Breaking News: What The Hell Is Going On With Scott The Mover Tassone, T-Group, & tru-TV?

Posted: 07/31/2013 in Reality TV, Storage Hunters, Television


WELL WELL WELL — T-GROUP & TRU TV .. I guess we are not done doing business .. In fact it seems as we are about to find out all of the truthful facts in your day to day operations. I feel I have given you every chance and I only got more wasted time and lip service now from your HI PROFILE Attorney … You want to play games so play.. The Legal system shall prevail …

1. Does this mean Scott and Chrissy are going back to Storage Hunters?

2. Does this mean Scott is suing everyone involved?

3. Does this mean Scott is tired of the antics of T-Group and tru-TV?

4. Does Scott have his finger on the button to set of the bomb?

5. Will the world every know?

Only time will tell if Scott will ever answer answer my questions as I have followed all this since it started. I guarantee this I will not stop till I get all the answers…

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