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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself.

DF: I am Darla Fay.

MW: How did you get cast to play Hildred in The Christmas Story 2?

DF: I originally auditioned for the role of “Mother” in Christmas Story 2. Then my agent called and said the director, Brian Levant wanted to see me for the role of Hildred.  This role was so much fun. She’s a little kooky and a bit of drinker so needless to say not much of a character stretch for me.

MW: What did you think of the original classic Christmas Story movie?

DF: The original Christmas Story has been a must see in my home for years. It’s part of the Christmas line-up of classics… Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and now Christmas Story 2!!!!!

MW: Do you feel they did the original justice with the sequel?

DF: I feel that sequels have a tough job topping originals but I must say Christmas Story 2 certainly did not disappointment me. The story line, characters, set decorations and wardrobe was true to the original.

MW: Who was the coolest to work with on the set of Christmas Story 2?

DF: I think the coolest to work with was Braeden Lemasters (Ralphie), David W. Thompson (Flick), and David Buehrie (Schwartz). These boys are so talented and their physical comedy is a joy to watch

MW: Give me a story from the set of Christmas Story 2?

DF: The director, Brian Levant has the energy of twenty people with ADHD. In the scene where I’m teaching the three boys how to wrap gifts, the tape they gave me to use was actually tape from that era. It was extremely narrow, very sticky, and would wrap around my fingers and I couldn’t get it off to wrap the present. I could tell Brian was getting all “rushy” and I was getting flustered so I put it into my character. Which could explain Hildred sneaking a swig from her flask.

MW: What do you think of Christmas yourself?

DF: I love Christmas! Although I’m not a religious person I believe in what the holiday represents for family and friends. It provides the opportunity for families and friends to come together that may not see each other often. It’s not so much about gifts but about laughter, food and story- telling. I know it sounds corny but it is what is!

MW: What other movies have you been in?

DF: I have been in the Oscar winning movie “Juno”. I played Michael Cera’s Mom, Mrs.Bleeker.. “Love Happens” with Jennifer Anniston and Aaron Eckhart, “Why Did I get Married?” with Robin Williams, “50/50” with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I was in the pilot of “Once Upon a Time”, “The Haunting Hour”, and MOWs “Trading Christmas”, “ Goodnight For Justice” and “One Angry Juror”.

MW: What do you have going on in the future?

DF: An episode of “Psych” will be airing in the New Year. I plan on enjoying the holidays with my family and in the January I’ll be heading down to L.A. for a couple of months.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DF: In closing I would like to say never think it’s too late to follow your dream or passion. I was 36 years old when I started my journey. I’m not a “leading lady”, I have a husband, two children and a house in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. These could have been the reasons why I could not have my dream but I think of them as experiences, my gifts I bring to the role. Plus I’m really stubborn!


Titulo: Hostel

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BN: Hello everyone, my name is Barbara Nedeljakova.

MW: How would Blastzone Online readers know you?
BN: They would probably know me mostly for the role of Natalya, in Hostel.
MW: How did you get in the entertainment business?
BN: I studied acting in Prague. Afterwords I did a lot of theatre, and got couple of small roles in TV, and than landed role in Hostel, which open the door to many other things.

MW: Tell me about getting the role of Natalya in Hostel?
BN: I was living in Prague at that moment when casting agency invited me for audition. After couple of rounds of auditioning I received the exciting phone call that I got the part.
MW: How was it working with Eli Roth?
BN: Working with Eli Roth was a lot fun. He is very good director, someone who is very passionate about his work.

MW: Tell me a story from the set of Hostel?
BN: During the shoot we nickname Eli Roth ‘Gorilka’ which means monkey, so we could talk about him without him knowing. Of course later he found out, and thought it was funny and kept it as his nickname. 
MW: What do you think was the most gruesome scene in Hostel?
BN: For me it was scene where Josh (Derek Richardson) get’s tortured. The drilling inside of his leg and cutting his Achilles tendon was really hard to watch. 

MW: What else do you have going on in 2016?
BN:  A movie called Sky Sharks is to set to start filming in April in Germany.  There are also couple of other movies here in Europe, and also US, that are strong possibilites.

MW: What horror conventions are you doing in 2016?
BN: I have convention in Holland called Bats,Bones and Dice in October 2016.

