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Interview By Mike Wilkerson

MW: So Scott Tassone AKA Scott TheMover Tassone it was announced that you were to be on the upcoming show Deal Hunters and Then It Was Announced that you would not be on it what happen?
ST: AHH Well that’s a funny complicated question. I approached Lori & Brandon Bernier about trying to get as many cast members from Storage Hunters that we could and re-making an auction show. We got Cam, Dan D., PaPa Bear & The 3 of us it was to be set and an equal share project. Why I guess I’m just that stupid!! I’m laugh now because I think way back why I had to file suit against A lot of the cast from Storage Hunters for slander and defamation that was settled in court but left my wife and I broke and out of work, I guess with what I’m about to say a lot makes sense!! Some might know this and some don’t – In 2008 I was in the mortgage business life was good until mortgage bubble busted. I received a call saying not to send out funds that would have cost people their homes and I did it anyway because I could not see those families’ out in the street for The Big Banks and Wall Streets Greed and demise. Ref The Movie The Big Short I was the little fish that took the brunt of the storm for the big guys I was hit with 9 felonies that after fighting in court for 3 years I took a plea deal of 60 Days House arrest and 3 Years’ Probation. That ended years ago I’ve not had even a traffic tick since then and have done more good for my community then bad. Yes going broke did leave some losing money who enjoy slamming me on the net. I worked hard for redemption I take pride in learning what the word integrity means and how to apply it in my life. So with that said why I’m not on the show is Lori & Brandon Bernier I guess have lead a perfect life because they can’t get past my past my past even after I passed TRU TVs Background check and countless others prior to our project. Then to find out that Brandon had told me that Joey Olson was a LAPD and he is a Civil Servant & that Critter Miller was on Sons of Anarchy prior and that was a lie too. So because in my life I had a league issue and I owe a wing not money that I will never pay because of the slander he has done against my name I feel we are even. So I Walked I don’t want to be around people who don’t know the word redemption and that start out by lying to us all and bringing in their personal friends to make the table uneven for the old cast with our permission.
MW: Wow Scott That’s a lot What’s Next for you?
ST: Well with some great friends in the business and some Key Members of the cast The Show will go on Without Lori & Brandon Bernier You will see Cam, T Money and I Hope Jessie will sign on we are reaching out to him now & Desert Dan. And there are a few others that I am going to make offers too as well. As for the name of the show I can’t say just yet but you can expect to see it worldwide mid-March
MW: Scott I just don’t know what more to say?
ST: I know that they will all block me now I ask you all to share this post so the TRUTH is out about me and the haters can go away and the rest can come for the fun ride!! This is about me and what happen on this show. And when my X Chrissy reads this she is going to say I told you SO!!!!! THOSE PEOPLE ARE BAD!!! She was right Again!!!! They were the reason she didn’t want our daughter to film. MY X Supports my daughter and her love of the arts and her ability’s as a child in business she is a tough kid and can hold her own against anyone
So See You Real SOOOON Scott Tassone AKA Scott TheMover Tassone


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourselves?
L&BB: Hey there its Brandon and Lori otherwise known as Team Brandori.
MW: What happened with Storage Hunters?
L&BB: Storage Hunters is still currently shown even still on the Reelz channel as well as all over the world.
MW: Were you all surprised when Storage Hunters was no more?
L&BB:  We were a bit surprised as the show was still pulling in good numbers both here and in the UK.  We did however see this coming as there was a lot of misdirection.
MW: Why did you two not do Storage Hunters: UK?
L&BB: We did not do the UK version because we just were not interested in appearing on that version.
MW: What have you been doing since Storage Hunters?
L&BB: Since Storage Hunters we have been working on several different projects some of which we still have interest in and you just might see in the future.
MW: What do you miss most about the show?
L&BB: The main thing we missed about the show was the Friendly competition between us and the other cast members as well as all the great places we went to while we were filming.
MW: What can you tell me about the new show Deal Hunters?
L&BB: The New show Deal Hunters as you can see has a lot of familiar faces from the original however you are going to see all different types of auctions as well as more of the selling aspect. We are going to blow away the old show!
MW: The Deal Hunters Facebook has grown over night. What would you like to say to your fans?
L&BB: We sent out invites to the page right after creating it and in a matter of 1 hour 40 minutes we had over 500 likes and it continues to grow. We know what the fans have been asking for and we thought it was time we give it to them! We love our fans and are so happy to have the opportunity to interact with them again. We all have some of the BEST fans in the world!
MW: How can fans reach out to you?
L&BB: They can find us on the Facebook fan page follow the url:
MW: What would you all like to say in closing?
L&BB: In closing we would like to thank you and all our fans for being just as excited as we are about this project and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!!!!! We also want to thank our other cast members with all of us working together it has made this a reality!


