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Blastzone Mike & Todd Severin – All Things Vinyl

8:30PM Eastern

Blastzone Mike & Jay Morris – Rock Trivia 80’s Hair Metal

9:00PM Eastern

Blastzone Mike & Jim Foster – Round Earth-Flat Earth

9:30PM Eastern

Blastzone Mike & David Sterling – Night Talk

12:00AM Eastern

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Country artist Cherish Lee

8PM Eastern

Rob Moschetti formerly of Pro-Pain and now vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of The Pain Method

8:45PM Eastern

Mike Matney from the band White Boy And The Average Rat Band

9:30PM Eastern

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This is where you can keep tabs on my Race To 300. As it stands I am over 300 pounds, wear larger then a 5x t-shirt, bigger then a size 50 pants. I will put on this page every day for a week photos of the food and drinks I eat and drink. I will also put a start photo and a new photo every week. I start this adventure on November 1st. If you would like to do this with me I will make a page for all people losing weight with me. So lets start the Race To 300…

This photo was taken two weeks ago at Scarefest with someone dressed up as a alien from They Live.

Day 1 – November 1st. – No Breakfast/Lunch – Salad, BLT and 12oz. Coke/Dinner – Chili and Crackers/Snack – Few pretzels and peanut butter/Drinks – 3 bottles of water with drink mix. The first day was not as rough as I thought it would be.

Day 2 – November 2nd. – No Breakfast/No Lunch/ Snack – Three pigs in a blanket & a Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla 16oz./Dinner – Salad & Cottage Cheese/Snack – 1 Sucker/Drink – Tropicana Strawberry Peach and 1 32oz. McDonald’s Coke. This day was OK but feel I could have done better.

Day 3 – November 3rd. – No Breakfast/Lunch – Chinese (Not as much as usual) and a 12oz. Pepsi/Dinner – Chicken Sub and 32oz. Root Beer/ This was a rough day till I ate lunch.

Day 4 – November 4th.

Day 5 – November 5th.

Day 6 – November 6th.

Day 7 – November 7th.


Fifi Larue (The Gothic Killer Clown of Rock n’ Roll)

10PM Eastern

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1st. Part the Facebook missed up while live.

2nd Part the Facebook missed up really bad but you can hear the audio.



Dawn Lyn Johnson

7 Days Of Wild Eye Releasing Directors – Charles Pinion

8PM Eastern

Chris Woods – Owner of The Sleaze Box (2nd. time on show)

8:45PM Eastern

Blastzone Mike & Pinky Bob – Just For Shitz & Giggles Wednesday

9:30PM Eastern

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