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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?
Mr. Kline:I’m Richard Kline. aka Larry 
Dallas. aka Larry Dalliapolis. I am NOT Greek.
Mike: How did you get into show business?
Mr. Kline:I received a BA in Speech at Queens College, NY and  Masters Degree at Northwestern University.
After NU, I went to an open call for The American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, CT. I received my equity card for that company but was drafted into the US Army out of rehearsal. After the army, I became a member of the Lincoln Center Repertory Company and appeared in four shows.
Mike: How did you get the part of Larry Dallas on Three’s Company?
Mr. Kline:I auditioned for a one-time guest spot.
Mike: Tell the readers about your first time on the set of Three’s Company?
Mr. Kline: It was April of 1977. ABC-TV was doing a tryout of  TC for 6 episodes. I was in the fourth one. Nobody knew who any of the regulars were at the time because the show obviously hadn’t be around that long. From the get go, things were loose and funny and friendly. I immediately felt at home and John and I kinda clicked.
Mike: Was that the first time you had met John Ritter?
Mr. Kline:yes.
Mike: What did you think of the cast of Three’s Company?
Mr. Kline:Everybody was welcoming and friendly. On the night we shot the show, I remember Norman Fell coming up to me and unsolicited he said “they’re gonna have you back.” And they did.
Mike: Take me through the first season of Three’s Company. Did you all think it would go 8 seasons and have 2 spin offs?
Mr. Kline: It was an instant hit. It was in that block of shows that included Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. I don’t think any of us consciously thought it would have THAT much longevity but we did think it would stay on top for a while.
Mike: How was it working with John Ritter?
Mr. Kline:Simply the best. I learned much from watching him work, just as I learned a lot from observing Bea Arthur when I had a 3-show arc on Maude. His physicality and her timing were a Phd course in comedy.
Mike: Tell the readers a story about John Ritter on the set of Three’s Company?
Mr. Kline:As you know, my character was ALWAYS  ringing the doorbell, and either one of the girls or Jack would answer. John would occasionally come up with zany bits after opening the door (during camera blocking). Like, he’d either have his pants down to his ankles, or he scream “LARRY!” in a Jerry Lewis voice. All determined to crack me up…which of course it did.
Mike: Do you remember the day and what you were doing when you had got the news John Ritter had passed away?
Mr. Kline: My wife awakened me in the morning–she had been on the computer–and told me the news. I was devastated. And then the phones started ringing off the hook with friends and/or media wanting quotes.
Mike: How was it working with Joyce Dewitt?
Mr. Kline:Joyce was a doll. I knew she was a university trained actress and she was always exploring ways to make her “Janet” real and believable.
Mike: How was it working with Suzanne Somers?
Mr. Kline: Suzanne was funny on and off screen.
Mike: When all the stuff happened with Suzanne Somers did the cast think Three’s Company was over?
Mr. Kline: Personally, I had some uncertainty where the show would be headed and who they would get to replace her. But the show’s overwhelming strength was John and so it proved to not be as catastrophic as some might have thought.
Mike: How was it working with Don Knotts?
Mr. Kline: When I heard that Don had been hired to do the new landlord role, I was thrilled. A five time Emmy winner joins our show?? Always was a fan. Don and I spent a lot of time together, including a trip to Vegas in which neither of us got arrested. Fun times.
Mike: When you look back over the 8 years what do you remember most?
Mr. Kline: the “family’ that was part of making the show–which includes the crew , everyone associated with the show.
Mike: Why did Three’s Company even get cancelled?
Mr. Kline:John wanted to go out a winner, not floundering at the bottom of the ratings pile. Plus it was thought that a spin-off would inject new life into the franchise.
Mike: Now that Three’s Company is in syndication did you think it would be so popular 40 plus years later?
Mr. Kline: I still can’t believe it.
Mike: After all three shows were cancelled did the cast ever get back together one last time?
Mr. Kline: there were no reunions on or off camera.
Mike: Did you keep anything from the set of Three’s Company that you have today?
Mr. Kline: no
I could go on and on about Three’s Company as my wife Hope and I watch it every night before bed. I think our DVR has 45 episodes on it as we speak.
Mike: What did you do when Three’s Company went off the air?
Mr. Kline:I was immediately cast in a pilot “His and Hers” with Shelly Fabares, for CBS. It was not picked up.
Mike: What was your favorite game show to do? And why?
Mr. Kline: 25,000 Pyramid because I liked the speed and the word association qualities of the show.Annnd, I was always a fan of Dick Clark. I watched American Bandstand as a kid religiously
Mike: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or maybe buy a signed 8×10?
Mr. Kline: I have a website; and there are a variety of photos to be purchased.
Mike: Will you be doing any conventions in 2017?
Mr. Kline: There is one scheduled for April in Texas, in a suburb of Dallas.
Mike: What else does 2017 hold for you?
Mr. Kline: I am doing a play at UCPAC in New Jersey in January. Hopefully, I will recur again on Bluebloods and The Americans- shows I’ve appeared on twice
Mike: What would you like to say in closing? My favorite comment from fans of the show has always been “Thanks for the laughs.” Lord knows we need a few.
Let me say first it has been a honor to be able to send you these questions today. You are true TV Legend/ICON and I will never forget what you and the rest of the gang from Three’s Company did for TV.




