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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Please introduce yourself?
Hi! I’m Kelldar, I’ve been costuming and going to conventions for over 10 years. I love Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel comics and a bunch of other stuff!

What made you want to get into Cosplay?
When I was a kid, my parents took me to the local convention (I wore a Star Trek: Next Gen uniform), and we always had elaborate Halloween costumes and parties. I went to college for illustration and sewing my own costumes just became an extension of illustration for me. I love that I’ve been able to learn so many different crafts through one hobby.


What characters do you do?
A few of my favourite characters are Princess Leia, Belle, Wonder Woman and my current favourite is Donna Noble right now. I’ve done nearly 200 costumes, so beyond those I’ve also done a lot of Marvel & DC, quite a bit of other Disney costumes and other Star Wars costumes. Pretty much any book/movie/tv series I’ve ever liked, I’ve done a costume from it.

Tell me about each one?
I’ve done a lot of Leia/Padme and other Star Wars costumes thanks to my involvement with the Rebel Legion over the years. I love Wonder Woman and all the variations on her costume, so I’ve done, I think at this point, 5 different Wonder Woman costumes. I’ve done most of Belle’s costumes from Beauty and the Beast. I’m told I have a resemblance to Catherine Tate so Donna Noble is a lot of fun for me right now.
Some more of my particular favourites are Ms Marvel, Marie Antoinette, Anne Boleyn, Valkyrie, Queen Hippolyta, Jane from Tarzan, Sally Jupiter and Ozma of Oz.


Have you ever won any costume contest?
A few, though I don’t enter them much anymore. I used to always enter at every convention I went to, but it got old after a few years; I’d rather spend time with my friends at a con rather than waiting backstage for hours.

Which character did you win with?
Most recently I won “Most Creative” in BBC America’s Halloween Doctor Who costume contest in 2011, for my TARDIS version of Marie Antoinette.


What did you win?
A $50 BBC America gift card; I bought a set of Doctor Who figures

What conventions have you gone to?
Dragoncon 2002-2012, San Diego Comic Con 2004-2006, MidSouthCon 2002, 2004-2011, C2E2 2013, Timegate 2012, Emerald City ComiCon 2011, Anaheim Comic Con 2010, Megacon 2009, Adventurecon 2007-2008, Superman Celebration 2009, Anime Expo 2003, Otakon 2002, Project A-Kon 2003-2005, Animazement 2001-2002, MTAC 2001-2004, 2006-2007, 2010, GMX 2009-2012, Con Nooga 2008, Wonderfest 2006, Star Wars Celebration 3, Katsucon 2003-2004.


What conventions will you be going to?
Right now the only definite I have planned is Dragoncon 2013; we are in the midst of our usual summertime schedule – prepping for Dragoncon.

Which one is your favorite convention to go to?
Definitely Dragoncon. I love it because it’s really a little bit of everything, every geeky or pop culture show or book or movie, etc is represented somehow. The costumes people bring are amazing, and it’s like a 4 days long party.


What do you do in the real world?
I have a 9-5 and I also do theater costume commissions/consulting, and I’m hoping to soon expand that into regular commissions available online.

Would you rather be in the real world or one of your characters world?
If I had to pick one I’d pick the Doctor Who universe. Travel in time and space and still be home for dinner.


What would you like to say in closing?
Thanks for having me! If anyone would like to see more of my costumes or construction info on them my website is




Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

AH: I’m Heidi O’Ferrall and I’m an artist and cosplayer based in Dallas, Texas. I keep the facebook page Atelier Heidi as a portfolio of my creations.


MW: What made you want to get into Cosplay?

AH: I’ve always been artistically driven and slowly developed an interest in wearable art. I am not very fashionable in my daily life, but I love coming up with interesting or outrageous costume pieces. I’ve also always been pretty nerdy, so the two came together once I got more familiar with the cosplay community.


MW: What characters do you do?

