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Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

RJ: R.J. Seifert advertising and promotion director for Bobby Mackey and Bobby Mackey’s Music world.

MW: What is the story about Bobby Mackey?

RJ: Bobby Mackey loves to sing country music. He started singing at the age of 4 in talent shows in his home town of Concord Ky. He bought the old gambling casino the Latin Quarter in 1978 so that he could make the kind of music he wanted for his fans. He has been singing professionally for 40 yeas .

MW: What makes Bobby Mackey so haunted?

RJ: Not sure how to answer this. You would need to ask an expert paranormal person that question. Doug Hensleys Book Hells Gate probably has done the best job of documenting  the hauntings of Bobby Mackey’s and telling the story.

Could be the original site was the site of a slaughter house. It has been rumored that satanic rituals have been performed there. Maybe ghost enjoy traditional country music.

MW: How many ghost hunters come to Bobby Mackey ever year?

RJ: 100s

MW: What is the most spine tingling story ever?

RJ: When Zak Bagans got scratched on his back in the Well room on his TV show Ghost Adventures gets me every time.

MW: What does it cost to come ghost hunt at Bobby Mackey’s?

RJ: $10 for Friday and Saturday night hourly tours $100 an hour for overnight group investigations. Tour Director Wanda Kay has a menu of tours to accommodate all interests. Contact her directly 859-291-1689 for more information.

MW: How does someone contact you to set up a ghost hunt?

RJ: or 859-291-1687

MW: Does change in weather change the amount of activity?

RJ: I don’t think so that would be a good question for Wanda Kay. Who will be telling her Ghost Story Next Saturday night on the Biography Channel program My Ghost Story October 29th at 9P.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

RJ: Many people come to Bobby Mackey’s every Friday and Saturday night to check out the Ghost Stories. But everyone stays for his unique style of traditional country music. Paranormal activity is a very personal thing each individual reacts differently in each situation. We invite folks to come see and experience Bobby Mackey’s for yourselves.