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Flying Fists of Kung Fu - 12 Movie Set

High Kickin’ Humor and Non-Stop Action!


Brace yourself for bare-knuckled, pulse pounding, adrenaline pumping Kung-Fu Films! These cult classic Kung-Fu Films are hard to find and sure to delight fans of the martial arts genre. Knock yourself out with this collection of 12 fist flying flicks!


Striking Kung-Fu Stars: Tien-chi Cheng (The Fearless Hyena), Chiu Chen (Kids of Shaolin), Wei Tung (Hero), Dragon Lee (Dragon on Fire), John Liu (The Invincible Armour), Donnie Yen (Ip Man), Chang Yee (Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger)


7 Steps Of Kung Fu

(1979) – Color – 87 minutes – Rated R

Starring Tien-chi Cheng, Hua Chung Ting

A ruthless white-haired general intends to take over a small town with the help of his “Five Hands Gang”.
Ninja Fists Of Fire

(1974) – Color – 85 minutes – Rated R

Starring Chiu Chen, Tian Lin Wang

Martial arts action with a Ninja prince trying to overcome the odds and gain his rightful place on the throne.
18 Fatal Strikes

(1978) – Color – 85 minutes – Rated R

Starring Wei Tung, Ching-Chen Yang

The 18 Buddha Palm styles are used to take on the evil Won Wu Ti and his men.
5 Pattern Dragon Claws

(1983) – Color – 98 minutes – Rated R

Starring Dragon Lee, Kim Shi

The Silver Fox batters untold men with his deadly Thunder Foot Technique and rules supreme in the martial world, until a young fighter develops the Lightning Mantis Strike.
Crane Fighter

(1979) – Color – 90 minutes – Rated R

Starring Raymond Liu

A beautiful young girl secretly learns the deadly art of the Crane   Technique against the wishes of her father.
Wu Tang Magic Kick

(1977) – Color – 92 minutes – Rated R

Starring John Liu, Ting Chun

On his wedding night Mar Tien Lang, a prosperous businessman and instructor of the ‘Magic Kick’ technique, is attacked in his villa by the villainous Fang Kang.
Tiger At The Top

(1975) – Color – 86 minutes – Rated R

Starring Tien Peng, Fu Bat

Enter the debonair Raymond Lui, who teams up with Judy, and together they defeat the evil Manchu warlord Kao.
Tai Chi Shadow Boxing

(1979) – Color – 93 minutes – Rated R

Starring Jack Chen, Yu Han Hsiang

A pair of brothers befriend an old drunk, who turns out to be an expert in an esoteric form of kung fu.
Drunken Tai Chi

(1984) – Color – 91 minutes – Rated R

Starring Donnie Yen, Yuen Wo Ping

A Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Yuen Woo Ping and starring Donnie Yen in his first major role.
Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey

(1982) – Color – 95 minutes – Rated R

Starring Kuan-Chun Chi, Shi Chen

Guards of a casino beat Hou Hsiao-Shan because he was caught cheating. Fortunately, Kung Fu expert Ma Ta rescues him.
Phantom Kung Fu

(1979) – Color – 91 minutes – Rated R

Starring Chang Yee, Lee Tso Nam

Master of the ‘Palm of Death’ is recruited by a Qing government official to collect a manuscript written by the leader of the Ming rebels and kill all those who get in his way.

Mantis Under Falcon’s Claws

(1983) – Color – 90 minutes – Rated R

Starring Alain Ko, Mitch Wong

A silk dealer and a princess are traveling in the China country, when they are attacked by a group of Falcon bandits.

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