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Farrah Abraham’s controversial rehab stint was cut short after the unruly reality star thrown out for being “disruptive” and now Michael Lohan has revealed that she “physically cornered” a nurse at the treatment facility.

The Back Door Teen Mom star checked into The Lukens Institute in Florida but was booted out following her outrageous behavior and for the first time Lindsay Lohan’s dad explains what transpired to get Farrah ejected.

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“She would go on tirades,” Michael Lohan told Jared and Katie in the Morning radio show on 107.5 KZL and has the audio of the revealing new interview.



Farrah Abraham loves getting naked, as we all know by now, but unfortch, Playboy isn’t interested in paying her for it.

TMZ reports that the “Back Door Teen Mom” star reached out to the magazine in June to see if they’d be interested in featuring her, and they kindly yet firmly turned her down.

This is reportedly the second time that Abraham tried to get her Playboy on—Celebuzz notes that she had reached out to the magazine right after her sex tape hit the market.

Abraham has, of course, already been seen in the nude by anyone who gives a shit one way or the other about her, and probably several other people who click on links accidentally, and a few more who were just bored at work one day and ignored NSFW warnings; clips of her porn with James Deen weren’t exactly hard to come by.

Abraham recently checked into rehab for alcohol abuse problems, heading to The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida earlier this month.

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Farrah Abraham Has Nip Slip at Vegas Pool Party on June 14, 2013



Breaking news, Teen Mom fan-girls. Our very own porntrepreneur, Farrah Abraham, voluntarily checked into The Lukens Institute, a luxury Florida-based rehab facility, on Sunday, June 30. Farrah entered a 10-day outpatient program (where she’ll be monitored by a sober companion) to deal with her alcohol abuse in wake of being arrested for a DUI over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

“At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life,” Farrah tells RadarOnline about her shocking decision. “I’m 22 and I want to make better choices and ensure I can recognize when I am putting myself in a bad situation next time.”


Farrah was arrested after being found driving with nearly twice the legal amount of alcohol in her system. She’s currently serving six months probation, and recently passed an alcohol education course. However, Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse executive director, Phyllis K. Moczygemba, requested that Farrah complete 60 hours of intensive outpatient treatment as well as 12 months of aftercare due to her alarming behavior in class.

According to Phyllis, Farrah “does meet the criteria for substance abuse” and “had difficulty making eye contact, was standoffish and was sarcastic when answering the questions asked of her” while in the alcohol education course.


So, how much will Farrah’s stint in Florida set her back? Just a cool $12,000 –– and get this –– Tan Mom’s very own Patricia Krentcil is attending rehab at the same joint! Oh, and in case you’re worried (which we know you are), Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, is currently staying with her grandpa, Michael Abraham. Well, that’s a load off.

Check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for more updates about Farrah’s staycation at Lukens, and make sure to keep everyone’s “go to public figure” in your thoughts!


Having been compared to Kim by various outlets following the release of her sex tape, Farrah has now made it clear that she no longer wants to be picked up on her similarities with Kim. Refusing to talk about Kim with EntertainmentWise, the former Teen Mom star said:

“We’re separate people. I wish her all the best. I am not dictating what she does with her life, with her child, she has her own ways, her own family, her own values and I think everyone should just watch us equally if you’re fans of both of us and just embrace what we do.”

We’ve got that noted Farrah!

'We're Separate People': Farrah Abraham Refuses To Be Compared To Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, despite her sex tape being on sale for anyone to purchase and watch, one person that Farrah Abraham believes won’t be buying a copy is her four year-old daughter, Sophia.

EntertainmentWise caught up with Farrah and we asked her if she was worried that her daughter might see her sex tape one day.

Farrah who recently sold her sex tape to adult entertainment company Vivid earlier this year, before telling Radar Online that she was happy with the “seven figure settlement” that she had been given, replied:

“I don’t really think my daughter is really going to watch my sex tape. I don’t watch my family members having sex.”

However, the former star of MTV’s Teen Mom, added: “If there was a situation, we would talk about it in a conversation.”

And if fans of Farrah’s sex tape are hoping for a second one, they’re going to be waiting  for a long time after she insisted that she will not be making any more.

She told us: “No, I don’t really have a career in the adult entertainment industry. That’s not for me and my future. I’m working on other things.”

The star also defended her decision to show her breast augmentation on TV. Stating that the “public wanted to see it”, Farrah continued to tell us: “The public wanted to know about it. I think everything that you see in the public, others want to know about it.

Farrah Abraham Charlie Sheen

When two of the world’s most attention-hungry celebs butt heads, the outcome is sure to be explosive, and the feud between Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen does not disappoint. The “Backdoor Teen Mom” porn star and “Anger Management” actor have their claws out, and Sheen’s tiger blood is running hot!

The two were friendly at first when Abraham reached out via text message to ask Sheen out for a “play date with our children” or “just coffee and relaxing,” prefacing the invite with the compliment, “your super funny.”

Things seemed off to a good start when Sheen replied, “you sound fabulous! coffee is for amateurs and grandma… would love to get together!” She even invited him to party with her and some other porn stars, but all came crashing down when Sheen found out that she had leaked their text messages to the press.

Sheen certainly has a way with words when it comes to insults, ripping her to shreds in a letter that makes it absolutely clear that he wants nothing to do with her in the future. He sarcastically congratulates her on her sex tape and recent plastic surgery and recommends she disappear.

hey, you desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua;I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us. congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congratz on the recent attempt at porn.

your daughter must be so proud.

please send my number to middle earth and if allowed, eagerly follow it into said abyss and slam the door behind you. the world will collectively sigh as the pungent memory of you vanishes into the pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero-life.
oh and I’m sure they’ll wave the cover charge when they see your tranny-boobs and five o’clock shadow.



Harsh, Charlie. But maybe now Farrah will learn to stop sending screenshots of her phone to TMZ!