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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
TG: My Name is Tom Greineder and I am the owner of The Jerky Connection, a small independent family owned and operated jerky producer out of Texas.

MW: What made you get into the food business?
TG: It really was by accident…in short we started making jerky and eventually had a ton of people wanting it…so we are going for it.

MW: How did your product came about?
TG: I lost my job in manufacturing at one point, and my wife and I bought a small dehydrator to save money on Jerky…because we loved it so much. Long story short…we started bringing it to work and people kept wanting it. Eventually we had so many people requesting it that we had to start charging for it…and it just snowballed from there.

MW: How me different lines of product do you have?
TG: Right now we have around 40 or so flavors with our specialty being spicy jerky made from some of the hottest peppers in the world. Our mild jerky is great too though…and we have a huge following for it.

MW: Do you have any other products coming out?
TG: We always have more flavors coming out. One of my favorite things to do is create new recipes that push the boundaries of what is possible. O and ur newest venture we are releasing is the “Micro Jerky of the Month Club”. We take killer hot sauce producers that we screen and make limited edition jerky with it. We offer an 8oz bag of the jerky along with a bottle of the hot sauce to reference to our members. The first month kicks off in August with the first surprise jerky.  You can check it out here:

MW: Which one is your best selling product?
TG: Our Top seller is tough to explain. In the mild jerky category it is our Montreal Beef Jerky. In the medium category it is our Lizard Wizard. The spicy category is dominated by our 7 Gates of Hell Sampler pack. Then comes the Insanely spicy category. The Reaper beef jerky is the one there. It is made with the soon to be world record holder Carolina Reaper pepper.

MW: Where can consumers find your product in the store?
TG: We don’t currently sell our products in stores but will definitely be looking to get distribution in the state of Texas in the immediate future. We also plan on working towards our USDA certification so we can go national with our distribution in the future.

MW: Can consumers buy it from your website?
TG: Everything is available online at www,

MW: Do you do food trade shows?
TG: We have been doing a lot of spicy food shows including the Fiery Foods show in New Mexico, Zestfest in Texas, and the upcoming Houston Hot Sauce Festival just to name a few.

MW: How have they gone for you?
TG: Some are definitely better than others but the constant has been that the consumer love the jerky and continually tell us we have the best in the market. I try not to believe it though…it keeps me motivated to make everything better.

MW: What do you see in the future for your company?
TG: We see BIG things happening, but really just want to focus on our jerky one product at a time and one customer at a time. We really take pride in the fact that if there is an issue with the jerky or anything else regarding our company we deal with it quickly and honestly. If we keep doing that the future will take care of itself.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
TG: First and foremost…Thanks to you for the interest in our company…it really means a lot to us. In closing I just want to say to the people checking this out that we would love to give you a good reason to check our jerky out. Use the coupon code BLAST (all caps) and we will give you 10% off your total order. It is the least we can do…and to be honest…you guys won’t regret it!
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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell me about how your product came about?


BL: About seven or eight years ago, a few of my college buddies and I went out on a ski trip in Utah. We had our gear laid out for the next day, and our supplies–energy drinks and jerky. Amongst the craziness, we spilled some Red Bull in the jerky bag. The next morning, the inspiration set in: How come nobody had ever combined the two?


MW: How me different lines do you have?


BL: We currently only have our beef and turkey that both come on our original marinade which has a teriyaki style flavoring with a little bit of cracked pepper.


MW: Do you have any other products coming out?


BL: Yes, hopefully we will have more flavors coming out next year.


MW: What is your best selling product?


BL: Our Turkey Perky Jerky is our best seller right now.


MW: Where can consumers find your product in the store?


BL: Consumers can find it at a varieties of stores such as Target, Home Depot, 7-Eleven, Publix, Best Buy, Harris Teeter, Walmart (east coast only), GNC, and many more. The product is usually located back in jerkyville with the other jerky’s, except for at Walmart where you can find us in the check lane.


MW: Can consumers buy it from your website?


BL: Yes they can.


MW: Do you do food trade show?


BL:: Yes, we go to several trade shows every year.


MW: How have they gone for you?


BL: Our products are always received very well.


MW: What do you see in the future for your company?


BL: We’re gonna be the next Red Bull, the next premium consumer lifestyle brand.

