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This life may seem glamorous and laid back but to achieve what most have in the rap and hip hop industry take hard work and determination. Most people just see the jewels, money, cars, clothes and nice lavish cribs that are in some rappers videos. First off most rappers are broke unless he’s a successful D boy then that’s another story. After they pay back their label for studio, travel, living expenses, they don’t have much money left. A rap artist generally makes their money from concerts, autograph signings, appearances, and sponsor deals.
That CD on the shelf goes for 14.99 and an artist signed to a major label only sees 7 cents per CD. Independent artist that sign themselves see much more or all earnings depending on partnerships involved with their label. A major label takes care of every need a rap artist will need studio, promotion, distribution etc. While an independent label has to try and get you all this locally and not nationally or internationally. But to become a successful rap artist truly depends on your fan base.
You have to appeal to the millions of potential fans out there and make music DJ’s will play without having to pay every last one off. Before you can ever have a strong fan base you have to have good lyrics, or a great beat maker, these are very important if you plan to work with other artist in the industry. They want to know you wont fall of the map one day or go nuts in an interview and start calling out everyone that you have worked with or they have worked with. Image is everything and nothing at the same time in this business.
What I mean by this is if you are a pretty boy you will get in the door but if you cant rap you wont stay long. If you are they ugliest person on earth you can get in the door but if you get crowds hype and keep that I’ll kill everybody in the room image about you, you’ll stay. In the Rap biz it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know and what you know. Someone on the ball releases at least 3 mixtapes a yr. and 1 album every year or year and a half. Collaborations are KEY you want to keep your buzz going when people are waiting for your next CD to come out. So get on as many peoples songs as possible even if they go in different directions because both your paths are trying to lead to fame.
Be different and have shock value because now almost everything has been done 10 times or more. It’s up to you or your label to come up with creative new ways to keep your listeners tuned in.