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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: You were on The Mole Season 5. How did you get on the show?

ML: I had actually auditioned for a different show that was going to be called The Trek. That show fell through, but the casting coordinator really liked me for the show and we stayed in touch. When she got the job to cast for The Mole, she thought I’d be good for it and had me apply. I was a big fan of the show already, so it was exciting to get the opportunity to apply. I went through the process like everyone else and got picked.

MW: What were you thinking when you were on the plane to the show?

ML: I was journaling to my wife everything that was going on. I was reading up on Chile and Argentina and past seasons of the show. I was scanning the plane for people I thought may be cast members. I was in TOTAL game mode. I’m such a dork.

MW: Did you have a clue what was going on?

ML: Absolutely. I was a big fan of the show, and had been on several other game shows, so I was good with how things would operate.

MW: Do they tell you a lot about what is going on?

ML:  They have to. There are lots of legal issues, etc. You have to know what’s going on all the time.

MW: Who did you like to hang with on the show?

ML: I actually still spend time with Bobby O, Alex, Paul and Craig.

MW: Who did you not like to hang with?

ML: I would actually hang with any of them, any time. We were like a big family. In fact, I wish Clay and I had stayed in touch better.

MW: Was it hard to figure out who was The Mole?

ML: Yes. I’m paranoid, and cynical by nature. So I suspect everyone as being dishonest!  J That made it hard to fully sort things out for a while. I had a great support system in Bobby and Clay though, so things worked out okay.

MW: You were the winner of The Mole. Take me through that?

ML: It was amazing. I thought Nicole had beaten me on that final quiz, so when my door opened I was in complete shock. It was euphoric. And the reception I got from the other players was humbling. They seemed truly happy for me and my wife.

MW: What did you take away from being on The Mole?

ML: A lot of money! No..I really took away how much I appreciate my daily life and how fortunate I have been to get to make a great hobby out of playing games. I also made some great new friends.

MW: Would you do another reality show?

ML: Sure…got one in mind??

MW: What have you done since being on the The Mole?

ML: My wife and I helped to build a medical clinic in Nicaragua, I have continued to coach and teach, and I have written a book about my experiences being on five game and reality shows and winning three of them. I also participated in two Reality Rally charity events to raise money for a Breast Cancer resource center in Temecula, California called Michelle’s Place. I also appeared on a National Geographic Channel documentary series called The Witch Doctor Will See You Now which aired last November.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

ML: Game shows and reality shows are great forms of entertainment and are a great hobby that has afforded me opportunities that I never would have had without them. I’m really grateful.

Mark Lambrect also appeared on Press Your Luck 1986, The Weakest Link 2001 and The Mole 2008. I was on two others called Puttin’ On The Hits and Now You See It.