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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BP: This is Billy Pon aka Bloody Bill

MW: How did you get started making movies?
BP: My dad turned me onto Horror Movies at a very young age. This was during the VHS boom, I’d go to the local maw and paw video store and rent anything and everything horror. That love for horror inspired me to want to make movies someday. In my 20’s I took a job at the local CBS affiliate to get my foot in the door at a real TV station knowing that I’d learn to shoot, edit and write.

MW:Your first movie was a short called Doll Boy please tell me about it?
BP: “Doll Boy” was a test of sorts. I did it to see if I even had the ability to make a film. That’s why it was a short instead of a feature. Now the character Doll Boy is from the “Circus of the Dead” world. And in fact Circus of the Dead is a sequel to “Doll Boy” and the film picks up mere hours after Doll Boy…

MW: How long is the short? And how long did it take to make?
BP: “Doll Boy” is 26 minutes. We shot it on the weekends over the summer of 2009 in an abandoned Tex-Mex Flea Market in Odessa, Texas.

MW: What kind of budget did you have to make Doll Boy?
BP: The budget was all out of my pocket. I probably spent maybe $2000 on it. I bought a cheap steadi-cam rig for our camera guy to use. That was $1500, the rest was costumes, props and set design…

MW: What was the response for Doll Boy?
BP: The response to “Doll Boy” totally exceeded my expectations. In fact if not for a friend I would have never even entered it into a film fest. I had no clue people would like it as much as they do. Go figure!

MW: Where can someone pick Doll Boy up to watch?
BP: I have it on Youtube now and will be selling DVDs at my website again very soon.

MW: Now you just finished Circus of the Dead. Please tell me about it? BP: “Circus of the Dead” has been a life long dream and I’m glad it’s fixing to come out. Hopefully we get good distribution and that the film gets out everywhere very soon. The movie itself I’d say is a hybrid mix of ’74 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Clockwork Orange and Seven… It for sure isn’t a typical clown slasher movie. It’s fun and very brutal.

MW: Was Doll Boy a inspiration for it?
BP: Doll Boy is a character from “Circus of the Dead”. He even has a really cool cameo in the film. You’ll also meet Doll Boy’s little brother, Pepe the Chainsaw Juggling Mime…

MW: Is Circus of the Dead full length or a short to?
BP: It’s a feature, just a hair under 2 hours…

MW: Are you trying to start a clown uprising in movies?
BP: Nah, I just thought it would be challenging to make a “serious” clown movie. You know? So there’s no silly clown jokes or store bought costumes, real clowns from a circus who happen to be serial killers.

MW: Is Circus of the Dead going to be released as a movie or just on DVD?
BP: For sure DVD, finger’s crossed for theaters!

MW: Will you be showing it at any horror conventions in 2014?
BP: yes, for sure Texas Frightmare Weekend… hopefully as many as I can make or get invited to.

MW: I see you are already planning Mister Fister is that a sequel? BP: No, “Mister Fister” is an original film I’m currently writing.

MW: What can you tell me about Mister Fister?
BP: It was a Fake “Grindhouse” trailer I made for the Hobo with a Shotgun trailer competition. It was so popular that I’m making a feature out of it.

MW: Is there anything else you have on your mind?
BP: I’d tell anybody out there that wants to make movies to get off their ass and get going. Times a wasting!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BP: “Circus of the Dead” will hopefully be a big/cult hit. But without Bill Oberst Jr., Parrish Randall, Chanel Ryan and the rest of the great cast and diehard crew it wouldn’t of happened. Many thanks to all who were involved in the film!!!