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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

Steve: Since I’m dead I guess my introduction should be in the past tense. Oh wait, that was just a part I played. OK, several parts. When you reach a certain age they only cast you in things to kill you off. And I used to wonder what “diecast” meant. What was the question? Oh yeah, me. I guess you noticed I’m kind of a smart ass. I think I developed a sense of humor as a weapon when I was in school. I mean, if you can’t fight or run (although I was a pretty good runner before I was a Walker), sometimes cracking jokes can defuse a situation. My jokes may have escalated more situations than they calmed, but you gotta play the hand you’re dealt. I did some acting in high school and college until I realized I sucked at it and moved over to the tech side. Also got into radio in college and switched my major from Journalism to Broadcasting. Out in the real world I transitioned back to writing for newspapers, reviewing movies and plays and interviewing celebrities. That’s how I made a modest living most of my working life. When a friend invited me to work as an extra on a movie (Oliver Stone’s “The Doors”) I found I enjoyed being on the set and felt more comfortable in front of a camera than I had on stage in my younger days. After a few years of occasional extra work someone suggested I go up for speaking roles. I did, and acting became what I call my “midlife crisis career.” Now that you’ve read my autobiography, aren’t you sorry you asked for an introduction?

Mike: How would the Walking Dead universe know you?

Steve: It’s amazing how many details some Walking Dead fans remember! After working a lot in Season One without standing out from the crowd, I had a brief big moment in the first episode of Season Two. I attacked Rick in a church and he split my skull with a machete. They shot it several times from different angles. In the one they finally used you couldn’t tell I had Rick by the throat with one hand when he got me. Andy Lincoln was cool. He told me not to be afraid of hurting him. When they don’t cover it with makeup you can still see my thumbprint on his neck.


Mike: Are you still doing the Walking Dead at all?

Steve: I’m still watching. They haven’t brought me back but I email them every season to tell them “The Oldest Living Zombie” is ready for his comeback. (I don’t know if I really deserve that title but we’re not living in an age of honesty when it comes to self-promotion. I may use it as a campaign slogan when I run for president.) I’ve thought about a Facebook page, “Bring Back the Oldest Living Zombie,” to use as a petition, but haven’t done anything about it. I fantasize about an episode where Rick is haunted by memories of some of us sweet, innocent Walkers he brutally dispatched; and – probably in a dream – we come back and attack him en masse.

Mike: If you were asked to come back and play a person instead of a walker, would you?

Steve: I’d probably do anything Greg Nicotero asked me to do – within reason and for money, of course!

Mike: Who all killed you on the Walking Dead?

Steve: Glenn (R.I.P.) and I chased each other in a couple scenes of Season One but it was Rick who did the deed in Ep. 201.

Mike: What was your favorite scene to do?

Steve: Of course nothing can top my death scene that millions of people actually saw and many remember me from, but an interesting sidelight of that scene was that they brought me back the next day when they were shooting more in the church. I had to lie in a pool of blood where I’d fallen, just in case I showed up in the background of another shot. I think I spotted myself in one quick shot, but they could have used a pile of rags for the same effect. My favorite scene in Season One (besides eating fake horse guts) didn’t make it into the show. I chased Rick and Glenn up a fire escape ladder. It was over 90 degrees when we shot it so we were all sweating like pigs. It was hard enough to grip the ladder to pull myself up, but I was directed to make it look even more awkward, since I was a Walker. Had I fallen 30 feet or so and hit the concrete below, I could have been seriously injured. They should probably have used a stuntman, or at least given me stunt pay; but Andy and Steven did their own climbing too. On the show you just saw the two of them racing up the ladder with no one behind them.


Mike: Of all the kool stuff that has come out with walkers on it have you seen yourself and what was it?

Steve: I’m not on any merch that I know of – no t-shirts, bobbleheads, nuclear weapons, etc.; but I’ve popped up in a couple of AMC promos for the show, especially “Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University.”

Mike: What else have you done?

Steve: I’ve worked as an extra on hundreds of major films and TV shows, usually invisible or lost in the crowd. Occasionally I get a closeup or a little featured bit – shaking Burt Reynolds’ hand in “Striptease” and Kenneth Branagh’s in “Warm Springs”; spilling Queen Latifah’s bedpan in “Joyful Noise.” I got top billing in “Scarce” (, a Canadian horror movie where I played a backwoods cannibal. I was a combination zombie/cannibal in the barely-released “Lynch Mob” ( and a police detective in the unreleased “The Frame.” I’ve been in several dozen music videos, student films, webseries and I-don’t-know-what-they-weres, playing cops and killers, clergy and monsters – a little of everything.

