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By April Kaull, Anchor – bio | email

13News has confirmed that another star of MTV’s “Buckwild” reality show has been arrested.

Charleston Police arrested Michael Douglas Burford on Friday night for aggravated DUI, according to an official from the South Central Regional Jail. Burford is known as “Bluefoot” on the reality show.

The Feb. 15 arrest comes on the heels of the arrest of Salwa Amin earlier this month.

During a hearing Wednesday in Nicholas County, a judge reduced the bond for Amin from $200,000 to $100,000.

The star of MTV’s reality show, “Buckwild”, had been in the Central Regional Jail since Sunday. State Police troopers said they caught her and two men with oxycodone. Troopers also said they found heroin in the house they were in.

Amin’s attorney talked with reporters before her court appearance. “The charges are certainly significant. We’re talking with the prosecuting attorney right now to see how we might resolve those,” said Mike Callaghan.

If investigators can prove the drugs came from out of state, the charges could become federal.


Source: The Inquisitr

salwa amin arrested

Buckwild star Salwa Amin was arrest on drug possession charges. The charges levied against the MTV reality show cast member include intent to deliver. One of Amin’s charges was for alleged heroin possession, the other was for oxycodone.

Salwa Amin was expected to post the $200,000 bonded mandated by the court, TMZ reports. She was arraigned in Monday morning. Amin, 24, was arraigned in Nicholas County, West Virginia. The show is taped in the rural region.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Buckwild was expected to fill the void felt by Jersey Shore fans when Snooki and crew packed their bags. MTV announced a second season of Buckwild was approved last week.

Jail staffer Sgt. Rick Drakes told reporters that the Buckwild star is not interested in talking to the media, according to the Huffington Post. MTV spokeswoman Candice Ashton also issued a “no comment” to the reporters after Amin’s arrest.

Buckwild has drawn a lot of criticism for furthering a negative or stereotypical view of West Virginians. Senator Joe Manchin wrote a letter to MTV asking them not to film the reality show in his state.

Salwa Amin lives at home with her “strict” parents, according to the Buckwild website. She is a recent college graduate. She is the oldest member of the new reality show cast. Amin’s cast bio also notes that she is “always down for a good time” and is the first one at the party when she can slip away from the house.

Do you think reality shows encourage or glorify bad behavior?



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Let me say at first I do not agree with these 2 girls issues with Buckwild. I myself love the show. Everyone knows reality is not reality. A show like Buckwild is for us viewers to watch and laugh. People really need to get a life…

Also neither girl would send me a photo. If you would like to do a interview with me about why you love Buckwild please email me at or message me here.


MW: Please introduce yourselves?

A: I’m Aleah. I’m 21 years old and I’m a fulltime college student at West Virginia State University.  I am the original creator of the page Stop MTV Buckwild from Airing.

M: My name is Makayla, and I’m 21.


MW: Why did you all create a Facebook page to get MTV to not air Buckwild?

A: I knew about the show being filmed and from the beginning I wasn’t a fan, knowing what kinds of shows MTV produced, but I didn’t want to make any judgment until seeing footage. When I saw the trailer for the show I was immediately appalled by the behaviors displayed. After searching a little more and reading the cast “bios” I realized to myself, wait half these kids didn’t grow up or act like this. That is when I created the page. I knew the falseness behind the plot of the show and the cast, and I wanted to show the truth bring attention that WV residents do not want WV depicted in this way

M: My best friend actually created the page, and I was only a fan on it. I didn’t even know she was the creator of the page when I had “liked” it.


MW: Why do you feel you have the right to try to get Buckwild off of MTV?

A: I think as a citizen I have the right to voice my opinion of the show. I live here and will have to read and hear the jokes that will eventually be the repercussions.

M: As a young adult it is my responsibility to be a good role model for others.


MW: Are you two from West Virginia?

A: I’ve lived in various parts of West Virginia; I grew up in Charleston and lived in Sissonville for a few months but moved to South Charleston. I spent a year on my own in Beckley while attending my freshmen year at Mountain State University, but I’m now back in South Charleston. I’ve lived my entire life here and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

M: Born and raised!


MW: Really what they do on Buckwild can be seen on any given day in America. What is so bad?

A: There is a difference, I think, between the show Buckwild and everyday American life.  The cast keep saying they do not claim to represent the state, but whether they realize it or not they are indirectly. They are on national TV behaving this way and saying I’m from West Virginia.