MW: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or purchase an autograph?
BN: They can reach me on my Facebook page Barbara Nedeljakova, and on my website, they can purchase an autographed photo.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BN:  I would like say to my fans thank you so much for your love and support.  Also, thank you for taking the time to talk to me.




Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
JM: Hey everyone! My name is Jilian McLendon and I am an actress and model based in Atlanta, GA.

MW: How would fans of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC know you?
JM: Fans of The Walking Dead will recognize me from the first two episodes of the fourth season! In the first episode, I was featured as a survivor at the prison. You can see me along the fence line taking out zombies with my spear. In the second episode, I am featured dead on the top of the staircase in the cell block; my neck is ripped open from a zombie attack.

MW: How did you get cast as a new member of the prison on The Walking Dead?
JM: Upon receiving word from my agent that a select group of young individuals was needed for the show, I was immediately submitted. After talks with my agent and ECA, I was officially booked as one of four people to be featured prison survivors in the premiere episode with recurring film days!

MW: What did you think when you got cast to be on The Walking Dead?
JM: When I found out that I was cast on the most watched television show, I was so excited! I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance especially when I found out that The role I was cast as would be recurring!

MW: Tell me about your first days on the set?
JM: My first day on set was fantastic! It was my first time at the studio in Senoia, GA so I made sure to enjoy the whole process and take note of even the simplest of details. My select group had a late call time (which was quite nice) and we quickly got through hair, make up, and wardrobe. The rest of the day we stayed along the fence line starting with wides and establishing shots and then coming in for close ups as the day progressed. The Walking Dead’s team is extraordinary. All day, I was all around fx makeup artists, and trained by stunt coordinators and around the best of the best in television. It was seriously the most wonderful experience I have had thus far as an actor. And I have to give mad props to all the featured zombies I worked with; they are truly amazing and so talented. It was a great pleasure to be working along side them through the process.

My second day on set, most of my morning was spent in the special effects trailer. My neck and chest got a complete zombie bite revamp which involved a few hours of prosthetic application and fx makeup by top notch artists! We entered the prison set, blocked, rehearsed, and then braced for movie magic!

MW: Did you know what you were getting yourself into?
JM: To be honest, I was so excited to be booked as a survivor on The Walking Dead, that the initial details were a blur. Once I arrived to set and was told what would be happening for the day it did all start to sink in pertaining to my role in the episodes to come. Though my excitement never ceased, the reality of what needed to be done to get each shot was apparent. Working with such a professional group of people helped keep things on track and effective at knocking out shots. It was such a great experience!

MW: Have you only been on season 4?
JM: Yes, season four was my first time ever on set of The Walking Dead.

MW: Do you plan to still watch the show?
JM: Before my booking, I was a complete novice to the character and storyline of the show. Luckily, most of my friends and family are huge fans and they helped me along the way to answer my questions and character backgrounds. I am definitely more interested in the show having worked on it and plan to watch how season four unfolds.

MW: Would you come back in season 5 as another character or a walker if asked?
JM: Since my demise on the show, it would be great to come back in a future season as a full out walker!

MW: Who is your favorite character?
JM: I honestly can’t choose just one character to name my favorite. Each one brings out something vital to the success of the show and story.

MW: How can fans reach out to you?
JM: My fans can reach out to me in a number of ways! I have an active and growing IMDb page ( You can find me on Twitter @JilianMcLendon My YouTube channel (JilianEMcLendon) where I post update videos on my current and future projects, Behind-The-Scenes photos and more and they can also check out my website! (

MW: Do you plan to do conventions as a guest?
JM: Conventions are a completely new sub culture to me, but I am incredibly interested in attending- especially as a guest!!

MW: If you could do a convention which one would it be?
JM: After appearing in the Season 4 Comic Con trailer for The Walker Dead, I would have to choose that one. It seems like that would be a great venue to be apart of with a huge TWD following.

MW: Who is the coolest actor on The Walking Dead to work with?
JM: My experience with the cast of The Walking Dead was so incredible! My first day on set, I had a blast with Melissa Ponzio. She is one of the nicest women I have ever met and was extremely welcoming! My second day on set, I got to meet Normal Reedus which was awesome! He is a great, funny, down to earth guy that makes you feel right at home. I remember upon meeting him he kept commenting on my life-like neck wound.

