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Interview done by Hope King

HK: Please introduce yourself?

MC: Mark Callahan, VP Sales & Marketing


HK: When did Amusemints start?

MC: 1991


HK: What are some of the food items you sale?

MC: Breath Mints with Novelty Packaging.


HK: What is the item everyone wants?

MC: Our Slyder Mint Tins.


HK: What new products do you plan to add?

MC: Whimsical packaging


HK: Where can the readers buy your product?

MC: Major retailers as well as independent retailers


HK: What would you like to say in closing?

MC: Amusemints is one if 4 US manufacturer of breath mints with a terrific flavor profile. Along with great flavor, our packaging is unmatched and people keep our mint tins as keepsakes.


Interview done by Hope King

HK: Please introduce yourself?

SI: Hi!  I’m Sirena Irwin – actor, director, producer, writer, mom, lover and adventure seeker!

HK: Tell me about being on the TV show Stripperella?

SI: Stripperella was so much fun to work on – the cast was stellar and, of course, Pam Anderson is a knock out.  Stan Lee came to most of the records and was an absolute gentleman.  That man is a living legend.

HK: How long did the series last?

SI: One season – 13 episodes.

HK: Is the series on DVD or where can a fan find it to watch it?

SI: It’s on DVD and probably online somewhere…

HK: You were in the Spongebob SquarePants Movie. What voices did you do?

SI: Reporter/Driver/Ice Cream Lady

HK: Tell me about being each of those voices?

SI: I love working on Spongebob so much.  All the people who work on the show are incredibly talented and super easy going.  Going to work on that show is one of my favorite things to do.  No joke.  The ice cream lady was really fun for me – I love doing old ladies and she’s a pretty quirky one so that helps to tickle the funny bone.

HK: You were also in Spongebob SquarePants the TV series. What voices did you do?

SI: I do what is called “utility” on Spongebob.  That essentially means that most of the random voices – little girls, old ladies, moms, news reporters, fish #18s, etc. – are thrown my way.  The ones people may recognize include Spongebob’s mom, Mr. Krabs’ mom, the real estate agent, the magic conch, Squilvia, etc. …

HK: Tell me about each of the voices?

SI: I’ve spent most of my life mimicking interesting voices that I hear.  So often when I get the Spongebob script & story board and I see the drawings of the characters I’m going to be voicing I just start speaking the way I think they might speak – then play around with it for awhile and then bring it in to the table read.  At that point, the amazingly talented director, Andrea Romano, may have another direction she wants to try or the super-genius Paul Tibbit, who runs the show, weighs in with what he had in mind and we go from there.

HK: How has it been being involved with Batman: The Brave And The Bold?

SI: What a fantastic show to work on!  The scripts were great and the cast was, once again, an INCREDIBLY talented group of people – I was consistently blown away by all of them.  This show (like Spongebob) is directed by the amazing Andrea Romano who is absolutely delightful to work with.  She is so efficient and knowledgeable.  I always learn something when I work with her.  And I’m a HUGE fan of her and her work!

HK: What voices are you in the series?

SI: Lois Lane and Mera

HK: Tell me about being each of the voices?

SI: What can I say?  These characters are iconic.  I was beside myself to get the opportunity to give them a voice on this show.  We went the direction of 1940’s mid-atlantic for Lois Lane and kept Mera strong, loving and a little bit sexy.

HK: What video games have you done voice over for?

SI: Unreal Tournament III, Tom Clancy’s End Wars & Resistance 3.

HK: Tell me about being apart of each game?

SI: I love doing video games because they ask the actors to play everything very real.  So it’s a great opportunity to dig into the darker side.  The warriors.  And the people caught in the midst of disaster.  All of them fighting for life.  It’s intense.  And intriguing.

HK: What is a day in your life like?

SI: It usually starts around 6am when my delightful 2 year old son wakes up – we play on the car rug – with trains – etc.  then go to the park and then home to nap.  During his nap I work. – record auditions in my home “studio,” write, edit, return emails, work on lines for show/auditions/etc., and then little man wakes up and we play some more.  Then at about 5pm, dad gets home and I leave for rehearsal which lasts until 11pm.  Home by midnight, do a little more catching up and get ready for the next day to do it all over again!  Isn’t it glamorous?!?!  Of course there is variation within this example but this seems to be the usual.

HK: What can we see from you in the future?

SI: Having just finished with rehearsals, I am now in the run of a show – “I Love Lucy Live On Stage.”  I play Lucy Ricardo (is this for real?!?!?  Somebody pinch me!!!) and the show is set to run until the end of 2011 at which point there is talk of a tour getting under way.  In addition, I am still working on Spongebob and various other animation shows – one being a pilot written by the brilliant Mr. Lawrence (also a writer/actor on Spongebob).  And, of course, I’m always trying to get my own projects off the ground.  You know the drill, shooting, editing and trying to sell shows and movies.

HK: What would you like to say in closing?

SI: This may sound corny or trite, but I’m going to write it because it’s true… I am so glad to be alive and to be sharing this earth with all the other people on it.  It is an incredible miracle that we are all here and I feel unbelievably lucky to be a part of it.