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MW: Please introduce yourself?

AH: I am Allegra , I am 17 years old and I am a senior at Morgan Co High School I am currently a member of the Morgan Co. Marching,  the Morgan Co. track team and in the Pep Band I sing all across the county for benefits and entertainment.

MW: What made you want to go try out for The Voice in February?
AH: What made me tryout for the Voice was myself wanting to peruse my singing career and not to only make a difference in my life but other small children’s life who are dreaming big.

MW: Why did you pick The Voice over American Idol, X Factor, or America’s Got Talent?
AH: I chose the Voice over American Idol, XFactor and Americas Got Talent is because im a huge fan of Blake, Shakira , Usher , and Adam the judges, and I’m amazed at how much help they offer you with choosing songs and helping you better yourself with the music .

MW: Have you found out how the process works?
AH: The process of how The Voice works is you audition in front of a panel of judges with two prepared songs then they will send you to call backs the same day if you made it through auditions and then call backs will determine if you make it to the blinds then if you are chosen for the blinds then you will sing one song and if one or all the judges like you they will turn around and at the end of the song they each will talk to you and then you will determine which judge you want.

MW: What will be the song’s you will sing for the try out in Nashville, TN?
AH: The song’s that I will be auditioning in Nashville, TN will be The Climb and Mississippi Girl.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AH: In closing i would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for reading this article/interview and be sure to watch and vote for me on NBC’s The Voice #teamblake.



Interview done by Mike Wilkerson

MW: How did you get on The Voice?

DD: I was approached by the casting agency on YouTube to audition privately and I went from there.

MW: Was it a long process?

DD: The process is a lot longer than it appears. I went through three auditions before making a team and some people go through more.

MW: What was your favorite song to perform on The Voice?

DD: I loved performing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston as a solo and loved performing all of the group numbers!


MW: Please tell me about working with Christina Aguilera?

DD: Christina Aguilera She’s incredible. She knows her stuff and she is very invested in her team. I did not spend any time with the other coaches. I only saw them in tapings.

MW: You just released your first single Paralyzed. Tell me about it?

DD: It’s a fun pop song that people can totally relate to!

MW: Is there a video for Paralyzed?

DD: There is not. But I have other videos on YouTube!

MW: How is the single doing?

DD: I believe it is doing well. I know my very loyal fans have it on repeat!

MW: Will you be recording a full length recording?

DD: I think I want to work on releasing singles. I want every song I put out there to be radio friendly and don’t want any filler songs. I may make an album of the singles at the end of the year.

MW: Will you be doing any live shows this year? If so where?

DD: Yes I will be performing in Los Angeles and surrounding areas this year.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DD: Check me out online. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram! Search devyndeloera! Thank you. 🙂