MW: What else have you been in or are doing in the future?
JM: I mostly work on local indie feature films, shorts, PSAs and commercials. Some of the past projects I have worked on include DormtainmentTV’s “Relationship Screams” and WonderPony Productions’ film “The First”

One of my latest feature films (Love My County, 2014) is currently in post-production. I am also cast as April O’Neil in a live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Film starting Principle Photography in the coming months. Other than that, LA pilot season is in full force and I am consistently auditioning for another chance at the big screen!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
JM: First and foremost, I would love to say a huge “thank you” to Mike Wilkerson at blastzone Online for this amazing opportunity to share my on set experience in The Walking Dead! Of course I want to thank the talented Greg Nicotero for allowing me the chance of a lifetime to work one-on-one with him on his set. To all the cast and my fellow prison survivors/walker killers thank you for a great few unforgettable days! Thank you to all the special effects teams, cinematographers, stunt coordinators, hair, fx makeup, and wardrobe crews; we can’t do it without you! To all the walkers on the show, you guys are amazing and so talented!! And I have to give a gigantic “thank you” to my friends, family, and fans that have been supporting me all these years! Your faith in me has been the driving force to my success as an actor and I wouldn’t be where I am without you! May this be the start of an amazing journey to the big time!


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
SL-B: Ok…Well for starters I am an actress, singer-songwriter, comedienne, photographer, etc…and not necessarily in that order. It just depends on the project that I’m working on at any given moment.  These days, my name is Suze Lanier-Bramlett, but I was formerly known in most of my recognizable roles as Susan Lanier. I was married to the love of my life, rock legend, Delaney Bramlett (who passed in 2008),  and added his name to mine years ago. I know it confuses a lot of my fans, but hopefully they’ll adjust to the change and just go with it.

Delaney & Susan 2007 in My Photos by

MW: How did you get into the entertainment business?
SL-B: I started acting at thirteen years old. I landed a role in a Community Theater in Dallas playing Winnie, The Littlest Witch. I won “best actress” in the city park competition, and after that, I was hooked. I loved the entire theater process:  learning lines, rehearsing, creating a character and then of course, performing in front of a live audience. I still, to this day, prefer working live, even though I enjoy film and television, too.

MW: Tell me about being on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?
SL-B: Wow, nobody ever asks me about that one. Actually, recently at Long Beach Comic Con, a convention where I was signing, a fan came up and was excited about meeting “Miss Dazzle”, my character from that show. I couldn’t believe anyone would even remember that. I hardly do, myself. We shot that in the mid-70’s, and it was a kid’s show. Just before that, I had played a character named Bambi, John Travolta’s girlfriend on “Welcome Back, Kotter”.  Bambi was very spacey and the audience loved it.  You know, dumb blond and a little stoned on top of that. The producers of “Electra Woman & Dyna Girl” wanted that same spaciness to “Miss Dazzle”…I got a lot of work back then doing the “dumb blond” thing.

MW: How was it working with soap opera legend Deidre Hall?
SL-B: Deidre was very cool, very nice. I actually connected more to Judy Strangis, Dyna Girl.  She was so much fun to work with. It was a fun set for the most part. Except for one particular day. We had some scenes with a real tiger. Most of the time the tiger was very gentle and calm.   It was trained and pretty tame. But on this one day, the tiger began to  act a bit agitated, particularly when I would get close to it. No one told us in advance that if anyone was having “their time of the month” they couldn’t be near the tiger. Wouldn’t you know, it was “my time of the month”…They separated me from the tiger immediately. It was pretty scary.

MW: What was your favorite TV show to do?
SL-B: My favorite show was a variety show called, “Tony Orlando & Dawn & The Rainbow Hour” on CBS. It was patterned to some degree like “Laugh In”, and I was cast in the comedy troup to do sketches with Tony Orlando, Dawn and the many guest artists that were on the show from week to week. The comedy troop consisted of me, George Carlin, Edie McClurg, Nancy Steen and a few other comedy artists. It was very cool working with George Carlin. I got to do sketches with Freddie Prinz, Alice Cooper, Steve Lawrence & of course, Tony, himself.

MW: So you were the original Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company?
SL-B: I was the original Chrissy in the first aired pilot of the show.  Suzanne Somers was really the first “Chrissy” in the series. In the rehearsal process though, Chrissy, did not have a last name. “Snow” was my idea, and the producers went with it.