M: I don’t know anybody who acts like that on any given day. The disrespectful attitudes and reckless behavior is what makes the show bad to me, other than the fact that it is completely fake. I think what makes it worse for me is that I know some of the girls and they never acted like that before, and to think that someone can be bought is just awful.


MW: Are you two just jealous of all the young country girls on the show?

A: I’m truly not jealous. We get that a lot on the page. I have goals and a plan for myself, and I would never do anything that could jeopardize myself with potential employers or bring shame upon my family. I really don’t consider these girls to be country. So they go four wheeling and get a little muddy, big whoop.  My definition of country is someone who has good morals and values, knows the value of earning dollar for a hard day’s work. It is ok to go out and have a few every now and then, but being country is knowing the limit and not embarrassing yourself to the point of being the “talk of the town”.

M: No. I actually feel kind of sorry for these poor girls. These “country” girls that you speak of are far from country. We actually attended high school with three of the girls. They were very preppy and rude, let’s put it this way… if you were country, don’t even think about talking to them.


MW: Do you all really wish you two were on the show yourselves?

A: No, absolutely not. I hate reality shows in general, like the ones where you’re supposed to find true love or whatever but I don’t get what is so interesting about watching another group of people party. Honestly, if they were to film my life it would be pretty boring, I’m a typical full time student with a job and boyfriend.

M: No! There is no way I would want to be on that trash. It would not only be embarrassing to myself, but also to my family and community. I haven’t watched the show, and don’t plan to. I actually haven’t even watched MTV for the past few weeks. There are shows that I would love to be watching, but I would rather not support a network that says it’s okay to be reckless and trashy.


MW: Do you two not party or have a good time yourselves?

A: I’m 21 and a college student. Of course I go out and have a good time, but I know my limits. I think people are getting confused on what the page is all about and what we are against. MTV is making the young adults of WV look like irresponsible, disrespectful, unmotivated, people and that just not true. We’re in our twenties of course we party, we are normal college students.

M: It’s hard to party when you are busy working 40 hours a week, attending school full-time, and also taking care of your house. I do like to have a good time,. but I don’t waste my time “partying” like most 21 year old kids. I have more important things to worry about than what party to go to.


MW: How much hate mail have you two gotten?

A: We get hate mail probably every day, but honestly it doesn’t bother me. In fact the people who send us hate mail are kind of proving my point in a way. I keep saying that people across the nation don’t know what living in WV is like or what the residents are like will base their opinions on this show, the people who send us hate mail are basing their opinions that we are boring or don’t know how to have fun just for the simple fact we don’t like a certain TV show. They have no idea who we are and what we are like outside of the internet, just like viewers won’t have a clue outside of Buckwild.

M: Honestly, not a lot. We’ve had a couple messages on Facebook asking why we were trying to stop the show from airing, but other than that we get a lot of support mail! 🙂


MW: Has any of the cast members tried to get a hold of you two?

A: I talked to Shae Bradley once on twitter, I don’t follow her but I did call her out on the cast bio MTV had posted when the trailer first made its debut. She told me she never claimed they were old friends nor did she live in Sissonville. My point to her was she might not have said it herself, but MTV said it for her and she stood behind it. She never responded after that.

M: Nope.

MW: Do you feel you two are just being busy bodies?

A: No I don’t think we are busy bodies. I just think if people who say they like the show, take the time out of their day to visit our page to let us know how dumb it is then in my opinion they are the busy bodies, especially the ones who do it repeatedly, like Buckwild Fan. I think they posted on every status and shared a few of my links in one day.

M: Umm, no. I wouldn’t say that we are being “busy bodies.”


MW: Now that the first episode has ran it is doing well. Will you all continue to get Buckwild off TV’s?

A: The page will continue to operate during the airing of the show. If we can discourage many people from watching then our jobs are done. Realistically I knew the first season would air no matter what anyone did, if the page was started before production it could’ve been a different story. Like I said though, if we can discourage people from watching the ratings will go down, and then the show will be canceled.

M: Obviously the show is still going to continue to run, but we can hope that there is no second season. That’s our next mission. We may not have been able to stop the airing of this trash, but we can continue to fight for our state.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

A: I’ve quoted this from my mom several times on the page, If you see something you don’t like or don’t agree with and you didn’t do anything to change it, then you have no right to complain later on. I saw something I didn’t like and think will ultimately have a negative impact for the residents here in WV, so I’m just doing my part to change it. I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported us this far. I never thought the page would be where it is today.

M: I’m not really sure what I would like to say, but I hope all of our supporters keep on fighting.