Mike: What are you doing now?

Steve: Answering your questions. Oh, you mean in general. I’m living in Florida, 500 miles from the action in Atlanta; so unless a project’s worth traveling for – and there are thousands of actors who live closer and will usually be chosen first – I work mostly little local jobs. I had vertigo for two weeks from shaking my head too hard doing the Pentecostal Shuffle in a video ( They didn’t use the dancing but I had some nice closeups. I’ve also got a part-time day job at a medical school as a standardized patient, which I describe as a crash test dummy for students to practice on. It’s a good way to exercise the acting muscles without paying for classes, and it helps ensure there will be good doctors out there when I need one.

Mike: Will you be doing any conventions in 2017?

Steve: No plans at this point. I guess I’m waiting for someone to make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Mike: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or get an 8×10 signed?

Steve: Since I’m usually looking for work I can’t afford to keep a low profile, so fans are able to find me on Facebook (my college d.j. name, “thinhead” can be helpful), or through my FBI, CIA or NSA files. If all else fails, hire a Russian hacker. I haven’t invested in photos but I’ll sign almost anything people send me if they enclose a stamped return envelope. Pictures, that is. If they send body parts I’ll eat them.

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Steve: I think I’ve rambled on enough already. You can probably market this interview as my autobiography. It was nice chatting with you, Mike. You can wake up now…. He’s not waking up! Do you think he’s…one of us?!!!


Steve’s First Interview With Blastzone Online 11/11/2012



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

Ruben: Whut Up Peeps, Ruben Swift Vidal here, Hailing from the Bronx NYC, residing in Atlanta, GA.

Mike: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you:

Ruben: I have been on various TV Shows and Featured in a couple of movies, still a baby to the industry, rolling 2 1/2 years long. I also Produce all walks of music from Hip Hop, House to Rock. I have probably worked with your favorite artists.

Mike: How did you get the job to play a Savior on The Walking Dead?

Ruben: Well long story, never seen the show. My son Giovanni and Che, kept telling me about the show, I’ve never seen it. I didn’t want to watch a show with cowboys and zombies lol I had been working in film and the casting company had called me and ask if I wanted to be on a show(untitled) they asked if I had my ears and if I was looking tough lol (all day everyday) I took the job, then a week later they told me it was TWD.

Mike: When you got the job did you know it was for The Walking Dead?

Ruben: I didn’t know at first, then after I was told I was a Savior, but the whole time I thought it was called survivor lol.

Mike: Had you read The Walking Dead comics or saw the show?

Ruben: I didn’t watch it till after we filmed episode 16 of season 6.

the-walking-dead-s06e16-lucille-glenn landscape-1469292311-walking-dead-negan-lucille

Mike: How was it doing the Glenn and Abraham scene on The Walking Dead?

Ruben: It was cool, they are really cool dudes. I didn’t know who they were, we all have a job and we handle it, listen to Greg and the AD’s, boom! That simple.

Mike: Take the readers through doing the scene?

Ruben: Oh man it was cold those nights, I won’t forget that. We arrived early and left as the sun was rising lol scenes take long, posts of waiting, then rush rush rush lol not know the show and being apart of this was weird to me, cold, not knowing what going on, just a open mind. To ruff up Aaron and see these people are there knees, it was a dramatic sight. I though it was intense and to see Jeffery do those mono logs so many times, wow. HOURS!

Mike: What other scenes were you in for season7?

Ruben: I’m in a couple of scenes throughout Season 7, I’m also a stand in for Greg. I got cut of episode 1 season 7 , because of the biker vest I had one, they didn’t get to clear the patches, Booooo in the one who put the gun on Sasha’s head, you see my hand, but that’s it lol. I got cut out of 3 episodes , but you’ll be seeing a lot of me soon lol.

Mike: Give the readers a story from the set of The Walking Dead?

Ruben: some said there’s a long, so I’m set days of short. There’s a lot of moving people in a lot of moving elements of filming The Walking Dead. Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t be too cold and sometimes I wouldn’t I wish it wouldn’t be too hot. A typical day begins with breakfast, story time, waiting, and then filming, and then waiting again and waiting and waiting, then filming. Then comes lunchtime and repeat LOL

Mike: Will we get to see anymore of you in the next part of the season? Ruben: yep, lots of episodes coming.

Mike: What else do you have going on? Ruben: currently working on sleepy hollow, I just got to do a movie with Al pachino called hangman, i’m a detective, I am a teacher in the movie Jumanji, and I beat up Tom Cruise and a movie called American made that comes out this summer. I have filled so many things I forget I work on TV and films in about 5 to 6 days a week now. Thankful and blessed, I never thought I would be in this business.