MW: How did that come about?
SL-B: There was actually another actress who had been cast with John Ritter & Joyce Dewitt, and after three or four days of rehearsal, I guess the powers that be decided to replace her. I remember that I had just gotten back into LA from filming “The Hills Have Eyes”, and my agent at the time called and told me to get over to ABC for a screen test for a pilot called “Three’s Company”. I was at the supermarket at the time that he called & they paged me to come to the phone.  (We didn’t have cell phones back then). He told me to leave the groceries and get over there immediately.  The screen test was with John & Joyce and went until about midnight. The next morning, my agent called. They had flown the tape to New York overnight, and I was on the set working the next morning.

MW: Why did you not become Chrissy Snow?
SL-B: You never know why something doesn’t work out.  About that same time, I had been offered a Broadway show which I really wanted to do. I really wasn’t all that disappointed about not playing Chrissy.  My first love will always be the theatre.

MW: Where can your episode be seen?
SL-B: Without my consent, they included my pilot in the DVD “Three’s Company” package. I had never even seen it until a few years ago.  Frankly, I never loved the show, even my version.

MW: I’d say you would have stayed longer than Suzanne Somers did?
SL-B: Who knows why an actor leaves a show? I’m sure Suzanne had her reasons, and her team probably advised her to leave. I don’t think it hurt her in anyway. The show was never the same without her, in my opinion. The “Chrissy” replacements were all pretty lame.

MW: Did you get to work with legend John Ritter?
SL-B: Oh of course, I did. John was very talented. He had great comedic timing. I am friends with his ex-wife, Nancy Morgan Ritter, and I love their children. Nancys family is very musical. Her brother, David, his wife, Alicia, as well as their kids, play in my band. John and Nancys daughter, Carly, is launching a wonderful music career of her own. I feel like I still have a small connection to John besides just working with him on “Three’s Company” through his family. And, of course, Jason Ritter, is enormously popular these days.

MW: Can you give me a story?
SL-B: I think I just did! I wasn’t work long enough on it to have a cool story.

MW: How did you get the part in The Hills Have Eyes 1977?
SL-B: I auditioned for it through the normal auditioning process; first with the casting director, then a meeting with Wes Craven. I read from the script; then we did a bit of improvisation. I think I remember meeting with Wes and the producer, Peter Locke twice before finally being cast as Brenda.

Hills Have Eyes, The

MW: What did you think of the script when you read it?
SL-B: I thought it was great, but I’ve always liked scary movies. My agent hated it though. He did NOT want me to do the movie. At the time, I had mostly done TV and live theatre…and was really wanting to do feature films. I was thrilled to be cast.

MW: Tell me about working with Wes Craven?
SL-B: Wes was great. “Hills” was only his 2nd film. I remember him being very sweet, soft-spoken, but very definite about what he wanted. I loved working with him.

MW: Give me a story from the set.
SL-B: Both Michael Berryman and I were feeling a bit shy about the rape scene which was filmed early on. I whispered to him, “when Wes calls action, let’s be making out, instead of you raping me.” We did, and everyone laughed and it really broke the ice for the rest of the shoot.
Michael, his wife, Patty and I are very very close friends. He stars in my music video and we’re going to be making more together very soon.

MW: You were also in The Hills Have Eyes II in 1984 tell me about playing Brenda for a second time?
SL-B: I’m listed in the cast. I never filmed Part II; they just used old footage of me from Part I.

MW: What made you come back to do part II?
SL-B: I didn’t return. The producer who was controlling the budget had tried to cheat the cast out of our “overtime” money. (We were already working for SAG minimum.) We had had to return to Victorville, CA, where we filmed the entire movie, to do some retakes, and that took them over-budget. My agent reported it to SAG and the production company was forced to pay us what they owed us before they were allowed to release the movie in theaters. That created a few hard feelings, I think.

MW: Did you think both movies would be as big today as they are?
SL-B: No. I thought it was just another horror movie. I’m delighted that Part I had such fabulous success.  It was even put into the Museum of Modern Art as a “terror classic”. I don’t think Part II made that much of a splash…the reviews weren’t great, but I never saw it.

MW: What did you think of the remakes?
SL-B: I hate to answer that question. It only sounds like sour grapes. I thought the remake was contrived and much too violent. The feasibility of it really happening was lacking. Compassion for the characters was totally missing. I liked Emilie DeRavin as Brenda, though. I thought she did a great job.