AH: A bunch of red-heads, largely from Japanese role-playing games. I use my natural hair in my cosplays, mostly because it’s one of my more unique features. Real hair also gives a costume a greater sense of authenticity, and luckily enough there happen to be a huge number of awesome fictional red-heads for me to choose from. I always cosplay from series that I love, but which character I choose often comes down to which one I most resemble. I also like doing characters that are less common at conventions.

MW: Tell me about each one?

AF: Recently I’ve done Mara Jade of the Star Wars universe, Refia from Final Fantasy III, Odessa Silverberg from Suikoden, and a White Mage inspired by the original Final Fantasy sprite. Each one had its own unique challenges during the creation process. The White Mage was probably the most time-consuming, but Refia and Odessa both had more demanding details. Getting all the seams right in Mara’s jumpsuit was also quite difficult without an accurate dressform, but the real challenge with Mara was trying to project her attitude.


MW: Have you ever won any costume contest? Which character did you win with? What did you win?

AF: Yes, a few. I won a judge’s award for the White Mage at Oni-con, first place for Odessa in the Suikoden Day 2012 online cosplay contest, and first in the steampunk category at All-con for an original design I call the Birdwatcher. Oni-con and All-con gave out trophies, but the Suikoden Day admins sent me an awesome figurine of the Suikoden character Nash Latkje, as well as some collectible Suikoden trading cards. I’m a huge Suikoden fan, so it was an amazing prize!

MW: What conventions have you gone to?

AF: Basically any decently-sized convention in Dallas, and a few others around Texas. I’ve also had the pleasure of going to MAGFest for the past few years, and PAX East last year. I hope to do more travelling in the future.


MW: What conventions will you be going to?

AF: The regulars, though I’m hoping to expand my range. I’m planning a trip to Dragon*Con later this year, so cross your fingers for me that it works out.

MW: Which one is your favorite convention to go to?

AF: Definitely MAGFest. The energy of that convention is unbeatable, and I love getting the chance to meet so many people that I interact with and admire online.


MW: What do you do in the real world?

AF: Make more costumes! I am a full-time college student studying Theatrical Technology and Design, with an emphasis on costuming.

MW: Would you rather be in the real world or one of your characters world?

AF: I’m definitely an escapist. I would say that I live inside my head most of the time. I don’t really imagine myself as any of the characters that I cosplay, but I do become very engrossed in these storylines and fictional universes.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

AF: Thank you for taking the time to look at my work! Cosplay is my biggest artistic outlet right now, so having the support of so many people online has been hugely encouraging to keep me going. Thank you for your time, and please stay tuned for updates.



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
L: My name is Ophélie but everyone call me Lily, and I’m 18 years old.


MW: What made you want to get into Cosplay?
L: I went to Paris Manga with my best friend and we decided to start cosplaying together at the next event.


MW: What characters do you do?
L: I made the Shepherdess from Toy Story, Alice from the manga Wonderful Wonder World, Lizzie Middelford from Black Butler, Poison Ivy from Batman, Kida from Atlantis, Nill from Dogs, Black Canary, Panty from Panty and Stocking, Nannerl Mozart from Mozart L’Opéra Rock, a trash nurse, many original creations, Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, Miss Marvel and I just finished my Catherine from the videogame Catherine.


MW: Tell me about each one?
L: They are all characters I love, for their personality, their history, their costume.


MW: Have you ever won any costume contest?
L: Once I won a costume contest with my group Alice at Paris Cosplay in 2011.


MW: Which character did you win with?
L: Alice.


MW: What did you win?
L: Some DVD, little gifts…


MW: What conventions have you gone to?
L: Paris Manga, Japan Expo, Japan Party, FACTS, TGS, Paris Cosplay, Paris Comics Expo, Epitanime, Harajuku.


MW: What conventions will you be going to?
L: I hope I could go to the Comic Con in London, and I’ll be at Japan Party in two weeks, Epitanime in one month and Japan Expo in July.


MW: Which one is your favorite convention to go to?
L: Japan Expo because all my friends come from all over the country for this event so I can see everyone of them during four days!