tommy victor prong

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

I have saw Prong play over 10 times just want to put that out there. My first time was in OH when you opened for White Zombie.

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TV: I’m Tommy Victor, guitarist and vocalist for Prong. Guitarist for Danzig


MW: How did Prong come together?
TV: I was working as the soundman and doorman at CBGB in NYC and Mike Kirkland who also worked there was dissatisfied with his band Damage and wanted to start something new. He found out from his girlfriend that I played a little and asked me to get together with him and we just started writing songs. I knew Ted the drummer from Swans and he was interested so that was it really.
MW: Did you think all these years later that Prong would have been such a influence on some many bands?
TV: Are we? If we are it doesn’t mean that much to me. Everything is for the taking. There’s nothing new under the sun.

MW: Tell me about each release?

prong-primitiveorigins(1)TV: Primitive Origins – That was totally raw. It was engineered quite well though. Wharton Tiers who worked with Sonic Youth and later Helmet did that one. It’s very Discharge meets Die Kruezen meets Celtic Frost and New York Noise.It was originally our tape demo and we remixed it adding solos to put out as an EP.

Prong-Force-Fed-459564Force Fed – Probably our first ‘metalcore” record and our first full length release. It was recorded in a storefront studio on the Lower East Side. We also started using drum machines and samples on that one. That was 1988. Some people consider it an early grindcore record.

beg_to_differBeg To Differ – Our first major label release. Produced by Mark Dodson. I had really gotten my sound man chops together by that point and injected a lot of NYHC into the approach since Mark Dodson didn’t know how to treat Prong. He was great but he was old school metal. Pushead did the artwork, Epic marketed us strictly as a metal band but it was still very alternative. The middle eight riff for Lost and Found was used as the “Headbangers Ball” theme. Our video for the title track was filmed in the sewer below Central Park.

23792911Prove You Wrong  – That was the first and only record with Troy Gregory on bass. I think we wrote some killer songs together but the second time around with Dodson was a mistake. The choice of studio and production direction was very mediocre. I still think there’s too much Ted Parsons on that record. I felt and still feel its songs first, vocals second and then guitars!

album-cleansingCleansing – This is our most famous and one of our classic records. I really had to take the reigns on this one based on what I thought were the shortcomings of Prove You Wrong. There’s more of a foundation of basic grooves and simple guitar parts, with more sampled noise in the context of songs. Terry Date produced this one to the chagrin of Epic records initially. They wanted some dude that did the Firehouse record and we fought tooth and nail to get Terry. This record has our most popular song “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”. That song was fueled by having Paul Raven from Killing Joke on bass in Prong. The setup of studios like tracking at the legendary Magic Shop and mixing at Electric Lady didn’t hurt in the success of that record.

