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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please Introduce yourself?

GL: Hello, my name is Greg Lozano

MW: How did you get picked to be on Wipeout Season 6?

GL: It was a series of attempts that landed this. I filled out their online application and also attended their open casting call. When I showed them my leg trick, they were extremely excited and asked me to fill out the paper work.

MW: What was the nickname they used for you?

GL: Mister Twister.

MW: Why did you get the name Mr. Twister?

GL: Mister Twister came from the ability to be able to twist my leg around. They told me that it is going to be my gimmick, so find a phrase or something to say while running the show, thus me coming up with, “Let’s get twisted.”

MW: What was the worse part of The Qualifier?

GL: You have absolutely no clue what you’re in for. As many times as you have seen the show, or have tried to prep, the actual event is almost nerve wrecking.

MW: How bad the Big Balls hurt?

GL: They didn’t hurt, it was more of just awkward to be able to cross. They’re not springy, but they aren’t firm. It takes practice if you’re to really pass those things.

MW: Tell me about Round 2?

GL: Round 2 was challenging for me. I was the final person to cross in round 2, and I fell a total of 12 times. All I kept doing was repeating in my head, “I got this. Failing isn’t an option.” I guess I got lucky that there were 6 people who were just scared to keep moving forward.

MW: Tell me about Round 3? GL:

Round 3 was a challenge. We were spun around for 1 minute before the horn blew and we were allowed to proceed with the course. The rules were to jump on the trampoline, grab the drumstick, ride it to the other side, then cross the pianos, then jump through the guitar for the winning platform. All while getting shot at with oil. It sounds short enough, but this was a difficult challenge.

MW: In the end you placed 6th. what happened?

GL: The pianos got to me. I couldn’t keep a balance and I felt like I wasn’t in my best shape. Knowing what I know now, I’m sure I can take on any challenges.

MW: Would you go do Wipeout again?

GL: In a heart beat. I told everyone that this was one of the best rushes of my life.

MW: Have you done any other game shows?

GL: I’ve been in a few short films and a featured film called Big Ass Spider, but I haven’t been in any game shows. I’ve been called for some, but sadly I never got on.

MW: What else do you have going on?

GL: Currently I work as security for a nightclub, a lifeguard, and a horror writer.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

GL: If you’re not scared about a little pain, I recommend you try out Wipeout. It really was an eye opener for me to just take life’s challenges and go head on.