MW: What do you do in the real world?
L: I’m in an art school and next year I’ll start a makeup school.


MW: Would you rather be in the real world or one of your characters worlds?
L: I prefer the real world, because cosplay is before all a hobby (even if I’d love to have magical powers…)


MW: What would you like to say in closing?
L: For the new cosplayer, keep training, you’ll become better and better ! And don’t forget to amuse you.



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
RP: Rafael “Cap America” Pedragon

MW: What made you want to get into Cosplay?
RP: It is a way to express oneself, have fun and make people happy while in costume. You have the ability to become a character in which people love and can get inspired either to be better people or to keep going. Some people just feel better seeing something they love. A fantasy character is one of those things.

MW: What characters do you do?
RP: Mostly I have been sticking to my classic Captain America costumes. Different versions of the same character.

MW: Tell me about each one?
RP: Past costumes I have done are
Angeal Hewley is a 1st Class SOLDIER, from the game Crisis core.

Chris Redfield a BSAA soldier who was a former Raccoon city police officer from the game Resident evil 5.

Captain America, Americas Super Soldier during WW2 created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Captain America Comics #1 March 1941 Ares God of War Version from Marvel Comics. A soldier of every era all rolled up into one man.

MW: Have you ever won any costume contest?
RP: Yes once. I usually just go to conventions to have fun. I don’t do a lot of contest. I do a lot of fund raising, charity work, and volunteerism with my Captain America costumes.

MW: Which character did you win with?
RP: My classic Captain America costume.

MW: What did you win?
RP: A Chewbacca model kit.

MW: What conventions have you gone to?
RP: Anime Boston, Otakon, NYCC, Anime Next , CPAC in Hoboken NJ, Super mega fest in NJ.  And I think that is it.

MW: What conventions will you be going to?
RP: I don’t know NYCC and CPAC in Hoboken NJ  are my only have to go to cons.

MW: Which one is your favorite convention to go to?
RP: NYCC. It is where I get to see most of my friends and have the most fun meeting and seeing people.

MW: What do you do in the real world?
RP: For charity work I work with the East Coast Avengers or the ECA . I am their XO . The East Coast Avengers promotes creating, owning, and wearing the costumes from the Marvel Universe featured in films, comics, and television. To capture the magic of these characters, the goal is to portray an accurate presentation of the character through your individual costume. However, we recognize that this hobby centers around fun and creativity. Therefore, the East Coast Avengers make allowances for the creative modification of these costumes within the confines of decency (defined as being without profane or vulgar features or statements and must be viewable by young children).
Our organization was founded to basically provide a collective identity for costuming fans on the east coast with similar interests, the EAST COAST AVENGERS is proud to put its resources to good use through fund raising, charity work, and volunteerism.
In terms of Jobs I do alot of freelance security work wherever I am needed. I also do as a profession   Accounting / Accounts receivable work for temp agencies working in either NJ or NY

MW: Would you rather be in the real world or one of your characters world?
RP: Depends. If I lived in my heroes world I would probably need to have super powers to stay alive considering there are so many bad guys and such trying to destroy it or bully others. I like my world Cause I do a lot of good here. I help out a lot of people and do my best with what I have here.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
RP: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.
If you costume or cosplay just remember to have fun.



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

AT: Hi! My name is Atty (aka AdventTraitor) and I’m a cosplayer from northern Utah. I started cosplaying quite some time ago, though I only started making my own cosplays in 2008.

MW: What made you want to get into Cosplay?

AT: I got into cosplay because of my love for video games. I always thought that so many of the characters I loved were so beautiful, and I found that I had a knack for sewing when I tried. That’s when I really started loving cosplay with a passion. It also helped that my friends

MW: What characters do you do?

AT: I have made many cosplays over the years, but I would say the vast majority of them are from RPG videogames, especially those in Square Enix games.


MW: Tell me about each one?