5099748365125_600Rude Awakening – The mess of our personal lives and the micro managing by Epic Records definitely scarred the process of making this record. The process was also interfered with by forcing us to be involved in a disatsrous “Strange Days ” movie soundtrack, I think we got way too bold in being experimental on this record. The songs were okay but here again, the production was too complex. We were stepping way ahead of the game with too much focus on industrial metal. The record sold amazing out of the box by today’s standards, but not enough for Epic, who dropped us immediately after the release. Soon after, the band broke up.

38258-500x500Scorpio Rising – I was literally completely broke when I got a call to put Prong back together. I had to quickly rush to get songs together and a band in order to not start delivering pizzas. I had no idea what was going on in the rock world at that moment. I had some ideas for another project, but I really didnt know where Prong stood. Some of our fans have an affection for that record, But we really dont perform any of the songs form that record. It’s almost not even a Prong record. We had a lot of problems with producers, studios and technical inefficacies. That was a pretty bad period.

1000x1000Power Of The Damager – I got disgusted after Scorpio Rising and put Prong on hold. Most of my energies were put into Ministry. Like 5 years later Al Jourgensen was forming a label and he co erced me into signing with him, and making a Prong album. Again I think we had the songs but the production is shoddy. This record has its fans. It’s raw and uncompromising. The title track is still a staple of our live set.

PRONGCarvedIntoStoneCarved Into Stone – This is really the big “Comeback” record. we finally got some decent managment, a real record deal and signed on a real producer with Steve Evetts. He helped us mold into what modern Prong is. A more severe focus on song quality and arrangements, with collosal vocal hooks, was what was needed. The preparation for this record was outstanding, even before Evetts came in. We had about 25 songs completely written and demoed before entering the studio. “Revenge Best Served Cold” now stands as one of our most popular songs and videos to date. and another staple of our live set.

ob_6d1401_prong-ruining-livesRuining Lives – This record stands as probably the greatest accomplishment of Prong. Coming off a heavy touring schedule,and some personal life disasters, I had little time to write songs and put the pieces together to make a record. But it happened, almost miraculously. Hooking up with Chris Collier was a game changer. We simply blasted through the writing process and tracking and Steve Evetts produced my vocals and mixed this record. It’s hard record to beat. “Turnover” became an instant classic.

prong-songs-from-the-black-holeSongs From The Black Hole – We had a week off in Europe during festival season 2014. Instead of just hanging around. My manager suggested we either hit the studio with new songs or do a quick covers record. Jason Christopher ran with the covers idea, suggesting a batch of songs and a concept. We cut the tracks and they just exploded out of Trixx studios in Berlin. I finished it up with Collier in Los Angeles, paving way for a standard we would use on our latest release X- No Absolutes.

MW: What has been your favorite record to release?
TV: X- No Absolutes By far the best, most efficient most well organized Prong record to date. The songs speak for themselves and it has the best production of any Prong record.

MW: How do you find time to do Prong when you play with Danzig?TV: Well. I’ve also worked on Primitive Race and am doing a side project as well. And I still have a lot of time to fool around and kill time with friends at a Denny’s or play video games or go running and hiking or watching the Jets lose. Working with Danzig is a completely different situation and it doesn’t come into Prong at all creatively, so there’s no overlap. Listen, we spend like 2 years working on Rude Awakening and about 4 months on X- No Absolutes. Music and lyrics start to get watered down and weird if you overwork.

