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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

Dil: Hi Mike,

I’m Titusz the Drummer of the band. First let me say we are glad you have chosen Death in Love for this interview!

“Death in Love” HIM tribute was formed in 2011.

Membes of Death in Love :

Jack / Vocal

Matt Sidus / Guitar

Atis / Bass

Dizzy / Keyboards

Titusz / Drums

Since we started the band we are working on to give back the most perfect HIM feeling on the stage. Meanwhile the audience given us a sweet feedback we are on good way.

MW: What made you decide to do a HIM tribute?

DiL: It’s all started on a birthday party, Jack and me talked about music and stuffs. Jack just told me that he and Dizzy planning to make a HIM tribute, then i said okay i know a drummer and it’s me.

After a month we found the rest of members and started to work.

The reason we started to play HIM really simple, we all love their music and are fans.

MW: What is your favorite song to play live?

DiL: Everyone has different favorite songs. For me it’s different to play and to listen also. Depends on the current mood. To play live “Bleed Well” and “The Path” are my favorites.

MW: Give me a sample song list?

DiL: – Soul On Fire

– I Love You

– Sweet 666

– Funeral Of Hearts

– Join Me In Death

– Buried Alive By Love

– Wings Of The butterfly

– Death Is In Love With Us

– Poison Girl

– Right Here In My Arms

– Bleed Well

– Wicked Game

MW: How many shows a year does Death in Love do?

DiL: Well it’s a little strange question ’cause the band play live from 2012 January. Last year we played only 13 shows like a worm up year… but this year we’re working on to get more and more club and festival gigs also. Hope this upcoming years we gonna hit the stages all around in Europe 😉

MW: Where are some of the places you have played?

DiL: Like I told you we haven’t played so much last year, but these shows been in the most famous Rock clubs in Budapest, as Club 202, Barba Negra Music Club, Rocktogon… we played some shows  in small cityes and over on our little country in a really cool place MOJO Club – Senta, Serbia.

MW: What has been your biggest crowd? And where?

DiL: We played as a support band, there was around 500 people on our show. It’s been at Club 202, Budapest. Funny thing, it’s been our 2nd show.

MW: What can fans expect from Death in Love in 2013?

DiL: Good question 🙂 We would like to rise up to Europe, and play

more and more in good clubs and festivals. I Hope we can meet

and play to all our every fans, make happy them with HIM’s music.

And of course party together.

MW: Do you have stuff you sale at shows?

DiL: No.  We don’t have anything to sale at shows; I don’t think a Tribute band first thing should be to sale the merchandise. Maybe later… but I thinkin’ about stuffs that people can use, like pendrive, mug or jar… who knows yet.

MW: Do any of the members of Death in Love have a original project?

DiL: Yes, at the moment Matt Sidus workin’ on he’s own band called No Man’s Land, and I Also  play drums also in Dust n’ Bones (Tribute to GnR).

MW: Where is Death in Love from?

DiL: From Budapest, Hungary

MW: Give me a day in your life.

DiL: Well I do many things, so every day is different, but let’s try one… I wake up at 6:30am. Then go to work from 8:00am to 4:00pm. From there mostly to rehearsal studio, meanwhile get some food (I try to avoid fast food) so practice in the studio until 10:00pm with DiL, DnB, or just alone. After this maybe some beer with band mates, friends… then get in the bed. Of course when I’m not in the studio, then I’m workin’ on the band,  or just hangin’ out with my friends, watching movies or listen music… 🙂

MW: How can someone book Death in Love?

DiL: Just send a mail to or write us on Facebook:

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DiL: Well… thank you for this interview and hope this year we can meet more and more fans. Because we play for them, and they give us the energy! See you all very soon.