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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
DJ: Hi I’m Don Jamieson, comedian & co-host of ‘That Metal Show’ on VH1 Classic.

MW: When did you get your start in comedy?
DJ: It’s all Jim Florentine’s fault.  He used to take me on the road where all these crappy comics would open for him and I thought, hey I could suck that bad too.

MW: Where is your favorite place to do comedy? And why?
DJ: My favorite place to do comedy is wherever they laugh the most.

MW: Your new CD Live and Hilarious on Metal Blade Records is doing very well. How did the deal with Metal Blade come about?
DJ: Brian Slagel, the head of the label, saw me open on tour for one of his bands, ‘Charred Walls Of The Damned’ doing comedy in rock clubs and figured I’d be a good fit.  Then again, we were drinking a lot of wine that day so it may have just been that.

MW: I read that you are the regular opener for Andrew Dice Clay. How is it to work with Andrew Dice Clay?
DJ: Non-stop ball-busting.  When we go on the road it’s almost like the show is an inconvenience.  We just fuck with people all day, do the show and then go back to fucking with people again.

MW: So you are one of the three co-host on That Metal Show. Did you think when it started that it would be so successful?
DJ: No.  I thought I’d meet Lita Ford, make a thousand dollars and be done.  Now we’re going into our 10th season…God Bless America!

MW: That Metal Show is going into its 10 season soon. Can you give any hints to the guest?
DJ: I’m sorry I can’t give any hints.  Otherwise Eddie Trunk will come to my house and beat me senseless.  He’s a very powerful man.

MW: What has been your favorite guest? And why?
DJ: Well, Steve Vai is the only guest that gave me and Jim Florentine a record deal (‘Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. 5’) so it would have to be him.

MW: Was there any backlash from Marilyn Manson’s comments on the show?
DJ: None at all.  People love to watch a train wreck.

MW: You ask Eddie Trunk the questions during Stump The Trunk. Is he really as much of a cry ass in real life as he is on the show?
DJ: The fans ask him the questions actually but the thing about Eddie is that he’s very sincere about trying to do well in that segment and when you have a dick like me sitting there taunting him it kind of gets on his nerves.

MW: I met Eddie Trunk at Rocklahoma 2008. He seemed like a very cool guy.
DJ: He’s a terrific guy.  One of my best friends.

MW: Give me a day in your life?
DJ: Wake up around noon.  Write for a few hours while cranking metal or listening to sports radio.  Go do a comedy show.  Drink beer.  Have sex with girlfriend.  Go to sleep.  Repeat.

MW: What can we expect from you in 2012?
DJ: More ‘That Metal Shows’, more ridiculous sideburns and more dick jokes.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
DJ: Follow me on Twitter @realdonjamieson.  As long as you’re not a jerkoff.


This is one of several interviews I will be adding over the next few days done by a friend of mine Damon “D’Analyst” Long. Damon was a writer for me back in the day. He was also a rapper by trade and I will add D’Analyst songs here on Blastzone Online one day soon. Damon passed away over 2 years ago.

Please click the link below to go to listen to each part of the interview. There are 4 parts to the interview. It is a very interesting interview for you Villebillies fans.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This is a interview that slipped through the cracks that I did for my SXSW band of the day feature. Alabama Shakes has since gone on to huge success. I hope you all like the interview.

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

AS: Alabama Shakes
Heath Fogg – guitar/vocals
Brittany Howard – guitar/vocals
Zac Cockrell – bass
Steve Johnson – drums/vocals


MW: How did you get the chance to play SXSW 2012?

AS: Not sure really. We played in Austin about 5 or 6 weeks ago and had a blast so we immediately wanted to come back. SXSW is also something we had always been interested in playing so when the opportunity arose we jumped on it.


MW: Where is Alabama Shakes from?

AS: Athens, Alabama


MW: What is the music scene like in Athens, AL?

AS: Not much of a scene in Athens. There is a growing music scene in Florence/Muscle Shoals, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa but as far as where we are from it is almost nonexistent.


MW: Do you have a new release coming out?

AS: We have a full length album scheduled for release in 2012.


MW: Do you plan to tour on your way to SXSW?

AS: I know we have a bunch of dates leading up to and following SXSW.


MW: What are you hoping for coming out of SXSW?

AS: A chance to see some new bands and eat some BBQ.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

AS: Dons depot has a killer girls bathroom.

Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce your self?

RV: Hi I’m Rhonda Vincent. Grew up in Northern Missouri in a musical family. Started singing when I was 3. When I was 5, my family had a Tv Show, Radio Show, and we made our first recording. Started playing mandolin when I was 8.  It was on the job training. My Dad would pick me up from school every day, and we would play and sing till dinner. After dinner, friends would come over and we would play and sing till bed time.   It was a wonderful life of music, that prepared me for my career in music today.

MW: Tell the readers how you got into bluegrass?  Have you played with all your bluegrass idols?

RV: I’ve played and sang with most every bluegrass artist, since I grew up playing bluegrass music.

MW: You were on Rounder Records for many years.

RV: I was with Rounder for 10 years.

MW: Why did you leave the label after so many years?

RV: My contract was complete, and I decided to embark upon a new opportunity.

MW: What label are you with now?

RV: I have a new project coming out on 9/21/2010 on Upper Management Music

MW: When is your new CD coming out?  Do you have a title for it?  What will be the first single?

RV:  9/21/2010    –   Title is   “TAKEN”   There will be a country single & video on the title song “Taken”

MW: You are playing the bluegrass festival here in West Liberty, KY on July 10th.  Have you played the festival before?  What other bluegrass festivals are you playing?

RV: I don’t remember playing the West Liberty festival before. We play hundreds of festivals.  Check our web site for a complete listing.

MW: How do you feel bluegrass has progressed over the years?

RV: Bluegrass is a very natural, authentic music. It’s pretty much what you see is what you get. In a time with so much technology at our fingertips; it’s wonderful to have a genre of music that can still be performed on stage or off stage, and you will hear the natural sounds of the instruments and the voices. As with any music style, there are trends that bring more awareness to bluegrass. Society seems to be eating at home more, and going to outdoor festivals more. The bluegrass festivals are thriving right now. I’m thrilled. We are thankful to play the music we love.

MW: Who has been your favorite artist to work with?

RV: Dolly Parton. She is the greatest, and she is singing on my new project coming out in September.

MW: You have won many IBMA awards in your life. Which one are you proudest of and why?

RV: I’m proud of them all. I feel they are wonderful symbol of gratitude for all our hard work and the many days we travel on the road.

MW: Have you been involved in producing, managing, or songwriting for other artist?

RV: I have been indirectly involved with several groups in bluegrass.  When I first met the Cherryholmes Family, I was so impressed, I took the mother Sandy in my home office, and we talked about strategies for their group; and I shared my database and  recommended festivals to pursue. I also encouraged every promoter I knew to book them.  Jamie Dailey called me on several occasions to share information, and they also used my studio to record their first album.  It’s exciting to hear new talent. I’m a fan of bluegrass music, first and foremost; and I feel like I get to live my dream each day, playing the music we love.  Most recently, I’ve been helping my daughters behind the scenes, as they pursue their musical dream. They have their own band called “Next Best Thing”. I’m very proud of them. And there has never been a prouder moment than when they joined me on my new project to sing a trio titled “When The Bloom Is Off The Rose”.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

RV: I will be at the bluegrass festival. My daughter turns 15 years old that day. I’d love it if folks would check out my web site at and I’d also like to invite everyone to join us on our 2011 Rhonda Vincent Bluegrass Cruise! And always Bake Right with Martha White! 🙂