Glenn Danzig(Left)  and Tommy Victor of the band, Danzig

MW: How did you become a member of Danzig?
TV: John Christ got fired and replaced temporarily by a guy who wasn’t working out. Prong got dropped so GD called me. I had 2 days to learn the songs, and then be on the first Ozzfest in ’95. That was the start of the long run with Glenn.
MW: Lets talk about X (No Absolutes) How did the release come about?
TV: One of our main goals in this new generation of Prong was to keep putting out consistent records. They just have to be done. I’m given a deadline and I make it happen. The label and managment want it so I give it to them. No messing around.
MW: I got to tell you I love the double vinyl of it coming out. I got to order mine ASAP. Was the vinyl version your idea?
TV: We’ve been doing vinyl on very release since “Carved Into Stone”. It’s just something a cool label like Steamhammer does!!
MW: Speaking of vinyl do you think earlier Prong titles will ever be re-released on vinyl?
TV: I can see that happened, yes. It’s sort of up to Sony Music cos they still own that stuff. And always will.
MW: What does 2016 look like for Tommy Victor and Prong?
TV: A lot of touring. When there’s a break I have to start writing for the next record.
MW: What are you most proud of over your 30+ years in music?
TV: Not to act like some guru or something, but I try to avoid pride like the plague. It’s too dangerous for a person like me. I’ll start believing bullshit about myself and start treating people badly. Everything I have is been given to me, especially when it comes to Prong. Based on my attitude, this should have been dead in the dirt a long time ago. So actually the best moment for me in my career is right now, doing this interview with you. Everything else is bullshit. Who cares? The past is the past, it doesn’t exist anymore.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
TV: We have a lot of touring coming up. Say hello! Our dates are posted on our website. http://www. Check out our Twitter- prongmusic. Instagram – prongtheband. like us on Facebook… PRONG!


Abraham CharlesAbeVigoda (/vˈɡdə/; February 24, 1921 – January 26, 2016) was an American film and television actor. He was known for a number of roles, especially his portrayals of Salvatore Tessio in the Francis Ford Coppola film The Godfather, and for his portrayal of Detective Sgt. Phil Fish on the television sitcom series Barney Miller from 1975 to 1977 and its spinoff show Fish in 1978, both on ABC.

After mistaken reports of his death in 1982 and 1987, Vigoda was the subject of several running gags as to whether he was dead or alive. He died on January 26, 2016, at his daughter’s home in Woodland Park, New Jersey.