Where is T-Money?

More news on this coming very soon.

Good to see the crew back together.

Del Hunters Facebook


MW: Please introduce yourself?
ST: I’m Scott Tassone AKA The Mover Tassone.
MW: So what have you been up to Scott since Storage Hunters?
ST: Well I have worked on a few different TV projects that may or may not pan out – In the past few weeks I have been in talks with the majority of the Storage Hunters cast about a concept show about the auctions that are in our area and the possibility.
MW: Tell me about how hard life has been for ya?
ST: Well my wife & I split up I love her I miss her but it is what it is As the song says ” I can’t make you love me if you don’t”.
MW: What happened to you and Chrissy being on Storage Hunters?
ST: It’s a long story with non disclosure tied to it but it’s not over until the. Fat lady signs and I’ve not seen her!!!
MW: Tell me about life after Storage Hunters?
ST: It’s been rough and filled with personal & financial upsets but God only give us what we can Handle.
MW: What happened with Scott The Mover did it ever come to fruition?
ST: Well let’s just say Scott The Mover Tassone. Will never die and just may be the part of something known I’ll let you know soon.
MW: What can we expect in 2016 from Scott Tassone?
ST: Your about to find out with in the next 5 days.
MW: Just go ahead and give me the scoop I have heard some rumbles of you doing something big?
ST: SORRY I can’t yet but I am in talks with the majority cast of Storage Hunters about a new show.
MW: What would you like your fans to know most?
MW: What would you like to say in closing?

I have been following this story for some time now. Now a lawsuit has been filled by Scott and his wife Chrissy which all can be read at the link below. Myself I hope the both of them get all that they are asking for and more. I hope this blows so called reality TV out of the water. We will be covering this for sometime. We will be asking others involved for their side of the story. Below is the interview I conducted with Scott a couple days ago. I hope everyone reads everything and backs this amazing couple.

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
ST: Scott Tassone of Storage Hunters on TruTV.

MW: How would the readers know you?
ST: From Storage Hunters.

MW: Tell me about your time on Storage Hunters on tru-TV?
ST: It had great moments and some that would break the common person/couple due to things I cannot, at this point, comment on.

MW: How was your popularity on Storage Hunters?
ST: Well, people still walk up to me all the time a say, “Hey, Storage Guy,” then ask me all kinds of questions. I love the people who take time to say, “Hi.”

MW: So you and your wife Chrissy were taken off Storage Hunters. Tell me what happened?
ST: I cannot comment on this right now, but the lawsuit explains the situation.

MW: Who do you think was behind this?
ST: Again, the lawsuit should make this clear.

MW: You have filed a suit against T-Group who produces Storage Hunters on tru-TV. Tell me why you and your wife Chrissy filled suit?
ST: The complaint explains it all.

MW: Now this is not a Dave Hester type of thing correct?
ST: No, it is not.

MW: How much of what you see on Storage Hunters is true?
ST: It’s all true. Everything you see on the show really happens.

MW: Is a lot or most of the show staged?
ST: I cannot comment on that right now.

MW: What would you like to say to all your fans?

MW: What can we expect from you and Chrissy in the future?
ST: Time will tell. Right now, we are focused on our marriage, our income, and our daughter. Once we repair all of that, you will see big things.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
ST: Thank you for this opportunity to talk to you. Also, many of the headlines say that we filed a lawsuit after being fired from the show, but this is not true. Please, read the lawsuit to see what really is going on, which you can find here: Lastly, my wife and I both really want to thank our attorney, Ashley C. L. Brown, and his staff. They have taken so much time to make sure that we and this lawsuit are properly taken care of. Ashley has gone way above the scope that any lawyer does, and anybody that needs a lawyer definitely should call him. Here’s his website:


WELL WELL WELL — T-GROUP & TRU TV .. I guess we are not done doing business .. In fact it seems as we are about to find out all of the truthful facts in your day to day operations. I feel I have given you every chance and I only got more wasted time and lip service now from your HI PROFILE Attorney … You want to play games so play.. The Legal system shall prevail …

1. Does this mean Scott and Chrissy are going back to Storage Hunters?

2. Does this mean Scott is suing everyone involved?

3. Does this mean Scott is tired of the antics of T-Group and tru-TV?

4. Does Scott have his finger on the button to set of the bomb?

5. Will the world every know?

Only time will tell if Scott will ever answer answer my questions as I have followed all this since it started. I guarantee this I will not stop till I get all the answers…

When I asked Scott TheMover Tassone for comment this all I got:

“No comment find and read what you are looking for your self.”

If you are a part of the cast of Storage Hunters and want to talk I am here…