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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
CM: I am married to Peanutt Montgomery who was George Jones’ major songwriter for over 30 years. We live in Sheffield, Alabama where Peanutt still records under his own label.
MW: Tell me about the first time you met George Jones?
CM: I was cruising in Florence, Alabama with my sister, Linda. when a couple of guys pulled up beside us and asked us to meet them down at the local ice cream parlor. We did that and ended up riding around with the guys. They happened to be George Jones and Peanutt Montgomery, and the rest of the story is in the book.
MW: How did you and your husband Peanut become so close to Mr. Jones?
CM: Peanutt was working with Rick Hall of Fame Studios when he met George. They became best friends when Peanutt started writing some big hits for George. For all those years, all of us were inseparable.
MW: Lets talk about “The Legend of George Jones.” How did the book come about?
CM: George was unhappy with the couple of books on him plus the trash in them. He didn’t like them at all, so he asked me years before his death if I would write a book and tell the straight story about who he was and why. I kept a diary for over 10 years and then handed that to my publisher.
MW: When you wrote the book was it made from your memories or something else?
CM: I was with George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and his children every day for years. We lived near each other. When the Jones’ moved, we moved too. Often I was the one who would pick out their next home and make the deals for them.
MW: With Mr. Jones being such a loved entertainer was any thing a touchy subject?
CM: His marriages were touchy subjects, but his estranged relationship with his children due to the pressures put on him by his fifth wife Nancy were deplorable.
MW: How has the book done since it was released?
CM: The sales have been good, and the paperback was just released that a lot of buyers have been waiting for.
MW: Is it true Mr. Jones got drunk and rode his lawnmower into town to get beer?
CM: 100% true. His wife let all the air of his tires, so that he couldn’t go to the liquor store, so he hopped on his garden tractor and rode to buy his booze.
MW: Mr. Jones was called many names No Show Jones and The Possum. What made him such a great friend in the end?
CM: George stayed loyal to Peanutt and me throughout the years. We loved him, so we put up with him. It was part of the deal if you were a close friend of George.
MW: What made Mr. Jones stop drinking and partying like he had done for so many years?
CM: He got into trouble with his health and almost died several times. George was afraid of dying, and there were many he ran around with taking advantage of him and stealing his money.
MW: What made Mr. Jones the Legend he became?
CM: George had that unique phraseology that was unique to anyone in the country music field. He sang big songs that went to the top of the charts. He had more number one hits than anyone in the music business of any genre.
MW: In one word Sum Up Mr. Jones?
CM: Mysterious
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
CM: George Jones was a close friend, and I miss him. Our relationship was torn apart by his fifth wife, Nancy, but I stay in constant touch with the children. After all, I was there when they were born, and I love them. I loved George Jones.
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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: You were on Survivor: Nicaragua.

HH: How did you get on the show? I decided in May of 2009 that I wanted a challenge and an adventure in my life. All three children were off to college and it was time to do something for me.  I made a 3 minute audition tape and filled out the application and sent it in. Eight months I got a call from a casting director and went to a casting call and made it. I was shocked!!  One audition tape, one application, one casting call…….yes I was shocked.

MW: What were you thinking on the way to Nicaragua?

HH: Am I really going to do this?? I don’t even like camping ha ha ha I was very nervous. I was really worried about living in the jungle with nothing. I was also concerned about getting along with everyone. I must admit I had doubts.

MW: Were you a fan of Survivor before you got on the show?

HH: Yes! I watched every season BUT not every single episode.

MW: What was your favorite reward challenge?

HH: I didn’t win the challenge, Chase did, but he picked Jane and I to go with him to the overnight spa. It was a blast. It was the first time in 30 days I saw myself in a mirror, took a shower, slept in a bed, used a toilet and wore something different than what I was wearing the last 30 days. The challenge consisted of diving through mud, trying to get a key off a high hook and then throwing bean bags. I remember driving to the spa with the mud all over us and it started to dry and it was horrible. We had that mud on us for like three hours! I should also say Day 17 we won a meal and that was great as well.