Mike: How can fans reach you:

Ruben: Website:

Instagram: swift_sugar_groove

FAcebook: Ruben Swift Vidal

Twitter: DJNproject

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Ruben: Live your dreams and be the dream, I believe anybody can do anything they truly want to do, all you have to do is give it 100% and consider it done. I was a poor kid from the Bronx and didn’t have anything, I went from being a graffiti writer to being on television and working with some of the biggest stars in music, movies and being a part of entertainment history. #thankful #blessed each and everyone of you can do it. Relationships and networking is key. I truly wish you all the best, Ruben Swift Vidal

PS: Google and listen to the music I create, it will inspire you.




Interview Done By Mike WIlkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

Ilan: Hey, My name is Ilan. I am an actor out of Los Angeles. Love the craft and my other passion is martial arts as well which I’ve been doing most of my life.

Mike: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you:

IIan: They may know me from various projects I have worked on. I was in the Big Short as Noah, Deepwater Horizon opposite Mark Whalberg and Gina Rodriguez. I have appeared on a bunch of TV shows but I would image primarily through Walking Dead where I play Wesley from the Hilltop Colony.

Mike: How did you get the job to play Wesley a Hill Top resident on The Walking Dead

Ilan: I auditioned for the role. Good old fashion traditional way of getting an acting job. They had seen me before for lots of other parts so this one turned out to be the right fit for me.

Mike: When you got the job did you know it was for The Walking Dead?

Ilan: Yes. Because of my history auditioning for them I had a pretty good idea it was the Walking Dead. Normally they change the scenes around and don’t tell you the name of the show but I was pretty aware at the time it was for them.

Mike: Had you read The Walking Dead comics or saw the show?

Ilan: I had watched the show and always enjoyed it. There really isn’t a comparable show on TV. I’ve always loved any show that had anything to do with zombies, vampire, werewolves etc… those genres always appealed to me and The Walking Dead seems to have done a better job in the Zombie genre than anyone else combining the realism of the experience with incredible character development.

Mike: Who did you get to do your scene with?

Ilan: I have had numerous scenes ranging through the entire main cast. All of them are great. The work ethic they have is through the roof. Andrew Lincoln is the most dedicated actor I have ever worked with in my entire life.

Mike: Take the readers through doing the scene?

Ilan: Well as I said to this point we have done a few scenes. The atmosphere is always very intense. They are living out the moments and as I said earlier dedicated to a degree I have yet to experience on any other set. That’s what makes the show work. These guys are so in to it that you can’t help but be pulled in yourself. There are also actors who have the most realistic zombie makeup I have ever seen so it pulls you in more. I do have a funny story about the first scene I ever shot on my first day on set. I had gotten a migraine early in the morning and when I get a migraine I get very nauseous. We showed up on set where we were being rescued by Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Abraham from Zombies that had us pinned. I was so sick that I was throwing up in between takes and the director walked over and said to me “THIS IS AMAZING!!! USE IT”. That was perhaps one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had but even then without the cast or crew knowing me or owing me anything they all checked on me constantly and made sure I was OK.

Mike: How was it working with The Walking Dead cast?

Ilan: I might have accidentally answered this before but they are a family to each other and you really feel it on set. They are all there to make sure the show works as best it can. Every single one is always looking out for each other and helping the scenes grow to where it needs to get. I really believe Andrew Lincoln would go to the ends of the earth if he felt it would make a scene on that show better. He blows me away.

Mike: Will we get to see anymore of you in the next part of the season?

Ilan: Maybe yes maybe no 

Mike: What else do you have going on?

Ilan: I work as an actor whenever I get hired. Deepwater Horizon is in theaters so check it out. I also recently started directing and have been winning awards for my last two films which is nice. I also started a company called Egard where I design luxury watches that originally was a tribute to my father. I like combining all the worlds together as they are all creative in essence.

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Ilan: Thanks for taking the time to read this and getting to know me. Thanks for watching the Walking Dead and making it the great show it is and I am happy and honored to be a part of it.




Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

CJ: I’m CJ, Army guy turned actor.

Mike: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you:

CJ: I think the biggest thing anyone knows me for is The Walking Dead.

Mike: How did you get the job to play a Savior on The Walking Dead?


CJ: I answered a casting notice for tough guys, and being a combat veteran, I figured I fit the bill, at least a little bit.

Mike: When you got the job did you know it was for The Walking Dead?