MW: Tell me about your new movie Cut!?
SL-B: OK…I’ve heard through the grapevine that it will be released soon. I adore the director, David Rountree and the other actor, writer, producer, David Banks. I play Susan Lanier, my character from “The Hills Have Eyes”…now grown (you know, mature) and have become a horror film director. My lead ingenue is Gabrielle Stone (Dee Wallaces real life daughter). I don’t know what will end up in the final version, but there are a few moments of my ‘real-life’ band (cabaret show) in the film, as well. That’s all I can say until I see a screening. One never knows what makes it in the final cut.

MW: What else are you doing?
SL-B: I just released my first music video on YouTube. Suze Lanier-Bramlett, “What What You Ask For”. I wrote the song with another musician, Ron Finn. It stars myself, Michael Berryman and Brooke Lewis…all of us known in “horror”. I directed it with my friend, Christophe McWhorter who did the photography. I call it a horror-comedy. It’s fun and has a definite message.

I recently released a CD, “Swamp Cabaret” in 2011, and I’m now working on my next one. So I spend tons of time writing music and recording it. I love to write music, and have started on a film script of my own.

I’m penned to do two new films to be shot in 2013; a martial arts film, and another horror movie with the working title, “G.O.T.H.” playing a shrink from Eastern Europe. We start filming this coming Saturday. I love to do accents…so that should be really fun to shoot.

MW: What conventions will you be signing at this year?
SL-B: Most definitely Cinema Wasteland in October. It’s a “Hills Have Eyes” revival and one in 2014 called Twisted Terror which will be held in Sacramento in early 2014.

I’m new to the convention scene. I love meeting the fans, but I still have issues with “selling” pictures of myself. I feel honored when someone wants a photograph or autograph. That’s enough reward for me; to sell them seems weird. But that’s why actors are guesting at the conventions, I guess, to meet fans and to make money. My first convention was last year, and I was signing and giving photos away. The other actors were not at all happy with me. Times are hard enough these days…with the economy still weak. People are struggling, and I feel if they want my autograph, I’m honored to give it to them.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
SL-B: I feel I have been very blessed. Not everyone who starts out in this very very difficult business can become Meryl Streep or Robert De Niro. To still be working and doing what I love to do is such a gift. I knew when I was 13 exactly what I wanted to do with my life, and all the successes and failures are just part of my journey. I have grown from them all. Talent, training and hard work are all necessary to have success in this business. So is luck and having wonderful friends. I thank God for my journey, so far, and whatever lies before me.

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AP: Hi! I’m Ashley Palmer, originally from the Midwest (Chicago and Cincinnati suburbs) and then lived in New York City doing theatre for a few years. Now I live in Los Angeles, working primarily in TV & Film and finishing a book.

MW: How and why did you get into the entertainment industry?
AP: I had the lead in my first play when I was 5 years old and absolutely loved it. From then on I did everything I could to perform, from school and church plays, choir concerts, dance recitals, modeling, and took lots of classes. When I was 16 I did my first professional play, and I went to college for musical theatre where I was cast in my first film. I’ve been plugging away at it for a long time! My goal was always just to make a living doing what I love, which I think is the only way to tolerate the ups and downs of the industry. I’ve never been after fame, only the joy that acting brings.

MW: What has been your favorite TV show to do?
AP: That’s hard to answer, I love the show I’ve been most recently working on but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet! One of my favorite experiences was working on the show Love Bites with Greg Grunberg because he is hilarious and I adored our director, Timothy Busfield, it was a shame that the show didn’t last. I also really enjoyed working with Bradley Cooper in Kitchen Confidential, for obvious reasons. Probably favorite audition of all time was for Matthew Gray Gubler on Criminal Minds, he is not only a great director but as an actor he understands so well what we are going through and you really feel him rooting for you.

MW: How did you get the role of Diane in Paranormal Activity?
AP: I saw the audition breakdown on a popular website called LA Casting, though they didn’t have a title or even character names yet, and submitted my picture and resume. They were looking for actors who could improvise for a horror film and it was right up my alley because I had always wanted to do a horror film and I was obsessed with improv, having done classes and shows at Upright Citizens Brigade. I initially auditioned for the role that ended up being called Katie and had a great callback too, so when he cast someone else in the main role Oren Peli, the creator, wrote another little part for me.