AT: You want to know about every single one??? That could take a while. Haha, I suppose I could go over a few though. The first cosplay I ever made was JENOVA from Final Fantasy VII. It was…very interesting, and I still relied on buying several things for it, but I think it turned out fairly well for being an inexperienced 16-year-old. I think the real turning point for me, though, was when I made Rinoa and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. I didn’t wear Squall myself, but I made a good majority of the outfit from scratch. Nearly all of it, as a matter of fact. As for Rinoa, that was the first time I had ever dyed material, and that was a good learning experience. That was when I knew I could make anything I wanted, no matter how hard it seemed to be. Hmm…another one would be Tifa from Final Fantasy VII (I told you they’re nearly all Square games!). That one I didn’t put so much effort into, but I love how it turned out nonetheless. Uhm, I suppose a non-Final Fantasy cosplay I did was Rose from Homestuck, but I never had an official photo shoot for her. Still, it was amazing to meet all the other Homestucks at the convention I went to–everyone was so nice!

MW: Have you ever won any costume contest?

AT: I don’t like to add competition to my hobbies if I don’t have to, so I don’t enter official cosplay contests. This is because I like to just enjoy making the outfit and wearing it around when I’m finished without the stress of competing, and partially because I feel that I need to improve a lot more before I can be on par with the rest of the cosplay community.

MW: Which character did you win with?

AT: The one costume contest I did win was when I went to the midnight release for Resident Evil 6–my friend and I were dressed up, I as Ada Wong and he as Leon S. Kennedy. It was pretty amazing.


MW: What did you win?

AT: We just got recognition and posters and stuff.

MW: What conventions have you gone to?

AT: I’ve gone to several conventions in the United States. Otakon, Anime Banzai, Anime St. George, Anime Salt Lake, Anime Oasis, Nagukon, and Sugokucon.

MW: What conventions will you be going to?

AT: I plan on going to at least Anime Expo, Otakon, A-kon, and Anime Banzai in 2013.

MW: Which one is your favorite convention to go to?

AT: Hm…my favorite thus far was Otakon, just because it was so big!!! I don’t really live close to any of the larger cons, but I had the chance to get out to the east coast last summer and it was such an amazing experience! I was definitely humbled to be around such amazing cosplayers.


MW: What do you do in the real world?

AT: I’m a teller at a credit union when I’m not busy dreaming about fictional worlds.

MW: Would you rather be in the real world or one of your characters world?

AT: Who would say they’d rather be in this reality? It’s very overrated, if you ask me.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

AT: I just wanna thank you for reading, and if you’d like to view my works and see new ones, you can like my facebook page or follow me on deviantArt at !!



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
MJ: Hello, My name is Mizz Jupiter. I am a big geek at heart. I love everything from comics,  cartoons,  latex and of course cosplay!!


MW: What made you want to get into Cosplay?
MJ: What made me get into cosplay is the feeling of being any character you choose to be. From a story, a comic book, movie to cartoon Cos-play allows you to be yourself and showcase your talent. I always wanted to own custom made costumes and cos-play allows me to make a unique costume that is my very own.

What characters do you do?
The characters that I cos-play are Silk Spectre II- From the movie watchmen, The black Widow – Marvel Comics version, Peggy Carter from the Movie Captain America The First Avenger, Claire Redfield from the video game Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers Version) from marvel comics. I try to cos-play characters I can most resemble. In picking a character I go by the body type, looks, and attitude. It also helps to know your character by reading up on them or collecting their comics. It is always good to do your research no matter what the project is. Knowing your character is the key to a great cosplay.


MW: Tell me about each one? Well so far I have done 5 successful cos-plays. Here is a brief description of each.

MJ: Silk Spectre II (latex version) from the movie watchmen fabricated completely out of latex by The Baroness. The gloves, shoes, belt were constructed by me. I also did my own makeup and hair. For her hair I did not want to use a wig so I grew out my hair like the character for originality. This costume took a year and a half to complete. The baroness made sure that I was happy with the final product. Included in our private fittings I also help with the black pattern for the corset and bottoms. I was involved in every decision. And the final results speak for themselves. The Baroness does great work. I was very happy!