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BK: Bruce Kulick
MW: You just released KKB – Got To Get Back from 1974. Tell me about the project?
BK: It’s a throwback with a new song to open the CD, and I am very proud of it. Killer playing for a young band.
MW: Were these 6 songs the only songs from the session?
BK: From the actual 1974 recordings at Sudden Rush. Yes. We had some outtakes but only these 6 songs were recorded.
How did the project come about?
BK: Mike Katz is the principle writer and singer. Our rehearsing paid off well, as the songs recorded sounded too good once the original 4 track tapes were found. We just decided to do a NEW song as well. I am pleased with the results.
MW: Did your brother Bob help you at all with the project?
BK:Not this time no.
MW: Did you ever play out with KKB?
BK: We never did a gig!  Seems strange to me.
MW: Is there any video or audio from any of the shows?
BK: Nothing…
MW: Have you been in contact with any of the KKB members since the 70’s?
BK:  Mike and I were in touch, he saw me many times when I was back East in NYC. Guy, the drummer not so much. But we hooked up last summer.
MW: Tell me about the first time playing on a stage?
BK: It was in High School, at a show and tell kind of thing in the schools auditorium.  I was nervous!
MW: What was your first first gig as a professional guitar player?
BK: That would be some of the gigs my high school band did.  We were decent for sure.
MW: Tell me about playing with Meatloaf?
BK: It was a wild year touring and performing with him. The album took off, and we played everywhere. I was “Pretty Boy” and my brother Bob was “Killer”!
MW: What do you remember most about being in Blackjack with Michael Bolton?
BK: We were very close and we knew it was a tough thing to compete with Bad Company and other successful blues rock bands.  I learned a lot working with Michael. We are still in touch.
MW: Tell me about your time with Billy Squire?
BK: I played guitar on Tale of The Tape. It was quite fun, and he is meticulous. I respect Billy tremendously.
MW: Tell me about your time with the Good Rats?
BK: Good band!  And local, so I could just drive to the shows. We were tight! Peppy was quite a character!
MW: How was it working with Michael Bolton on his solo stuff?
BK: I really enjoyed that we did some Blackjack songs! We opened for Seger and Don Brewer from GFR was on drums. Small world.
MW: How did you get the call to be in KISS?
BK: I was in NY, and Paul finally asked me to do some ghost guitar work on the current album. That was Animalize. Mark the new guitarist was ill, and I got asked to fill in. It became 12 years.
MW: What was your first show with KISS?
BK: In the UK, Sept of 1984. Brighton. My knees were shaking.
MW: Tell me what you most remember about each KISS release:
BK: Animalize  It was my first recording for KISS. The ghost guitar work was something I was proud of. My brother had done it for them so it was finally my turn. I did a solo for one song and then a few riffs at the end of another. It was my unofficial start of my 12 years with the band.  
Kiss-Asylum Asylum – MY FIRST KISS ALBUM in FULL.  Exciting. 
crazy-nights Crazy Nights – RON NEVISON at the helm.  It was cool 
67d3e5f2512420e530dadb65c56f981f Smashes, Thrashes & Hits – Just two new songs… 
1035x1035-20140320-kiss3-x1800-1395425333 Hot In The Shade – Long Album, and done on a budget to be “cool”.
cover_revenge_largeRevenge (Best KISS release ever) – Bob Ezrin was a genius whipping us into shape. I loved that album. 
359919114_ef863ac88f      KISS Alive III – Great live representation of a powerful band. 
KISS_UnpluggedKISS Unplugged – Amazingly tight, and killer vocals on this. Filmed for posterity and I am proud of it. My last gig with KISS. 
Carnival_of_Souls_KISSCarnival of Lost Souls: The Final Sessions – A dark trip of an album, lots of heavy riff, and the only album with a BK vocal. I like it. 
MW: In your time with KISS what do you remember most?
BK: The fans are all dedicated for sure!
MW: Tell me about your last show with KISS?
BK:  MTV Unplugged. Amazing. I give it a TEN.
MW: How was it working with Eric Carr?
BK: He was a great drummer. Very funny, and very sweet and king man. I miss him.
MW: What can you tell me most about working with Paul Stanley?
BK: Paul is very creative and very motivated in everything he does.
MW: What can you tell me most about working with Gene Simmons?
BK:  Gene is wild for business and working hard all the time. And he’s a great talker. Can carry on a killer conversation.
MW: Why do you think you were not invited to be part of the newest KISS lineup?
BK:  Made lots of sense to have Tommy be the “Spaceman”.
MW: Would you ever play with KISS again if asked?
BK: I miss playing with them. It can’t happen with the make up. So, I am not waiting for the phone to ring!
MW:  Lets talk about Union (I saw you all in Michigan at a casino) How did Union come about?
BK: John and I needed our next move in our careers. Our chemistry was good. He’s very talented. We were a great band.
MW: Tell me about your first show with Union?
BK: I can’t remember it!
MW: Tell me what you most remember about each Union release:
BK: Union – We were really finding out who we were, and I love the debut. 
Live In The Galaxy – Some nasty FEEDBACK is on it!  But it’s good playing! 
The Blue Room – Killer album, tight and heavy.
MW: Tell me about your last show with Union?
BK: Don’t remember.
MW: Why did Union disband?
BK: We kind of hit a wall with the business changing.
MW: Do you think Union would ever get back together?
BK: Never say never.
MW: How has it been being in Grand Funk Railroad?
BK: 15th year of touring.
MW: Tell me about your first show with Grand Funk Railroad?
BK: It was in Florida. We were good!
MW: Can we expect more music from Bruce Kulick in the future?
BK: Of course!
MW: What is on tap for the rest of 2015 for Bruce Kulick?
BK: More gigging with GFR and I am working on songs for my next solo CD.
MW: What advice would you give a young musician just starting?
BK: Keep positive, be unique and professional.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BK:  Visit my website and FB and please support music. Buy a CD, Vinyl, pay for iTunes etc.  Music is not for free!


James Stewart ‘Jimmy’ Bain (born 19 December 1947died January 23 2016 was a Scottish bassist most famous for playing in the bands Rainbow and Dio with Ronnie James Dio. He has worked with Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, co-writing on his solo albums.