MW: Did you think the movie would have been as big as it is?
AP: Absolutely not! We thought it was very good but it was such a tiny movie with next to no budget, so we just hoped that it would get accepted into Sundance (it didn’t) and that some people would see it. There was no precedence for how huge it got, so even dreamers like us couldn’t have imagined it could become the #1 movie in the country or the most profitable film in history, both of which happened at one point. The film was around for quite a while before it was released so we saw it going to festivals and having screenings and it gradually changed, my role used to be bigger, there were a few characters that got cut altogether, and of course there were several reshoots and new endings. The hype kept building and building and the versions kept improving but there was still no way to know just how well it would be received, it was a wonderful surprise.

MW: Do you have a lot of fans of the movie reach out to you?
AP: I do, it’s awesome. Horror fans are amazing, so loyal, dedicated and enthusiastic. I have gone to a few conventions and it’s such a thrill to meet the people that made this movie a hit, because so much of our success came from the fans demanding that it play in their town and spreading the word.

MW: What do you remember about doing Paranormal Activity?
AP: Probably the most memorable part of shooting for me was actually how gross it was. We were doing these gory effects on no budget so our makeup artist had to be very creative. For the exorcism scene I ended up covered with cinnamon flavored fake blood, my shirt was smeared with tomato sauce and chicken skin was glued all over my arm. These are not exactly complementary scents, I was sticky and smelly but it was fun- filmmaking isn’t always glamorous!

MW: What did you do in Water For Elephants?
AP: I played a dancer in the speakeasy scene of Water For Elephants.

MW: So give me a story from the set?
AP: I have always wanted to do a movie musical but this one scene is as close as I’ve gotten thus far. Doing choreography on a film set was an absolute blast, and I completely loved the amazing 1930s costumes! I have so much respect for the performers in dance movies now. We only had a few 15-hour days foxtrotting in dance shoes, and it was exhausting, but I hope to do a film with many more musical numbers in the future.

MW: What can we expect from you the rest of the year?
AP: I have a supporting role in the indie film A Strange Brand of Happy coming out on September 13th and will be shooting a short and a feature film this summer. I’m also completing my book and occasionally guest co-hosting at Combat Radio.

MW: What conventions will you be signing at this year?
AP: I plan to be at Comic Con for the 3rd time this year but everything else is up in the air (dependant on my filming schedule), so definitely come see me there!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AP: Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me! Find out what I’m up to next at and follow me at

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
RS: Hi, my name is Robin Shelby. I’m an actor who is probably best known for playing “Slimer” in Ghostbusters 2.

MW: How did you get into the movie business?
RS: I started doing children’s theatre when I was eleven in the San Francisco Bay Area and was bitten by the acting bug right away. After getting into SAG (the actors union) through doing commercials in the bay area, I decided to move to Los Angeles after an agent was interested in representing me. I have been a very lucky actor, and feel so very grateful for every opportunity I continue to be given. I realize how very fortunate I am, and never want to take the work for granted.

MW: What did you do on the movie Willow?
RS: I was the troll that was at the top of a bridge with Willow that gets torn in two by a very nasty looking two-headed creature. That was my first time working with Industrial Light and Magic. The two days I shot that, I had the stomach flu and was in a hot costume and swinging off a bar into a mat. Somehow, I was able to get the shot they needed and get through it. *whew!*

MW: Tell me about being Slimer on Ghostbusters II?
RS: I wanted to do the best job possible, and not put too much pressure on myself knowing this is such a loved character from the first film. They had made some changes to the look of the character, and I’d like to think he was just a little more friendly and lovable in GB2. That being said, I tried to keep an open mind while we were shooting, and simply listen to what they needed from me for each new scene…and not think about what I had known from the first film.

MW: How did you get the job as Slimer?
RS: It’s because of the film “Willow”, that I was called in to audition for “Slimer”. When they had lost the actor originally scheduled to play Slimer because of scheduling conflicts, they had remembered me from Willow and decided to call me in.

MW: Would you reprise the role of Slimer in Ghostbusters III if asked?
RS: I don’t think I could ever turn it down if it works out and I’m asked. I’m pretty protective of the green spud and would be excited to bring that character back to life.