CJ: Yeah, they told me what it was for when they responded.

Mike: Had you read The Walking Dead comics or saw the show?

CJ: I’ve been watching the show since the beginning, but I’ve never read the comic.

Mike: How was it doing the Glenn and Abraham scene on The Walking Dead?

CJ: Lots of fun, and insanely cold for Georgia.

Mike: Take the readers through doing the scene?

CJ: For doing a scene, on the end of the actors at least, we start with going over the scene with everyone there, set up and positioning everyone, rehearsal, and finally shooting the scene, and then repeat like 8 times before doing it all over again from a different angle another 5 times. Sometimes we get it on the first or second take, so it all depends I guess.

Mike: What other scenes were you in for season7?

CJ: Along with the season 6 finale, I’m in season 7 episodes 1, 4, and ? (no spoilers) 😉

Mike: Give the readers a story from the set of The Walking Dead? CJ: Probably my favorite story is from my first day on set. The armorer handed me an AK-47, so I just looked at it and said that I would prefer a Kalashnikov. He actually looked around for a minute before telling me he didn’t have one and I should be happy with what I had. The AK he handed me WAS a Kalashnikov. For an Army guy, that’s pretty funny.

Mike: Will we get to see anymore of you in the next part of the season?

CJ: Sorry, no spoilers 😉 (but definitely maybe)

Mike: What else do you have going on?

CJ: I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Marines and Toys For Tots lately. It’s a lot of fun 🙂

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

CJ: The Saviors have the greatest fans ever and we absolutely love you guys 🙂

Mike: How can Fans reach out to you?

CJ: Probably the best way is to post on my actor page.




Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

Kerry: Hi I’m Kerry Cahill. I play Dianne on The Walking Dead.

Mike: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you:
Kerry: They may know me from Free State of Jones or Showing Roots.
Mike: How did you get the job to play a Dianne a Kingdom resident on The Walking Dead
Kerry: I had auditioned for the show a few times and this time I actually auditioned for a different role but then I got the call to play Dianne in The Kingdom.
Mike: When you got the job did you know it was for The Walking Dead?
Kerry: Yes. And I’m not gonna lie…I smiled that whole day.
Mike: Had you read The Walking Dead comics or saw the show?
Kerry: I had seen the show but never read the comics. I am reading a few of the comics now.
Mike: How was it working with Khary Payton AKA King Ezekiel ?
Kerry: He’s great! We have an awesome time on set and hanging out in Atlanta. I’m really happy he got this opportunity. I can’t imagine working with anyone else in that role. Khary is one of those actors you hope you get to work with as much as possible. He’s generous, committed, and has a great sense of humor.
Mike: Did you ever get to do a scene with Shiva (I know it is CGI)?
Kerry: She’s really high maintenance and the crew is scared of her (totally joking obviously)…I got to learn a lot about CGI and visual effects as well as animatronics on Terminator Genisys so for me it’s easy to work with.
Mike: How was it working with Melissa McBride AKA Carol and Lennie James AKA Morgan?
Kerry: I can’t say enough praises about this cast. Lennie and Melissa were great. When you jump into a show like this in season 7 it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and behind but they are very open and welcoming so that all goes away. It’s also incredible to see how good Lennie is with that stick. They set such a high bar of excellence and it’s exciting to be around that.
Mike: Give the readers a story from the Walking Dead set?
Kerry: First time I met Cooper (who plays Jerry) we compared weapons, talked shop a little, and I asked if I could hold his axe just to see what it was like. He handed it to me and I immediately said “Dear god.” and almost dropped it. That thing is heavy and real and Cooper carries it around like it weighs 2 lbs.


Mike: Will we get to see anymore of you in the next part of the season?
Kerry: I think so. 😉 We aren’t allowed to say much but the trailer gives some good hints.
Mike: What else do you have going on?
Kerry: I was just in a one woman show called Grounded with Southern Rep Theatre. It was about 50 pages of text. I just finished that and I have a few films coming out soon. Mudbound and Heart Baby. Both are incredible stories. I also write so with some down time I will be working on that too.
It’s nice to have some time to go to the park with my dogs too.


Mike: How can fans reach out to you?
Kerry: Send self addressed stamped envelopes to my agency in Atlanta, People Store for signatures etc… I also have twitter, instagram, and facebook. I will be starting to do some comic cons this spring but no schedule yet.
Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Kerry: I just want to say thank you to you and all the fans. I’ve done over 30 movies and tv shows and this has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. So I will keep practicing my bow and I’ll make sure Dianne is a badass character for you.




Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?
Vanessa: My birth names Vanessa Dimitropoulos. I married into Cloke before I started acting, and kept the name for simplicity’s sake, although I am divorced now. I grew up in Paramount, CA, which is near Compton. After graduating from Chapman University with a BA in Communications, I moved to San Diego to run my own dance company. Within 2 years, I met my future husband, who was in the military. We received orders to Spain, where I lived for three years. While there, I traveled to many countries and had some of the best experiences of my life. Once our three years was up,we took order to New Orleans, LA. At that point, acting was still just a childhood dream, so when it turned out that New Orleans was such a busy hub for the film/TV industry, I decided it was time to try pursuing the field. The rest, is history!

Mike: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you

Vanessa: I’m guessing because of my small recurring role as Anna on The Walking Dead!

Mike: How did you get the job to play Anna a Alexandria Safe Zone resident on The Walking Dead?

Vanessa: I received an audition request from my agent. The audition process for TWD is pretty rigorous. Some actors have auditioned at least 10 times. I think I auditioned for 3 different parts before landing the role of Anna.

Mike: When you got the job did you know it was for The Walking Dead?

Vanessa: I did know that the audition was for the show, but we do not receive the character’s real name, or with whom the scene is with, until after we get the job.

Mike: Had you read The Walking Dead comics or saw the show?

Vanessa: I had watched a few episodes of the first season, and I follow the WikiDead pages so I can keep up with the storyline.

Mike: How was it doing the scenes in Father Gabrials Church in the Alexandria Safe Zone Community on The Walking Dead?

Vanessa: It was hot! Haha! We shot in the summer,or fall, but fall in Georgia feels like summer.  I love that the show pays some attention to detail. They really make each location/set nurture the scene,w which gives the actor so much to work with in setting up their time and place.

Mike: Take the readers through doing the church scene?

Vanessa: It was the first time I met Baby Judith, or both actually, since they are twins. Like I said, it was pretty hot outside,and we can’t run the AC while shooting. Both Father Gabriel and I were trying to keep the babies happy in between shoots. I imagine they must have been confused being passed around to complete strangers! I love that there is such a sense of community in Alexandria, that the actors AND characters come together, regardless of how little some of us know each other. When Father Gabriel got up to go out and fight, the tension was high. I remember feeling fearful, but encouraged to be a stronger person despite that fear.

Mike: Who of the main cast has been the best to work with and why?

Vanessa: Honestly, as you probably know, most of my scenes are not with any of the main cast. I can say that Andrew Lincoln is one of the nicest guys that I’ve met in the industry. From Day 1, he was welcoming, and any time he saw me, even a year later, he recognized me and extended an enthusiastic welcome back. He really is the glue on that show, and there is not an arrogant bone in him.

Mike: Give the readers a story from the set of The Walking Dead?

Vanessa: We are shuttled to and from set in vans. On my first day, which was in June 2014, it was at least 95 degrees out, and there were so many fans lining the streets to try and get a picture of one of the stars. They were there almost the entire day. It just blew me away to see such immense dedication from a fanbase!

Mike: Will we get to see anymore of you in the next part of the season

Vanessa: I REALLY don’t know! I think I have to watch the rest of the season to find out!

Mike: What else do you have going on?

Vanessa: It has been a pretty slow year for me. I worked on Logan for a day. We’ll see if I make the cut! I’m living back home in Los Angeles now and the transition is a little difficult. I went from knowing so many people in the southeast industry (and them knowing me), to pretty much starting over in CA. It takes time for a casting director to call you into their office, and there are hundreds of actors out in Los Angeles that have long-standing relationships with casting directors. I just have to do the time, so to speak. I recently started a Photo Booth business just to keep myself busy. I also work with foreign exchange students during their west coast tours. I’ve kind of stepped back from my involvement in the film industry just to recharge myself. I used to be very involved; I taped auditions for actors, ran a demo reel business which created content for actors that needed footage, produced a couple web series and a short film. The short film made it into a couple of film festivals. What I would LOVE to do is land a gritty, meaty role in an indie film, or a series regular role on an amazing TV show!

Mike: How can fans reachout to you?

Vanessa: They are welcome to send messages to the Facebook Vanessa Cloke Pages account, or they can send mail to my agency; The People Store in ATL, attention Vanessa Cloke.

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Vanessa: Thank you so much for including me! Actors are constantly battling life; waiting for that next job while trying tor remember our abilities, and that we HAVE abilities. It really is so comforting to know that someone is interested in me and my career. Each time I receive fan mail, a huge smile is on my face for days.