Video review of Perky Jerky

Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

JN: Hi, I’m Jim Norsworthy, sales manager for Longview Jerky. It’s formal name, Longview Meat and Merchandise Ltd, is owned by Pete Lawson. My history IS the food business, some call me a foodie. I’ve spent more than ½ my life in food, not only Jerky sales but in many other capacities of the food chain. Pete is the real passionate Jerky lover, having a variety of careers, he settled into the highest job possible; President of Longview Jerky about 17 years ago. Here is a quote from the main man; ”Since 1994 my passion has grown, from that tantalizing first bite of ORIGINAL LONGVIEW BEEF JERKY to producing a complete line of quality meat snacks. You will enjoy every item produced by our qualified professional team, I personally guarantee it”.

MW: When did Longview Beef Jerky start?

JN: The village of Longview is situated along the COWBOY TRAIL that runs through some of the best grazing land anywhere. The Longview Jerky Shop began selling Jerky over 35 years ago, and Longview became well known for producing some of the best Jerky around. Ask anyone what the village of Longview is best known for and they’ll probably say;  Does white water rafting, canoeing, cycling or horseback riding excite you? How about the thrill of catching your first or biggest fish or landing that trophy animal? Have you experienced some of the most scenic terrain in our province on a snowmobile or on skis? Have you ever savored the tranquility of camping, birdwatching, photography or painting that perfect picture? Even a relaxing country drive will make you feel one with nature. With all that is happening in and around Longview, you can’t help but experience something new and different each and every time you visit. Oh yea, great tasting Jerky too. “The Original Longview Jerky is the best!”

MW: What are the different items you sale?

JN: We sell “The Original Jerky” all across Canada, and also have Roni Stix (pepperoni sticks) and Bavarians (European Sausages) The Jerky comes in 8 flavour varieties, Original, Teriyaki, Pepper, Canadian Maple, Sweet Chili, Honey and Garlic, Buffalo and Smoked Hickory. Roni Stix are in Original, Honey Garlic, Hot and Buffalo Pork. Bavarians we have Hungarian, Milano and Hot. (our website describes the flavours and everyone has a favorite, I like ‘em all)

MW: What is the type of jerky everyone wants?

JN: We pride ourselves with CANADIAN MEAT and feel everyone wants CANADIAN JERKY made from 100% Canadian meat. We do  understand how some manufacturers buy meat from countries that offer the best price, but we won’t. Our quality assurance is a top concern to all of us here at Longview. We only use 100% Federally inspected Canadian meat, and only use the eye of round and inside round and slice it into thin beefsteak strips. Other companies use meat from Argentina or Brazil and both environmentally from a shipping standpoint, and some of the cattle raising standards are not the same as what the Canadian Federal Inspection Agency’s are so we’ll stay with Canadian meat. Your question was TYPE – Ours is cry-o-vac so no air dries out our Jerky. Ours is moist, and packed full of flavour, not dried out and tough to chew.

MW: What new flavors of jerky do you plan to add?

JN: Our development team is constantly testing new flavours, and we test marketed a BLERKY (Blueberry Flavoured Beef Jerky). It is a wonderful product, very healthy as Blueberries have anti-oxidants and it was high in Vitamin C, but unfortunately the target market (those under the age of majority) did not consume enough so we re-invented the HEALTHY JERKY and came up with a great tasting Smoked Hickory with 50% less sodium than our Original flavour variety. Just launched 2 weeks ago, and we are getting raving reviews.

MW: Where can the readers buy your jerky?

JN: Any retailer in Canada can sell Longview Jerky. We have it in a lot of different stores, from small gas stations to major conventional grocers, and convenience stores across Canada. If your readers cannot find it in a retailer near them, they can as their store manager to order some in, or can order it on-line at provided they have a Canadian address for us to ship it to. We currently do not export Longview Jerky outside Canada.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

JN: Longview Jerky and meat snacks are shelf stable and carry a good long shelf life, so anyone ordering can be assured they will get some great tasting CANADIAN meat that will last for months if they can resist eating it all the first few days it arrives. The Jerky is our #1 selling item, but we get so many good reviews on the Roni and Bavarians, anyone ordering Jerky should include a few of those items too. We also support fundraising activities so contact me anytime @ to discuss your fundraising events. Thanks Mike, you and blastzone are doing a real good public service getting word out your readers about a real variety of events, items, services and we all here at Longview appreciate your interest in Longview Jerky.