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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AS: I’m a 24 year old software engineer located in Portland Oregon.

MW: How did you get involved in Robot Combat League on SyFy?
AS: My dad is a hobby roboticist and has gotten some good press for the robots he’s designed and built. The creator of the show contacted him to see if he was interested, and he mentioned he had a daughter.

MW: How did you and your dad go about designing Crash?
AS: Mark Sertrakian designed and built all the robots.

MW: How did it come about to be on Robot Combat League

MW: Was the process long and hard?
AS: It was definitely tough. We were away from home for a little over a month, so that was hard.

MW: What did you think when Crash beat Steel Cyclone?
AS: It was pretty exciting. We definitely didn’t want to be the first ones eliminated!

MW: Then came Brimstone how was it beating him?
AS: We were really happy with that happened. We were really nervous about fighting Brimstone because of the leather armor, so it was so exciting when we won.

MW: You would then beat Scorpio tell me about that win?
AS: That was probably the most fun but most tense fight we had. Diana and Chris are tough competitors, and those blades on Scoripos’s fists were definitely worrisome.

MW: Crash would go onto the final showdown against Steam Punk. What did you think of the win?
AS: We were so excited. We definitely never would have expected to win, especially against so many amazing teams.

MW: Do you think Team Crash was the break out team?
AS: I think a lot of the other teams counted us out a bit because of the power up challange, but I never think we were as much of ‘underdogs’ as it appeared on the show. Crash was a pretty impressive robot, and we studied his armor and how he worked in order to use him to our best advantage.

MW: Will Crash be able to come back next season to defend his title?
AS: I’m not sure, we will have to see what Syfy wants!

MW: What will Team Crash do next?
AS: We filmed the show in October, and after that it was nice just to get back to normal life!

MW: What do you and your dad do when not fighting robots?
AS: He builds his own robots as a hobby, and I’m currently planning my wedding this summer.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AS: Participating and winning RCL was an awesome experience!