For Black Widow I decided to do this character as a cosplay team up with my friend Wilbert Captain Rivera. He is known for his great Captain America cosplays. My Jumpsuit was constructed out of a 4 way stretch lyrcia material. Blackwidows belt and stingers were constructed by me. The Belt was made out of craft foam and Velcro. The wig was also made and styled by me. My boots were from ellie shoes. I was looking for the fetish look for her boots and these seem to fit nicely. They were a bit big so I went to my favorite shoe maker (every cosplayer needs one!) to make the shoe tighter when laced and zipped up.

Peggy Carter was great to cosplay. My uniform (skirt and jacket) was make by me I used a reference costume pictures of an army officer as a guide line to make the two pieces. The white blouse was bought at JC penny for 12 bucks. Which wasn’t bad. Shoes I ordered from target. They are a basic 3 inch heel round tipped almost gold tan like color which went well with my army green skirt and jacket. The patches I added for a unique touch. I know it wasn’t movie accurate but it gave my cosplay style. The patches were bought online. The wig which was also made by me took a couple of days to cut and style. It was the most important piece to my costume and it had to come out right.


MW: Have you ever won any costume contest?

MJ: At NYCC 2012 I was part of a resident evil cosplay group. My character was Claire Redfield from the videogame Resident evil code veronica. I used an old pair of blue jeans, brown red belt and black boots and gun that I already owned. The vest was completely made by me. It was made a couple of weeks before NYCC but I think it came out pretty good. The vest was made out of burgundy pleather.  I cut and sewed the patterns myself. I reinforced with hot glue and some cement glue for the seams. Claire’s vest has a very unique design – A warrior women and fire in the background with the words “Let Me Live” on the upper back of the vest. The lettering and picture designs were drawn, cut and sewed by me. I decided to do the vest designs in a felt material. The felt gave the vest more of a biker club feel which worked out very nicely.

My Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers version) from marvel comics is my latest latex cosplay fabricated by The Baroness. The red sash, mask, gloves and wig were made and styled by me. The mask was made of craft- foam and liquid latex. I used dental floss for the string that ties the mask to my head. To my surprise dental floss worked great! The shoes were bought from a halloween costume shop. They were cut and altered to fit my latex legging. This effect made it look like the shoe and leggings were one shoe.

Have you ever won any costume contest? I recently won a Facebook Halloween costume contest hosted by another beautiful cosplayer from the west coast Ivy DoomKitty. I won most accurate costume.

MW: Which character did you win with?
MJ: I won most accurate with my Silk Spectre II latex movie version costume.


MW: What did you win?
MJ: The prize for most accurate was 4 cosplay photographs of choice signed and personalized by Ivy DoomKitty and of course exposure to showcase my Silk Spectre Cosplay.


MW: What conventions have you gone to?
MJ: I have gone to Big apple comic con (New York City), Otakon (Baltimore Maryland, and of course NYCC-New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center.


MW: What conventions will you be going to?
MJ: This year I am planning to attend Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) -Brooklyn New York , Castle Point Anime Convention (New Jersey), PRCC 2013 – Puerto Rico Comic con, OTAKON 2013 – Baltimore Maryland , and NYCC 2013- NEW YORK COMIC CON.


MW: Which one is your favorite convention to go to?
MJ: My favorite convention to go to has to be NYCC- New York Comic Con. Its the biggest convention in New York! Wouldn’t miss it for nothing!!


MW: What do you do in the real world?
MJ: I work as a theater sound lighting technician for corporate/private/charity events and shows in the New York City, New Jersey and upstate area. I also do occasional modeling and latex fashion shows.


