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The Sodastream Source

Posted: 01/23/2014 in Reviews

Sodastream SOURCE

I recently got my Sodastream Source to review. When I opened the box I had the Source, and all kinds of flavors. I was so excited to finally get one that it was like Christmas in January. I opened the box set the Source up and started making my first batch of pop. Pop is what we call it in the south. I was like what will I make first, so I decided to try Tropical Punch Kool Aid that came with the machine. I went to fill the water at the tap, put the water in the holder, pushed back on the holder, push down the carbonation button to level 2, pulled the holder out, poured the Kool Aid in, and shuck it up. What I then experienced was a wonderful liquid taste of kool refreshing Kool Aid. I also tried the Root Beer, Cola, and Orange. All and all this machine is pretty cool. Sodastream has so many wonderful flavors I can not wait to try. I think I will be buying more as soon as I am not snowed in.

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