MW: What was your favorite immunity challenge?

HH: Anyone we won 🙂 Espada didn’t win a lot of challenges at the beginning.

MW: Who did you like to hang out with while in the game?

HH: Chase, Jane and Sash.

MW: Who did you not like at all?

HH: I wouldn’t say there was anyone I personally couldn’t stand but at the beginning of the game I couldn’t stand Dan. He just got under my skin for some reason!

MW: How was tribe life?

HH: Harder than I thought it would be. You are thinking in this game 24 hours a day! Watching who is talking to whom and who is leaving camp. It rained the first 17 nights we were out there and we didn’t have a tarp. We had a lot of rain and it was always very cold at night. We tried our best to keep wood stacked all the time so we had it when needed.

MW: For the short time he was there how was it to play with NFL coach Jimmy Johnson?

HH: Fantastic! He was out leader it was great to get a pep talk from Jimmy Johnson before challenges. He truly saved my game. When I wanted to quit on day 5 he was the only one I felt I could trust at that point. He convinced me to stay in the game!

MW: You were 4th to last to be voted out. How did you last that long?

HH: Believing in myself. I had a bad attitude at the beginning of the game and I wasn’t playing the game. I was letting the elements and people get to me. When I picked the blue rock on day 12 to become the captain of my tribe and go to pick four of the young players to come over to the Espada tribe that saved my game. At that point in the game I knew I needed to make some change! I knew I needed to change my attitude and start playing this game. I made a strong alliance with Chase and Na Onka and knew I still had Jane from the other tribe on my side. I stared to work harder and make sure I always knew what was going on and who was talking to whom. I also had more determination telling myself I could do this!

MW: What did you take away from Survivor: Nicaragua?

HH: A LOT! It truly became a life lesson for me. At the beginning I did not believe in myself, I doubted why I even applied for this show. I didn’t fit in with my tribe and I wanted to quit. I learned from this experience that attitude is important. I also learned that with determination anything is possible. Confidence is huge, the whole world can believe in your but if you don’t believe in yourself nobody else matters. Desire – tell yourself you can do it! Personally my faith was also strengthened. I did a lot of praying while I was out there! Yes I was alone, I didn’t have my family and friends to help me but I had strength from God.

MW: Would you ever play again?

HH: Yes!

MW: What have you done since Survivor: Nicaragua?

HH: I have opened a business; I have become a motivational speaker, doing over 250 speeches. I speak to schools, organizations, companies, and churches, whoever I can. I relate my Survivor experience of what I learned to survive in the real world. I have also written a book. I love to travel and I also have attended charity events.

MW: Tell me about your book “Your Winner Within”?

HH: The chapters in my book are what I speak about in my speech. Attitude, Confidence, Determination, Desire, Faith and Perseverance. I bring in personal stories of my own and relate them to those topics. I come from an abusive alcoholic family and I also talk about that. I encourage people not to dwell on the past and move forward and become the best person you can be.

MW: What made you want to write the book?

HH: After I would speak I would go back to my hotel room and I couldn’t sleep. So I would start typing. I then decided it would be nice to have a book to go with my speech so when people leave my speech and they are having a bad day they can read a motivational quote to encourage them. It was one more thing off my bucket list 🙂

MW: What reality type conventions are you doing?

HH: I have done Reality Rally and plan on attending in April again, Give Kids the World in Florida and one in Lexington Kentucky. I also help with Kids Against Hunger and Relay For Life. I love speaking for Go Red For Women through the American Heart Association as well.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

HH: Never say never. When I applied to be on this show I would have never thought I would make it. Take opportunities! In life we need to jump to opportunities as quickly as we sometimes do to conclusions. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure isn’t falling down failure is staying down. I took this opportunity and it turned into a life lesson for me. It’s amazing how a challenge in life can turn into an opportunity if you just believe in yourself. The most important thing I want to leave you with is this – Never Give Up!  If I would have walked off that show on day 5 I would have told the entire world I am quitter. When life gets tough that’s when you need to dig deep and use your inner strength to keep going.

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