MW: Tell me about acting with the flowing:
Bill Murray?
Dan Aykroyd?
Sigourney Weaver?
Harold Ramis?
Rick Moranis?
Ernie Hudson?

RS: The funny part about shooting in front of a blue screen is I didn’t have to actually meet any of the cast members. I shot everything alone in front of a blue screen, and my footage was added to the scenes already shot in a different location. I just got lucky, and got to meet Bill while I was shooting. I met Ernie for the first time in early 2011 at an art exhibit where some Ghostbusters art was being displayed. Then in November of 2011 Ernie, William Atherton [Walter Peck], Slavitza Jovan [Gozer] and I did the HorrorHound convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. We all exchanged information there and keep in touch. I am truly in awe of the talents of each one of them.

MW: Who did you play in Beverly Hills Cop III?
RS: I played “Floyd Fox” in the fictional theme park “Wonderworld”. Later in the film my character is re-named “Axel Fox” in honor of Eddie Murphy’s character, Axel Foley.

MW: Did you get to work with Eddie Murphy at all?
RS: I did, actually. His character Axel interrupts the “show” that we are doing at the theme park. He was also there the day we shot the ending of the film…where “Floyd Fox” becomes “Axel Fox”. Way back from SNL…I’ve always thought he was such a brilliant comedian and actor.

MW: What has been your favorite TV show to do?
RS: I loved getting to throw attitude to Cybill Shepherd in an episode of “Cybill”, and getting “married” by Pamela Reed in an episode of “The Home Court”. Both were equally fun.

MW: What has been your favorite short to do?
RS: I’m so proud of the short “Lucidity” that my husband wrote and we both produced. It’s one of those projects for me as an actor and producer that I thought was going to be a huge challenge and it was…and turned out great. I think when you feel that maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you find out you CAN do it…that’s where you learn and grow the most.

MW: Tell me about the web series Far From The Tree?
RS: The premise of our web series is about a daughter whose dysfunctional Mom moves in with her and her ‘never-seen, never-heard’ husband and what happens within their own tiny world. It truly isn’t my family, but kind of SUPER exaggerated elements from different people and family members I know. What inspired me was simply keeping creative. I had the idea for the premise of the show, and my husband (who is a brilliant actor and writer) took the idea and started writing some individual scripts after I came up with a basic treatment for the series. It’s been a true team effort, and we’re proud of everyone who has been a part of it.

MW: Where can the web series be seen?
RS: You can check it out at The episodes are short, and I’d like to think you will get a chuckle out of them.

MW: What conventions will you be signing at?
RS: The next convention I will be at will be the Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham, Alabama at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center. If you happen to be in the area May 24th – 26th, come say hello and meet some amazing people while you’re there!!!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
RS:Thanks to all the fans that support what I do, and are so amazing to me. Did I mention I was a lucky girl? Also, thanks so much to you, Mike.

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
SE: Hi – I am Stephanie Erb – nice to meet you!

MW: How did you get into acting?
SE: I think I first “caught” the acting bug when I was 8 years old. I was flipping around the considerably fewer channels one had to choose from, and ended up on PBS. Laurence Olivier’s HAMLET was on and I was transfixed. Although at times the language was not familiar, I understood everything Olivier was going through and was mesmerized. I thought “I want to do that!!” Although I pursued degrees to be a doctor, I changed my mind in college and decided I should pursue my real dream. I did not want to have dropped that pursuit due to FEAR. I had always been told I should be a doctor or lawyer (I was a smart girl) but deep down, the acting thing made me the happiest.

MW: Your first movie role was in Fearless please tell me about it?
SE: FEAR seems to be a theme here! I was lucky enough to be chosen out of obscurity by Peter Weir to play Lisa, the beleaguered and young flight attendant in the movie FEARLESS with Jeff Bridges. I had never auditioned for a movie before and was truly worried I would be speechless and clumsy, especially when meeting Mr. Weir (a longtime hero) himself. I managed to audition for three very different parts and somehow interested Mr Weir. Back then, writing letters to directors seemed to have an effect, and I did just that, without thinking my letter would be thrown away or disregarded. I truly never expected to get cast though, and the experience was amazing.

