2 11/29/12

Director Nina Seavey of the documentary movie “4th. & Goal” 09/22/11

Director/Writer Larry Longstreth 09/07/11

Ex Days of Our Lives Star Gloria Loring 10/20/11

James Glickenhaus the Director/Writer of “The Exterminator” 08/26/11

Jeff Wolfe writer/director of “Archangel” 09/16/11

Jim Hemphill the Director of the Movie “Bad Reputation” 09/08/11

Kevin Kerslake the director of “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience” 09/16/11

Paul Davis writer/director of the movie “The Shadows of Ants” 09/19/11

Ex. Porno Star & Legend Hyapatia Lee 01/15/12

Ex. Porno Star & Legend Seka01/02/12

Tom De Napoli and Steve Makowski writers/directors of “Pig Lady” 09/18/11

Writer Cameron Laventure & producer Brandon Laventure of the movie “Apocalypse Theory” 09/20/11

Star Wars

Frazer Diamond Jawa in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 11/29/12

Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett in the Star Wars Movies 09/09/11

John Coppinger Scientific Model-Maker, Sculptor and Animatronic Designer for Museums, Films, And TV 11/23/11

Pam Rose who Played Leesub Sirln in Star Wars Ep. 3 09/12/11

Ron Hone Chief Droid Builder and Model Maker for Star Wars Ep. 5 09/10/11

Stephanie English who played a Rebel Technician in Star Wars Ep. 5 09/14/11

-Silent Night, Zombie Night-

Actor Chris Gabriel from “Silent Night, Zombie Night”

Actor Jack Forcinito from “Silent Night, Zombie Night” 11/16/11

Actor Lew Temple from “Silent Night, Zombie Night” 11/18/11

Sean Cain Writer/Director of the Movie “Silent Night, Zombie Night” 11/14/11


Ben Wells of the rock band Black Stone Cherry 08/25/11

Big Daddy Rich of metal band Texas Hippie Coalition (12/11/10) 12/01/11

Billy Sherwood from YES and CIRCA 09/29/11

Bluegrass Artist CJ The DJ (Carl Jarrell Jr.) 04/16/12

Bluegrass Duo The Roys 11/09/11

Claus Lessmann lead singer of German metal band Bonfire 09/27/11

Dave Lepard of Swedish Glam band CRASHDÏET in 2005 (Dave would die in 2006) 11/30/11

Dave Moody – Bass Player for Billy Ray Cyrus 10/24/12

Dave Williams then lead singer of Drowning Pool in 2002 (Dave died the same year) 10/16/11

David Ellefson of Megadeth 08/19/11

David Ellefson Of Megadeth 10/23/12

DJ Ashba Of Sixx AM & Guns N’ Roses 11/25/11

EYEHATEGOD lead singer Mike IX Williams 10/15/11

Frederik “Cozy” Cosemans from Belgium metal band SerpentCult 10/05/11

Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen (Jan died in 2013) 01/02/12

Jason McMaster singer of Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Evil United and many other great metal bands 01/02/12

Kevin DuBrow of Quite Riot in 2007 (Kevin died the same year) 11/25/11

Margarita Monet of the heavy metal band Edge Of Paradise 11/09/11

Markus drummer of Swedish band Dirty Passion 09/22/11

Paul Speckmann of death metal band Master 11/03/12

Rapper Dame Debiase of SODMG/SWISH GANG

Rapper Illa Scorsese 09/27/11

Rapper Lega-C 09/29/11

Rhonda Vincent Bluegrass legend 6/16/10

Simon Wright of AC/DC and DIO fame 08/16/11

Swedish sleaze band Baby Jane 10/13/11

The late great Ronnie James Dio conducted in 2002 (Ronnie died in 2010) 10/18/11

Thomas Youngblood from metal band Kamelot 10/26/11

Trent Anderson of Bang Tango 11/26/11

Tuck of the Villebillies – 2006ish


Country Band Kentucky Blue Collar Band 08/17/12

Metal Band Black Acid Overdrive 08/17/12

Punk Band The Hateful Kind 08/15/12

Punk Band The Speed Hearts 08/14/12

School Jam USA – Youth Gone Wild

Anaurac 11/08/12

Reality Check 11/13/12

The Anchormen 11/11/12

The Merry Brothers Of Funk 11/09/12

The Underlying Factor 11/20/12


Performer band Alabama Shakes – 10/30/11

Performer band Antoine Reverb 11/15/11

Performer band Ben Dukes 11/27/12

Performer band Dan Bornhorst of Blackstone Rangers 11/17/12

Performer band Dikes of Holland 11/28/11

Performer band Edison Chair 11/24/11

Performer band Electric Eel Shock 12/01/11

Performer band I Got You On Tape 11/17/11

Performer band il Abanico 11/16/11

Performer band Mahogany 11/21/11

Performer band Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe Seven 11/27/11

