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Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

DH: My name is Dave Haney.

MW: What part do you play in Girl/Girl Scene?

DH: I play the father in the web series.

MW: How did you get the part?

DH: I meet Tucky on the set of “Red River” and she discussed the project to me.

MW: How has the series changed from episode 1 – episode 7?

DH: I was excited about the idea. The character has grown and developed more depth and is not as one dimensional as before. from the first episode to the number  seven the characters and  the story line has certainly become more intense and intertwined with more plots and surprises…certainly for my character.

MW: Do you get to put your own take on your character?

DH: Tucky and Eric and Nic allow me some creativity regarding the character..I like the guy…in relating stories on the set.

MW: Give me a story from the set of Girl/Girl Scene?

DH: The best one for me is how the chemistry and energy on the set is great…lots of looseness and good times and seriousness…it all comes together.

MW: Take me through a day in your life?

DH: When it comes to a day in my life you can fast forward on that right now have to figure out what I am going to fix the grandkids for late dinner tomorrow…just soaking up life that is me.

MW: What is the best part about being part of Girl/Girl Scene?

DH: The greatest thing about being on the set is…being honest the exposure and working with Tucky, Eric, and Nic.. All good people they make me smile.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DH: My last thought and message is what I would like on my tombstone…”Just a dude wondering….”


Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TW: I’m Tucky.  I’m a writer, actor, and yoga teacher.  I have a TV show called Girl/Girl Scene.

I like to meditate, write until 4 a.m., and hang out with my parents.

MW: How did Girl/Girl Scene come about?

TW: My friend Nic Brown encouraged me to write a pilot.  I did, then we found Eric Butts to direct.

MW: Tell everyone what Girl/Girl Scene is about?

TW: Awesome lesbians living, loving, and fucking in Lexington, Ky.

MW: What were you feeling when you started production of episode 1?

TW: Trepidation.  I didn’t know what this thing was or where it was going.  We were getting press before the first episode even went into production, so I felt what I would call a healthy combination of stress and enthusiasm.

MW: Now you are getting ready to shoot episode 8? How does it feel now?

TW: Too good to be true.  This feels like a dream.

It’s crazy – like, imagine the best thing, the most fulfilling thing that could happen to you.  Now imagine you work your ass off and love every minute of it and… it happens.  That’s where I am right now.

MW: How many episodes all together will be in the first season?

TW: Eight episodes at about 45 minutes each.

MW: How hard was it to cast for season 1?

TW: Very!  I’m so fortunate to have found the wonderfully talented actors that comprise our cast.  I had stay up many late nights searching the web for actors and sending out feelers.  But most of the talent I already knew from horror movies.

MW: Do you have plans for season 2?

TW: I do, but they’re secret!  I know generally what happens and where the story is going.  There will be many interesting surprises.

MW: When will Girl/Girl Scene hit DVD and Blu-Ray?

TW: Sometime in early 2012.

MW: Until then where can Girl/Girl Scene can be scene where?


MW: I will also put up links to each episode if you are cool with that?

TW: Fuck yeah, man.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TW: I’ve never done drugs!  Ever.  But I am gay.  That part’s true.

From the fist episode you can see the other episodes.

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