MW: Would you rather be in the real world or one of your characters world?
MJ: I would choose the real world. Everything I have done and accomplished in my life has meant something to me and would not trade that for nothing. But also cos-playing allows me to live in my characters world for only a brief moment in time. Its always nice to know you can switch back to your real self.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?
MJ: Thank you for letting share my love of cosplay. Cosplaying is about fun and the experience of making your very own costume come to life and being able to meet new people who share the same love you have. Its not about how good of quality your looks but how you feel when you are wear it! I support all levels of cosplayers. I still consider myself new to cosplay and I always believe that in any thing you do from work to hobbies that there is always room for growth. Cos-playing your favorite character can make you feel bold, powerful, confident and to some at the same time sexy (which isn’t bad either. lol). Just have fun and do what makes you happy! If you are not doing what makes you happy then you’re not truly living! “You’re never to old to be a superhero , as long as you look good doing it”-Mizz Jupiter

you can find me on


Facebook Page :



MS MARVEL-Geeks are

Photo Credits:

Silk Spectre II – Latex Version from the movie WATCHMEN

Photo By: Mark McQueen

Latex fabrication by: The Baroness


The Black Widow – Marvel Comics Version

Photo By: Wilbert Captain Rivera

Taken @ New York Comic Con 2011


Peggy Carter –  Captain America “The First Avenger”

Photo By: Brian Ngai

Taken @ New York Comic Con 2012


Claire Redfield – Video game version from Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Photo by: Ricardo Cepeda


Ms Marvel – Carol Danvers version from Marvel Comics

Photo by: Geeks are sexy

Taken @ New York Comic Con 2012


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

K: My name is Kiki and I have been cosplaying since 2003. However, I started to take cosplaying more seriously in 2010 and formed my company Kannon Kosplay. Right now I am currently located in the Florida area, but I just moved across the country this year. So far, I love the conventions and people out here!

MW: What made you want to get into Cosplay?

K: My first costume I created was Videl from DBZ. I really loved the show and I had an online RPG for series. I role-played her character in that game. I loved her character so much I wanted to be her character. So, I decided to take some clothing and alter it to make her costume. I didn’t know that cosplay was a thing or that people were doing it… I found out about that a little later.


MW: What characters do you do?

K: Well I have cosplayed as a lot of different characters at this point. However, a few characters I have made multiple costumes of: Izumi Sawatari, Ryomou Shimei, Shidou Mana, and Battle Angel.

MW: Tell me about each one?

K: Right now I have about 30 costumes and am in the making of many more to come! Each one has it’s own story of why and how I made it. I really love them all in different ways and for various reasons.


MW: Have you ever won any costume contest?

K: Yes, I compete in most masquerade contests at the conventions in the master class. I have awards for Best-In-Class, Craftsmanship, Anime Re-creation, as well as some awards for my on-stage performances too.

MW: Which characters did you win with?

K: Well I have won for a few characters but most recently my 3 versions of Shidou Mana. Also for my Saeko Busujima cosplay. All of the costumes that I have made this year have won an award.


MW: What conventions have you gone to?

K: Most of the conventions I have attended are in the midwest and the south. Some of the cons I regularly attended were A-kon, Anime Central, Naka-Kon, Natsu-con, Archon, Ohayocon, and a few others.

MW: What conventions will you be going to?

K: Since I moved this year across country, most of the conventions I will be attending will be in Florida. I am still planning my future conventions, but a few you will probably see me at are Holiday Matsuri, Animate!Miami, Bellecon, Metrocon, Dragon*Con and others. I usually attend between 8-12 conventions a year.


MW: Which one is your favorite convention to go to?

K: Well I think as far as my favorite anime conventions I have been to , I would have to say A-Kon.

MW: What do you do in the real world?

K: Well I am just a girl in the real world that loves cosplay. RIght now I am a freelance artist with a BFA in animation. I sell prints in my online store as well as some cosplay accessories.


MW: Would you rather be in the real world or one of your character worlds?

K: It would be really awesome to live in an anime or videogame. I really enjoy my real world life though. I mean, I can cosplay and be any character I want!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

K: I have had many great experiences cosplaying and I hope to continue doing it for years to come! I am always eager to make new costumes and attend new events. So far it has been a wonderful way to meet new people!