Bain was born in Newtonmore, Highland, in Scotland, and played in several provincial amateur bands as a young teen. His parents and younger brothers relocated to Vancouver, Canada. By this point he was playing professionally in Street Noise. However, he did join his family for a brief stay in Canada. Before returning to Scotland, getting his band Harlot and then hitting the London music scene, Bain joined Harlot in early 1974, after turning down a job with The Babys.



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
NJ: Good Evening from Essex England UK. My name is NICK JOSEPH.
MW: How would fans of the Star Wars universe know you?
NJ: I am Known as ARHUL HEXTROPHON THE Medal of Yavin Bearer from Star Wars: A New Hope.
MW: How did you get the job to be the Medal Bearer in Star Wars: A New Hope?
NJ: My Agent telephoned me and asked if I was interested in working on a Low Budget Movie called Star Wars, I said yes and that was the beginning of Love @ 1st sight.
MW: Why did Chewy not get a medal?
NJ: Chewy did get a Medal after many years “BUT“ he was also given the Medal @ the Manchester England Con in 2015 (why he never got one during the movie is a mystery – I bet George Lucas Forgot).
MW: What did you think when you got the job?
NJ: @ first it was just like another job but as filming went on I got a feeling that I could get a good feature – that I did & very grateful I am.
MW: How was it working with Mark Hamill?
NJ: Mark Hamill was OK very pleasant guy to talk to & I am sure to this day he is still the same.
MW: How was it working with Carrie Fisher?
NJ: Carrie Fisher, now Carrie was really nice & friendly, we spoke long about her parents Eddie & Debbie as my very good friend’s father worked on many movies with Debbie as a Prop Man & was also friendly with the family – I really hope to meet up sometime.
MW: How was it working with Kenny Baker?
NJ: Kenny is a good guy & we have met on many occasions after the movie @ Conventions all over the world.
MW: How was it working with Harrison Ford?
NJ: Harrison Ford he was ok but not as friendly as the others – once he finished his scenes he went into his dressing room BUT yes he was ok.
MW: How much did you get to work with George Lucas?
NJ: George Lucas , he was ok to work with I only spoke with him a few times during shooting my scenes – he spoke to me more times about positioning on set so the Medal could be seen given to Han Solo.
MW: Has there been a Medal Bearer action figure done?
NJ: A figure has been made for me by Steven Smith in the USA but no others as far as I know (shame) I keep asking different Companies but to no avail???.
MW: The Star Wars Card Trader needs to make a Medal Bearer Card. Do you use the Star Wars Card Trader app.?
NJ: I don’t know of this – its good news to me, I will try this out – thanks for that.
MW: Give me a story from the set of Star Wars: A New Hope?
NJ:  When we started to shoot the 1st scene of the Medal Ceremony (long shot on entering) as the 3 walked down the steps someone FARTED so we had to stop to calm down & reset – next all went well.
MW: Have you saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet?
NJ: Yes I saw it that night “FREE “ as I was signing @ the local cinema from 10pm after we all went our separate ways droopy eyed.
MW: What did you like about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
NJ: It reminded me of the 1st movie “A New Hope“ it was such a great movie I have seen it again since as the 2nd time I saw parts that were missed – I will get it on DVD when it comes out sometime soon (WE HOPE).
MW: What did you not like about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
NJ: There is nothing really that I do not like about “The Force Awakens“ as this is what to expect for the Movies of today.
MW: What conventions will you be doing in 2016?
NJ: I will be busy again in 2016 with Conventions in the UK – 2 in the USA (Tampa  &  Mississippi) –  Malta  – total so far 15 Cons & hoping for Disney to contact me for “CELEBRATION EUROPE“ in London on July 15/16/17 – that would be awesome.
MW: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or buy a autographed photo?
NJ: I can be reached by my website – &  Also FaceBook.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
NJ: I would like to thank all my Fans/Friends who have contacted me over the years for Photo’s – The Medal of Yavin – etc etc as without them STAR WARS would be just another movie to me – I thank you all so very much for all your kindness & love of the FORCE – God Bless you &  “ MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL AS WELL “ Nick Joseph as Arhul Hextrophon.