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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

Farrah: Hello everyone! My name is Farrah DeMorte 😊

Mike: How would the readers know you?

Farrah: I was in Inked Magazine’s Inked Girls May/June edition in 2015… and things have really progressed since then 😊

Mike: When did you become a model?

Farrah: I started modeling in 1999 as a mainstream glamour, swimsuit, and lingering model. And started “Alternative Modeling” in 2012/2013.

Mike: What made you become a model?

Farrah: People told me for years that I should because I’m 5’10”. It was a passion I always had, and I’m very comfortable in front of a camera.

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Mike: What was it like the first time you took your first photo?

Farrah: My first professional shoot was for one of those international model search things. It was in a warehouse and extremely professional. Hair, makeup, everything. I was very intimidated and my mother was with me because I was young, so that made me even more nervous lol! But it was really fun and I learned a lot about the industry.

Mike: How many tattoo’s do you have?

Farrah: I lost count lol! I’ll generalize it though lol a full back piece, lower belly, 3/4 right arm sleeve, left forearm, right hand, right calf, left ankle, both outter thighs, and under bum lettering… I think that covers it? Lol!


Mike: Which tattoo is your favorite? And why?

Farrah: I honestly love them all…. but the most dedication has been to the back piece… it’s almost finished, but it was the biggest work in progress 😊

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Mike: Where are you from?

Farrah: Philadelphia

Mike: Tell the readers about your cosplay?

Farrah: I’m not a real active cosplayer per say, but I do have a couple versions of the slave leia bikini 😊

Mike: What are your cosplay you do?

Farrah: I frequent the monster mania convention in Cherry Hill twice a year with my model group I run called Mayhem and Muses. We dress as a different theme of horror characters every time and take pictures with fans. It’s a lot of fun 😊


Mike: Do you do conventions?

Farrah: the monster mania convention and Philadelphia tattoo convention are the regular stops 😊


Mike: What is the wildest thing a fan has done?

Farrah: I get some interesting messages in my inbox on my fan pages, 🙈 lol, but generally I have to say my fanbase is pretty respectful and I appreciate that 😊

Mike: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or purchase a autographed photo?

Farrah: comments on my Instagram or inbox is usually the best way for me to see stuff. Although I am very busy and unfortunately can’t just sit around and chat with everyone that privately messages me 😞 but if they actually ask me a question, I’ll try to answer 😊

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Mike: How can some book you for a event or to do a picture set?

Farrah: inbox or email is the best way 😊

Mike: What else do you have going on for 2017?

Farrah: lots of shoots and hopefully so more publications 😊

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Farrah: I truly appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this or visit and follow my pages. I’m nobody special, just a regular person chasing a dream, and I’m humbled that some want to be there for the whole ride






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ANAHEIM, CA - JANUARY 24:  Wayne Static and Tera Wray pose at the Affliction Banned Fight: Day Of Reckoning at the Honda Center on January 24, 2009 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage)

Wayne Static and Tera Wray pose at the Affliction Banned Fight: Day Of Reckoning at the Honda Center on January 24, 2009 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage)

Wray died on January 13, 2016 of an apparent suicide at her apartment in California at the age of 33. Her body was discovered on January 14.

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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson
MW: Introduce yourself?
LG: Hi bad ass people I’m Lilli Grace, an internationally published Inked Glamour model from New Zealand.
MW: What made you decide to model?
LG: I initially got approached to do it a few times, but always thought I was too petite..But I guess it was all about finding my niche! I finally caved and gave it a go and it all snow balled from there..And the rest ,as you can see, is history ha ha.
MW: Where are you from?
LG: Wellington, New Zealand!
MW: Where can your photos be found?
LG: All over! But mainly my fan page on Facebook (I post all them up and coming magazines I’m in on there), From My Instagram to Twitter! you can also purchase my posters from Chilli Prints, with a range of other merchandise coming later this year..
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MW: What kind of photos are you known for?
LG: Mostly Tattoo glamour! I would say my style is street sexy (very ghetto swag ha ha).
MW: Who is your favorite photographer?
LG: I honestly can’t name just one I’ve worked with so many and they all have amazing qualities! I do have a few I ten to gravitate towards how ever..
MW: Where can fans contact you?
LG: Again, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, And for bookings through email.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
LG: Huge shout out to my support crew and fans, couldn’t be where I am today and heading where I’m going without you so keep vibing on my pages and checking out my crazy antics! Keep doing your thing and chasing your dreams, because you just never know…
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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
NG: Hey everyone…my name is Nichole Golinvaux. I am the former choreographer and star performer for The Flaunt Girls…stage name Ivanna Spank You.

MW: How did you get with Flaunt?
NG: I came to know Breawna and Angie when I tried out for the indoor football team’s cheerleaders in 2004.


MW: Was Flaunt a dance group before we saw it on Full Throttle Saloon?
NG: Yes, Flaunt was created before you ever saw us on TV. It started as a burlesque theatre show in May of 2007. We performed our classic burlesque show during the summer months at the Old Style Saloon 10 in Deadwood, SD.

MW: How long had you been with Flaunt?
NG: I was with Flaunt since it’s creation in 2007 so for 6 years. I was one of the original creators of Flaunt. I helped create the theatre show (dances, scripts, concepts, music etc.) and get it going with Breawna.

MW: Tell me about being on Full Throttle Saloon?
NG: Being on the TV show was a trip. The very first year we were just mentioned on the show and they showed some clips of us. They didn’t interview us or talk to us at all. Then the next year, fans wanted to see more of us and they made us a bigger part of the show. We had our own film crew following us around and interviewing us all the time. That’s when people really started to get to know us. It took some getting used to, having the cameras there when you want to have a private conversation…I tell you if it was good conversation at all….the cameras found a way to be there. It got pretty intense sometimes but you learned to just ignore them after a while. It was a fun experience but difficult sometimes to watch it unfold on tv differently than it did in real life. At the end of the day, they decide what to show and when to show it.

