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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

The first part of interview was done on 04/05/12

MW:  How did you get into the entertainment business?

BB: I was miss teen Louisiana and on the televised Miss Teen USA Pageant where I landed in the top 5 and my question was “what did I want to do when I grew up” basically. And I answered a professional model. After I got calls from Los Angeles for meetings to sign with an agency, came out to LA, and did just that, I signed with an agency and moved out here as soon as I graduated high school.

MW: You did several rock videos but your best known for Warrant – Cherry Pie. How did you get the job to be in the video?

BB: well I had lived out here over a year and had switched agencies and had been shooting star search at the time, I guess Jani was on tour with Motley Crue and he and Tommy were watching one of my episodes together when he got the idea to have me in their next video. Jani’s people called my people and set up the meeting that I totally flaked on. They called ratted me out saying I was a no show, and rescheduled to meet at jerry’s deli the following day, I made that meeting, and was told I had the job.


MW: What did you go on to do after Cherry Pie?

BB: After Cherry Pie so many job opportunities opened up and especially hired as “The Cherry Pie Girl”. I did everything from magazine covers to pictorials, commercials, television and movies, it’s an extensive list, but needless to say I had an endless array of job opportunities, some I took, and others I fucked off. I tended to fuck off more than I should have unfortunately. But the video was a great launch to a career. And of course my future, as I married Jani and we had our daughter Taylar.


MW: You now seem busier today then back then. Tell me about your new book?

BB: I’m definitely not busier than then or could have been, but that’s not to say I won’t be very sooon here after the show airs next month. My book is on the backburner currently. I signed the worst publishing deal known to man without an attorney, and am trying to get out of it all together right now. That’s really all I can say on that topic

MW: What is “Ex-Wives Of Rock” about? What channel will it be on?

BB: “Ex-Wives Of Rock”, is about 4 exes of rock stars and their lives day to day currently after living such a glamorous life. It airs in Canada first on the slice channel.

MW: Do you still model?

BB: I guess you can say I do, or would, I’ve done some modeling recently and a country music video for Scott Carey.


MW: Give me a day in your life?

BB: HAHA, a day in my life these days is shooting the show or preparing for the show, doing interviews, and pretty much living a simple life waiting for the show to air. The other girls have careers in other areas. I’m the only lackey really.

MW: What can we expect from you over the next year?

BB: You can expect a hit show, and all of the wonderful things to come …and to be greatly entertained. And to get to know me better….

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

BB: Thank you for the interest and the interview, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for Ex Wives Of Rock, and hopefully sex drugs and cherry pie….and to my fans and supporters I love you for always having my back! And thank you Mike.

The second part of interview was done on 12/14/12


MW: Tell me about how you got involved with “Ex-Wives Of Rock”?

BB: A few years ago I did a show for VH1 called “Women Of The Sunset Strip” that I co wrote and narrated and starred in, and Lorraine saw it then contacted me about the show idea she had and wanted me to be in, we met, she, I and Lisa Brucker her partner and that’s when the idea became a reality, slowly we got the cast and filmed and shopped and eventually it all came to light.

MW: Tell me a little about the show?

BB: It’s a true to life completely non scripted reality show based on real lives and real friendships and in complete honesty. We don’t deny the audience anything, wither it be no makeup, no money, problems, you name it, even the most embarrassing things, we are totally genuine throughout. You will either laugh your ass off or cry your eyes out. Love or hate us…

MW: How was it working with Susan Dixon (ex-wife of WARRANT bassist Jerry Dixon)?

BB: Susan is such a character, she is so funny, and so OCD and particular, she’s the most fun to fuck with, I’m constantly pranking her, she’s a total riot.

MW: How was it working with drummer and Tommy Lee’s sister, Athena Lee (ex-wife of SCORPIONS drummer James Kottak)?

BB: Theen and I are family like soul sisters, we finish each other’s sentences and can get carried away so silly and dorky completely uncontrollably it’s hysterical.

MW: How was it working with Sharise Neil (ex-wife of MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman Vince Neil)?

BB: Sharise and I have been through a lot together we have always leaned on one another through the roughest times in our lives, our bond is undeniable and irreplaceable, no matter how much time apart we spend it’s like no time has passed. We love each other through thick and thin.

MW: Did you get to work with Shannon Tweed at all?

BB: Actually no unfortunately, I’ve never met Shannon but I adore her and we “tweet” each other, she’s got a great quick witty sense of humor a perfect match for the show

MW: How did you all get her involved?

BB: That was Tricon’s doing they got her involved and we were stoked to have her come on board!

MW: How was it working with Lorraine Lewis?

BB: Lorraine is an icon, a rock star, my lady love, I love her, Lisa, and Peter it’s a full package LPL Productions is a family, and now our family and we treat it as such. We all love each other

MW: What does the future hold for “Ex-Wives Of Rock”?

BB: Only time can tell, but if you ask me I think it’s one of the best reality shows I’ve ever seen, and I’d watch even if I was not on it! It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions and genuine interaction between real friends and their real lives and you can’t fake or force that!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

BB: For everyone to keep watching the show it gets better and better and leaves you wanting more, and we are truly grateful and love all of our fans and hope to be a part of lives for many more seasons…not everyone will love us because we’re not for everyone, but with a non judgmental heart and open mind, I think you’ll definitely like the show if not love!!!