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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TA: Hello ya all I’m Teri Allen from CMT’s Redneck Island and Redneck Rehab I am 35 years old and Live in Orange Springs Florida …love Florida for many reasons but most of all the Stand Your Ground law!! I am very very into guns!

MW: How did you get cast to be on Redneck Island?

TA: To this day I still have no idea how I was picked for the show I was called out of the blue by a producer from CMT asking if I would be interested in doing a reality show and I was like who the hell is this cause I never signed up for anything like this. I didn’t believe him until after my Skype interview that this was for real!


MW: What did you think when you got off the safari truck with everyone?

TA: When we got off the safari truck and was FINALLY able to speak to one another I was sizen everyone up and thought to myself “yep I go this and seen the threats of Bobo and Jenn right off the bat”


MW: Did you know Steve Austin was going to be the host?

TA: No we did not know who the hell our host was gonna be. After our hike down the side of the damn mountain…lol..we came to the camp where there was a tub of beer with a note in a piece of wood that said welcome signed S. A. we are all like who the hell is this…we all wanted to thank this person for the nice ice cold beer after our hike!


MW: How was it getting to hang out with Steve?

TA: Steve Austin has to be one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met he treated everyone like we have known him for years and always had a smile on his face “bigger one when he had a beer in hand” but always asked how everyone was doing. Hell to this day I get sporadic phone calls just checken on me to see how I am doing after the show…that is so awesome!


MW: Give me a good Steve Austin story?

TA: Hum good Steve story… I will say the look in Steve’s face after he took me for a ride on the 4wheeler and when I got off I stood up and said” Aint no one that can’t say that I didn’t have Steve Austin between my legs” lol..He looked at me and said TERI family show…lol with a big smirk and laugh…another one is when I was able to show Steve how good I was with a gun..He was very impressed and the praise he gave me praise I was like HELL yeah!!


MW: Who did you like to hang out with?

TA: I hung out with Bobo pretty much most of the time, I’m not saying I didn’t like hanging out with everyone but I am not a drama kinda chick so I didn’t want any part of the drama. So me and Bobo just stuck with one another!


MW: Who did you not like to hang with?

TA: …Not like to hang with…I would have to say my least favorite person to hang with was Catherine she is just a very needy person and well if you ain’t kissen her lil ass then you don’t like her or you’re talking about her so I just stayed clear of her.


MW: Did you all only get to eat and drink what we saw on the show?

TA: YES! Our diet was….spam, corn, peas(disgusting would rather starve) beans, soups, eggs, Seagull, Monitor Lizard, and fish then when we bought the other food from Steve..But all was good I am a redneck gal and I love me some fried spam!! And let me tell ya the Seagull surprised me…that shit tasted like steak…never thought a seagull would of been red meat…it was and it was very tasty!!!


MW: What was your favorite challenge to do?

TA: My favorite challenge would be when me and Bobo was maw and paw at the shotgun wedding we worked very well together when he was blindfolded and I was callen out to him where to shoot worked very well together on that challenge, and I also loved how we whipped the blue teams ass in the puzzle challenge ..I was a police anf fire dispatcher for 16 years I have very good communication skills not to mention a very loud mouth…and very proud of that!


MW: When your beer ballot came up what did you think?

TA: I knew when I didn’t get my mark with the crossbow it was all downhill from there I knew and expected my name to go on the can because challenges were getting more redneck and they all new I was the last redneck standing and if it was anything else with guns I would of tore their asses up!


MW: Were you upset?

TA: No I wasn’t upset with them I was upset with myself I love to shoot guns I am not a big Bow person …and that showed..I was upset cause I know if I would of won that challenge I would of been in the top 2 for sure! I think making it to episode 8 out of 10 was pretty damn good!!

MW: After Redneck Island you and your family were cast for Redneck Rehab. How did that happen?

TA: Again I was contacted by CMT for this show as well because I had such a high fan base from Redneck Island I thought this was awesome that I was able to let my family see a little bite of what I went through on the island for 28 days with cameras on ur every move!


MW: How was it working with Tom Arnold?

TA: Tom Arnold ain’t no Steve Austin that’s for sure…lol…But he was a pretty cool guy also didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him he was only there with us during the intervention.


MW: What is your best story from the show?

TA: My best story from Redneck Rehab was seeing my mom mom don’t drink and well she cut loose at the bar she had guys doing body shots(they didn’t show that part) and just seeing her and my sister actually cut loose and have a good time with no worries that was awesome!!

MW: Did the show go the way you wanted to?

TA: Yes the show was great and has done wonders for my family we are defiantly closer now and speak a lot more then we use to…and my sister actually went hunting with my brother n law this past weekend!
MW: Tell me about the monkey in your family?

TA: Willy is our lil capuchin monkey that just loves to drink beer and smoke or eat cigarettes…lol…He is a trip never a dull moment with a monkey running around the house!


MW: What have you done since both shows?

TA: Since both shows I have just been laying low…lol…I opened for Gretchen Wilson at the OEC complex here in Ocala I got to go on stage before her… and I have done some charity functions but other than that just relaxing and waiting on the next thing to come around hopefully my own damn talk show me and Bobo are working on that! Me and Bobo will be doing the redneck mud games in Illinois in July 2013 we are their honored guests so this should be interesting!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TA: In closing I want to say thanks to everyone for the support I got during both shows and don’t ever be afraid to be able to tell people YES I AM A REDNECK AND DAMN PROUD! And if ya see me out and about feel free to come up to me I love meeting fans! I am very open on FB you can look me up under Redneck Island’s Teri Allen!!! Thanks for the interview Mike and hope to meet ya some day once things calm down on my end!