MW: Was it all that we saw on TV each week?
NG: The public only got to see 20% of what went on with Flaunt. We are a crazy bunch of girls and if they would make a show just on Flaunt….I promise you that would be great entertainment As far as what you saw as a whole….that was pretty close to what goes on. It is chaotic and crazy and it has always been that way even before the TV show.

MW: Who actually owns Flaunt?
NG: Breawna and Angie are the owners of AMPT Productions, LLC which owns Flaunt. Last spring Angie wanted to get out of the group and company and turn it all over to Breawna. I’m not sure if that has happened yet but as far as I know, Breawna is the person running the company and group.

MW: Why are you not with Flaunt now?
NG: I left the group for several reason but the biggest reason was I had reached my limit of what I was willing to tolerate. I am a professional. I have worked my ass off for over 25 years to be the best dancer, choreographer, performer and aerialist that I can be. I have spent hours and hours training and creating what I knew to be Flaunt. It was so much a part of my life and who I was. I had such personal ownership in that group and made many sacrifices. Because of this, I believe that as a group we have worth, talent and deserve to be treated and compensated for that. The entire year following the 2011 Sturgis Rally we did not have a very healthy working relationship with Michael and Angie and FTS. We continued to do shows and he continued to pay us less and less. We would continue to do the shows because Breawna felt we needed to for the exposure so as a group we did. When it came time for rally 2012 and Michael treated Breawna so poorly during contract negotiation and basically said we were nothing without him that was my breaking point. He wanted to pay us an unacceptable amount for the rally but wouldn’t allow us to go anywhere else. As a group, we accepted his offer and said AS A GROUP that it would be the last time we do any events with Full Throttle. Following the rally, I could see things start to change in the other girls in the group. They started to hang out with Mike and Angie and I could see them attempting to mend that relationship in a way that I didn’t agree with. Let’s just say….I could see it coming. They all wanted me to let it go and try to forgive and forget. It wasn’t about that for me. It was about believing in who I am as a performer and what I am worth. I was not willing to compromise anymore. I had drawn my line in the sand at rally and wasn’t about to budge. Because of this, my relationship with Breawna took a turn for the worst. At that point, I made the decision that it was time for me to leave. The group obviously wanted to continue to work with FTS and that was fine if that was their choice but then I couldn’t be a part of it. So, we parted ways in what I would call….a very messy break up. Now it is time for rally 2013 and I hate to say “I told you so” but….Michael once again kicked them to the curb 2 weeks before rally.

MW: Would you go back or join another group like Flaunt if you were asked? NG: I would not go back and join Flaunt if they asked. To much happened after I left the group that would not lend itself to my re-entry into the group. I would consider joining another group if I was approached or starting my own group.

MW: Now that you are not with Flaunt what is going on with you?
NG: Now that I am not with Flaunt it is amazing how my life has become more relaxing. I am able to focus on my family which is awesome. I have my own business, Dance With Me of the Black Hills and I teach ballroom dance, Nichole’s Burlesque Beauty Boot Camp as well as Aerial Fabric classes. I am loving it…..teaching is a passion of mine. I am also doing some modeling and have several gigs that I have really enjoyed and I look forward to more.

MW: Do you get asked to do appearances?
NG: I have not done any appearances since leaving the group but would definitely be open to them if asked.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
NG: Being a part of Flaunt and helping to make it what it is today is something that I will never take for granted. It was an amazing 6 years and I loved it. It wasn’t all roses but it was definitely something that was a huge and amazing part of my life. I met so many amazing people in our travels and performances and made many new friends along the way. It was difficult to balance my “normal” life as Nichole the secretary, mom, wife, dance teacher with the “celebrity” life as Nichole aka Ivanna Spankyou the dancer and aerialist but I am proud to be able to say that I did it with grace and came out an even stronger person. At the end of the day, I was always just Nichole to everyone who has always known me as that and the sudden shove into the spotlight didn’t change that. My fans are amazing and continue to support and follow me and I am forever grateful for them and thank them! So on that note…….Lay it out and Rock it!


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
CS:Hi there, I’m Ceres. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and I’m a nude model. I love cats and the ocean.

MW: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you?
CS: They would know me from various internet communities. is the main one, along with tumblr and instagram.


MW: How did you become a Suicide Girl?
CS: I applied to be a model and they accepted my application. Then I submitted a photo-set to the website. Members & staff then liked my photos so Suicidegirls featured me on their front page and I became a SuicideGirl!

MW: How long have you been a Suicide Girl?
CS: Since January 2011.


MW: What does it mean to be a Suicide Girl?
CS: To me, being a SuicideGirl means being able to freely express who I am. I am able to be the woman that I want to be, not the woman that mainstream society wants me to be.

MW: What kind of photos do you do for Suicide Girls?
CS: The photo sets of me on are sexy, nude pin up photos!


MW: Is Suicide Girls only a subscription based site?
CS: Yes.

MW: How can people find you on Suicide Girls website?
CS: Search “Ceres” in the models area or go to


MW: Do you only do photos for your fans to see?
CS: My fans can find photos of me on as well as other photos that I post to Instagram and tumblr. I’m also on Zivity.

MW: How can a girl become a Suicide Girl?
CS: Go to and simply apply to be a model It’s a super easy, fun and exciting process!


MW: What can the fans of Suicide Girls expect from you i the future?
CS: More nude, pin up photos!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
CS: Thank you so much for taking an interest in Suicidegirls and in myself! I’m always happy to make new friends and talk to those who are interested in the website. Don’t be a stranger.