On the set of FEARLESS, the actors were all so supportive – -especially Mr. Bridges, Mr. Turturro, and many of my fellow passengers (some of whom have gone on to stellar careers, like Rondi Reed). I remember Mr. Bridges being the kindest of souls. I fell on him a couple of times during “turbulence” and he would always check to make sure that I was ok. And in the HUGE shots with smoke, mud, water, stuntmen and chaos, I do remember a background actor got something in his eye, and Jeff stopped the shoot to make sure he was alright. It is that kind of humanity I experienced on the movie, and I will never forget it. Certainly, it trickled from the top down, as Mr. Weir is a gem – both an artist and a humanitarian.

MW: What was your favorite TV series to have a guest role on?
SE: Ah, it is hard to pick! I was very excited to be on STAR TREK, having been a Trekkie since I was a kid. Had fun with my friend Jon Cryer on 2.5 MEN. Loved my wacky character on WEEDS. Most of the time, I try to love SOMETHING about each role I play. If the cast and crew are great, then that is icing on the cake. TRUE BLOOD has a great crew, a great creator, and lots of fake blood — not to mention delicious catering!

MW: Tell me about being in Starship Troopers?
SE: My role was of a young teacher urging her students to HATE BUGS, since bugs were the evil aliens that were threatening the world of the film. Mostly I remember that they had fake bugs, mixed in with real ones, and we were to only squish the fake ones. NOT AN EASY FEAT. And speaking of feet, my shoes had to be scraped off a time or two. Ew.

MW: What do remember most about being in Lucky Numbers?
SE: I immediately liked Nora Ephron, for one thing. She seemed really down to earth. The other thing was that Maria Bamford was added into some scenes and was allowed to riff on anything she wanted to and was hilarious. She has since gone on to be quite a voiceover artist and standup, I do believe.

MW: You were in The Ring did the movie freak you out when you read the script?
SE: I am not freaked out by many scripts when I read them. GAME OF THRONES novels started to freak me out, when I got to the fourth one and realized beheadings were starting to show up in my dreams. Mostly, I just liked my geeky tech character in the script and was so grateful to have booked it.

MW: How was it being a part of The Ring?
SE: Gore Verbinski is a smart and funny man. Heck, I would love to work with him again. He let me mess around with the scenes with Naomi and give them a bit of a lesbian twist, although the alternate version did not make it into the film. I loved that they made me look so very nerdy and grungy. One of my favorite “looks” in a role!

MW: Give me a story from Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny?
SE: Haha. I smile even thinking about that shoot. The fun part was getting to work AND hear Jack and Kyle play and improv day after day. Plus, I knew a bunch of the bar attendees, because we had all known each other from a theatre group called the Actor’s Gang in LA. I had been a Tenacious D fan from their earliest of days, so it was amazing to participate. I still listen to that soundtrack to this day and smile some more.

MW: How did you get the part of Luellen on True Blood?
SE: I had worked with Alan Ball on SIX FEET UNDER (a pretty funny episode!) and let him know I wanted to be on TRUE BLOOD. When I had contacted him, I had no idea they had to cast a coven of witches soon thereafter. That was lucky timing!

MW: What do you remember most about being Luellen?
SE: Since the witches were more of a “group” than extremely delineated individuals, we got to hang a lot with our fellow witches. I am friends with some of them to this day. As I said above, the people and the food were fabulous! A special shout out to Audrey Fisher in wardrobe – an amazing artiste!

MW: Do you have a lot of True Blood fans that reach out to you?
SE: I think the TB fans are great. At the premiere, I loved talking to them on the red carpet and I love when I get fan mail from them. I do think TB increased my fan base considerably (that and STAR TREK), and I have found them to be ardent and appreciative folks. My character didn’t die a horrible death, so maybe LUELLEN could come back to poorly concoct a spell someday!

MW: Would you want to a TV show like The Walking Dead?

SE: I would absolutely love it. I think my future career is in being a badass in some way.

MW: What do you have going on in the future?
SE: Right now, I am shooting a film called MISCHIEF NIGHT, followed by one called DO NOT DUPLICATE, and then another called THE LADY KILLERS. Who knows where they will lead – I just hope they are all good stuff! Also, many theatre possibilities in the future…

MW: What conventions will you be signing at in 2013?
SE: I am not sure yet. I do know I will be hosting an event in honor of THE CARES FOUNDATION on May 4th, and I will be in Alaska for a fashion event in June with Rick Mora.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
SE: I love the fans, I love the work, and hope the people keep watching! Thanks so much, Mike.