Performer band My Education 11/25/11

Performer band Oh Mercy 12/02/11

Performer band SUDAKAYA 11/23/11

Performer band Team Me 11/26/11

Performer band The Abramson Singers

Performer band The Zoltars 11/19/11

Performer band Thulebasen 11/17/11

Performer band Tim Easton 11/20/12

Performer band V For Volume 11/29/11

Performer band Wheelchair Sports Camp 11/18/11

Performer duo Big Scary 11/16/11

Performer duo Soft Metals 11/18/11

Performer Hip Hop Artist Skewby 11/30/11

Performer Jazz Saxophone player and composer Elias Haslanger 11/22/11

Performer musician Marianne Dissard 11/14/11

Tribute Band/Artist

Priest Unleashed – Tribute to Judas Priest 01/07/12

The Beach Toys – Tribute to The Beach Boys 01/04/12

-Super Heroes/Villains-

Real Life Superhero Blue 01/02/12

Real Life Superhero Crimson Tie 11/01/11

Real Life Superhero Crossfire the Crusader 10/14/11

Real Life Superhero Ironhead 10/23/11

Real Life Superhero Moon Knight 10/13/11

Real Life Superhero Red Voltage 10/18/11

Real Life Superhero Revenant 10/28/11

Real Life Superhero Smoke 11/28/11

Real Life Super Villain Black Jak 10/22/11

Real Live Super Villain JCreeper 10/14/11

Real Life Super Villain Zyklon B 10/18/11

Real Life Villain Group Member The Golden Don 10/13/11

-TV/Web Show/Game Shows-

David Haney from the web TV show Girl/Girl Scene 11/16/11

“Big John” Murray of VH1’s Rock of Love Fame 08/01/11

Bob Bergen from Jep! & also the voice of Porky Pig 10/07/11

Brandon Bernier of truTV show Storage Hunters 10/16/11

Dr. Janet Taylor from the Jeremy Kyle Show 10/21/11

England Simpson of Southern Fried Stings on truTV 08/07/11

Game Show Host Todd Newton 10/10/11

Jackass Alumni Mike Holman 10/11/11

Jodie Parks of Paranormal Hot Squad from the hit TV series Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel 08/19/11

Mark Lambrect From The Mole Season 5 10/12/12

Tana Goertz From The Apprentice Season 311/27/12

Tucky Williams star of  the web TV show Girl/Girl Scene 08/06/11

Tucky Williams star of the web TV show Girl/Girl Scene 11/14/11

America’s Got Talent

Alonzo “PrinceAlonzo” Russell of Fatally Unique from America’s Got Talent 09/08/11

Cheryl Knapp Owner/Trainer of Gabe the Bulldog from America’s Got Talent 09/13/11

Lisa Ligon of Purrfect Angelz from America’s Got Talent 09/09/11

Matt Wilhelm of America’s Got Talent 09/10/11

Melissa Villasenor from America’s Got Talent 2011 09/07/11

Tim “Kinetic King” Fort from America’s Got Talent 09/20/11

Big Brother

Adam Poch from Big Brother 13 10/16/12


Carpucine Childs of Face/Off on SyFy 10/26/12

Conor McCullagh of Face/Off on SyFy Season 1 winner  08/17/11

Rod Maxwell of Face/Off on SyFy 10/18/12

-Pumpkin Chunkin-

Jay Goodell of team Launch-Ness Monster 11/29/12

Jim Riley of team Pumpkin Hammer11/30/12

Redneck Island

Angela Croke (RED) from Redneck Island Season 2 on CMT

Heather Maier from Redneck Island Season 2 on CMT 11/27/12

Lisa MC from Redneck Island Season 2 on CMT 11/29/12

Teri Allen From Redneck Island and Redneck Rehab 10/19/12


Holly Hoffman of Survivor: Nicaragua 10/10/12

The Amazing Race

Jodi Wincheski from The Amazing Race Season 14 10/09/12

The Walking Dead

Anthony “Chopper” Rinaldo (Barn Walker) From the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/25/12

Christopher Kelly (The Eight Foot Tall Zombie) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/18/12

Clair Danielle Canterbury (C-Section Zombie) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/24/12

Dwayne Boyd (National Guardsman # 1) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/29/12

Jacque Tenpenny (Fence Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/26/12

Jason Virus (Fence Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/31/12

Jeremy Ambler (Highway Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/07/12

Jonna Capehart (Britney Spears Zombie) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/23/12

Keisha Tillis (Mother Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 08/05/11

Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy (Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/04/12

Mike Mundy (Grandpa Walker Death By Fire Poker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/16/12

Sonya Thompson (Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 01/06/12

Steve Warren (Machete Head Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/11/12

Theshay West (Michonne’s Pet Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/30/12

Tony Gowell (Barn Walker +) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/02/12

Triston Johnson (Barn Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/08/12

Tyler Capehart (Walker) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 11/13/12

Vincent M. Ward (Oscar) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/26/12

William Hart (Ankle-Biter Walker One Who Bites Hershel) from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead 10/15/12










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