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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell the Blastzone Online readers how they would know you?
LS: How’s it goin? Online Readers may know me from The Walking Dead in episode 2 JSS playing a wolf.
MW: How did you get cast as a “Shaved Head Wolf” on The Walking Dead season 6?
LS: I originally auditioned for the show several times through the course of two years. I would always get close to to being cast and Id find out it went another way. I got cast as the “Shaved head Wolf” because I stayed on castings radar and I finally got lucky. Maybe they got tired of of seeing my audition tapes and gave in (laughs).
MW: What did you think when you got the call?
LS: When I finally got the call I thought it was a joke. My agents Tay Smith and Chris Young have been with me from the beginning. They called and I had to sit down. They told me the stunt coordinator would call and then it all became very real. It was a dream really.
MW: How was it working with The Walking Dead cast?
LS: Working with the walking dead cast was like working with the best of the best. The Director Jen Lynch was truly one of the best directors you could ever work with. Her excitement on set gave everyone life! Lennie James and Seth Gilliam were incredible. It was like taking a masters class in acting on the worlds biggest stage.
MW: Give me a story from The Walking Dead set?
LS: While on set I got clocked in the ear really good by Lennie James stick on one of the takes. I could hear out of it for a good minute or so. It was so hot outside they literally kept putting ice bags over my head and neck to keep me from passing out shooting this epic fight scene.
MW: How hard was it to keep it quite before your episode?
LS: It was unbelievable how hard it was to keep quite about being on the show. I literally had to trick my myself into thinking it never happened. I failed at that though. When Sept/Oct came I had to at least post a trailer of the new season. I think someone may have recognized me getting my head knocked around a bit by Lennie James! I made no comment (laughs).
MW: If you were asked would you come back as a walker?
LS: I would absolutely come back as a walker. People never saw me completely die from the shot maybe there’s a chance.
MW: Who would you want to kill you?
LS: If someone were to take me out Id like it to be Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln has done a magnificent job making this show what it is. To go head to head with him would be incredible.
MW: How can Walking Dead fans reach out to you?
LS: Walking Dead fans can reach out to me by my Twitter handle LaBrandon_Shead and IG LaBrandon Shead.
MW: What else do you got going on?
LS: I’m currently trying to stay busy. I have a couple films releasing next year one called Triple 9 starring Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson along with Norman Reedus. I also have a hbo film starring Kerry Washington I was lucky enough to be apart of. Some of my good friends have a film called Dealer coming out Im really excited about that will turn some heads. Look out for the film Redman Aswell it already won best picture in Ireland at the yellow fever festival.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
LS: In closing Id like to say never give up on your dream. I failed so many times in this career just keep pushing and things will eventually fall your way. There’s no time limit on your dream.


Interview By Mike Wilkerson

MW: So Scott Tassone AKA Scott TheMover Tassone it was announced that you were to be on the upcoming show Deal Hunters and Then It Was Announced that you would not be on it what happen?
ST: AHH Well that’s a funny complicated question. I approached Lori & Brandon Bernier about trying to get as many cast members from Storage Hunters that we could and re-making an auction show. We got Cam, Dan D., PaPa Bear & The 3 of us it was to be set and an equal share project. Why I guess I’m just that stupid!! I’m laugh now because I think way back why I had to file suit against A lot of the cast from Storage Hunters for slander and defamation that was settled in court but left my wife and I broke and out of work, I guess with what I’m about to say a lot makes sense!! Some might know this and some don’t – In 2008 I was in the mortgage business life was good until mortgage bubble busted. I received a call saying not to send out funds that would have cost people their homes and I did it anyway because I could not see those families’ out in the street for The Big Banks and Wall Streets Greed and demise. Ref The Movie The Big Short I was the little fish that took the brunt of the storm for the big guys I was hit with 9 felonies that after fighting in court for 3 years I took a plea deal of 60 Days House arrest and 3 Years’ Probation. That ended years ago I’ve not had even a traffic tick since then and have done more good for my community then bad. Yes going broke did leave some losing money who enjoy slamming me on the net. I worked hard for redemption I take pride in learning what the word integrity means and how to apply it in my life. So with that said why I’m not on the show is Lori & Brandon Bernier I guess have lead a perfect life because they can’t get past my past my past even after I passed TRU TVs Background check and countless others prior to our project. Then to find out that Brandon had told me that Joey Olson was a LAPD and he is a Civil Servant & that Critter Miller was on Sons of Anarchy prior and that was a lie too. So because in my life I had a league issue and I owe a wing not money that I will never pay because of the slander he has done against my name I feel we are even. So I Walked I don’t want to be around people who don’t know the word redemption and that start out by lying to us all and bringing in their personal friends to make the table uneven for the old cast with our permission.
MW: Wow Scott That’s a lot What’s Next for you?
ST: Well with some great friends in the business and some Key Members of the cast The Show will go on Without Lori & Brandon Bernier You will see Cam, T Money and I Hope Jessie will sign on we are reaching out to him now & Desert Dan. And there are a few others that I am going to make offers too as well. As for the name of the show I can’t say just yet but you can expect to see it worldwide mid-March
MW: Scott I just don’t know what more to say?
ST: I know that they will all block me now I ask you all to share this post so the TRUTH is out about me and the haters can go away and the rest can come for the fun ride!! This is about me and what happen on this show. And when my X Chrissy reads this she is going to say I told you SO!!!!! THOSE PEOPLE ARE BAD!!! She was right Again!!!! They were the reason she didn’t want our daughter to film. MY X Supports my daughter and her love of the arts and her ability’s as a child in business she is a tough kid and can hold her own against anyone
So See You Real SOOOON Scott Tassone AKA Scott TheMover Tassone


Abraham CharlesAbeVigoda (/vˈɡdə/; February 24, 1921 – January 26, 2016) was an American film and television actor. He was known for a number of roles, especially his portrayals of Salvatore Tessio in the Francis Ford Coppola film The Godfather, and for his portrayal of Detective Sgt. Phil Fish on the television sitcom series Barney Miller from 1975 to 1977 and its spinoff show Fish in 1978, both on ABC.

After mistaken reports of his death in 1982 and 1987, Vigoda was the subject of several running gags as to whether he was dead or alive. He died on January 26, 2016, at his daughter’s home in Woodland Park, New Jersey.


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