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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TM: Hey!! I’m Trevor McNevan, the Vocalist/Guitarist & Songwriter for TFK.   Nice to meet you!

MW: Tell me about your first time on stage?

TM: My very first time on stage, I was 8 years old, and sang at my Aunt’s wedding.  I wore a tiny brown suit and have no idea what I sang. That suit would’ve actually been cool in 2016 though!

MW: Tell me how you got the name Teerawk?

TM: I’ve always done a lot of songwriting for other artists & bands outside of my own (from pop, Rock, country, hip-hop, etc), and I called my first publishing “Teerawk Music Publishing.” I’m a big hip-hop kid at heart.  Very few people actually call me that btw, but I do get “Tee” a lot.

MW: How have you kept Thousand Foot Krutch together for over 20 years?

TM: Hahaha, that’s a great question! Let me know if you figure it out! I started this band at the end of high school in ’96, and in the beginning, we went through a few member changes, but Joel & Steve have been with me a LONG time.  To answer your question, this is what I feel called to do, it’s one of the reasons I’m here, and the guys feel the same. We have always been, and will always be music fans first and foremost, and have never bought into it being “all about us.”  This has always been about chasing a great song, being inspired, and hopefully inspiring others, not only with music, but with hope to see positive change in the world we live in.  We feel extremely blessed to do what we do, we always have, and always will.  We thank God every day for what He’s blessed us with.

MW: In that time did you ever say I am tired of this?

TM: Haha, man.  If anyone’s done this a long time and says they “haven’t” said that before, they’re lying. Truth is, outside of everything you see & hear from us as artists, there are thousands and thousands of miles of travel, and of course a lot of blood, sweat & tears, just like anything.  The older you get, especially with families, the travel gets hard, there’s no question.  But as crazy as it gets at times, and much as there are times you want to turn back, it’s all part of it, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.  We love what we do, and it’s the love & support from everyone out there that gets us through the hard times.  We couldn’t do it without you guys!  Our faith is also a big part of drawing on that strength when you need it.

MW: In your 20 + years as Thousand Foot Krutch what has been your favorite release to do and why?

TM: Album release?  Man, we have so many now! Haha.  That’s a tough one, because obviously, each album has meant a lot to us, and is a part of our journey growing together as a band, and growing together with our listeners. I think “EXHALE” is our best record to date. To be just coming off of a new record, and feeling like you’re just getting started, after all this time, is invigorating.  We continually try to push each other every album, so that we continue growing as a band and as musicians. Can’t wait to share this new music with you!

MW: How does “Oxygen/Inhale” & “Exhale” go together?

TM:The vision for these two albums from day one, has always been a two part story.  Every album we’ve ever made has showcased an aggressive and lighter side to this band.  We love both ends of the spectrum, and are proud to be embracing both.  The vision behind “INHALE” & “EXHALE”, was to give us a chance to dive deeper creatively into both sides.  “INHALE” was a chance to explore the lighter side more than we ever have before, and “EXHALE” is our chance to do the same with the more aggressive side. A lot of people didn’t understand that, and thought we went “soft” haha, when that was always the plan from the beginning, and we tried our best to relay that.  But you can’t control what people perceive or what conclusions they draw.  We love the “INHALE” record, and are extremely proud of it.  It’s an important album.

MW: After releasing Exhale in May what are the plans for Thousand Foot Krutch?

TM: We are full tilt, from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & Columbia, to everywhere in North America hitting a ton of shows and festivals now throughout the summer, and have exciting tour plans in the works!  Also, a new video coming soon!

MW: Are you planning a tour with Thousand Foot Krutch?

TM:Yes, there will A LOT of touring ahead!!  Can’t wait to see you guys out there!  #TFKARMY

MW: Has Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static ever toured together? If not will that ever happen?

TM: Yes!  It was a long time ago now, but at one point, we did over a 100 shows together!  FM would always play earlier, and we had to make sure we had one band in between us and TFK, so we had time to switch everything over!  It was insanity, but a good time.

MW: How can a Thousand Foot Krutch fan reach out to you or the band to say HI or purchase something?

TM:  Check out, or we have a free app in the app store, both link to all of our socials!  Come and say hey!

MW: What advice would you give a young musician looking to break out?

TM: I’d say if that’s what you feel you were born to do, then “what’s stopping you?”  When we all started, that’s the only ammunition we had or needed.  It’s up to you to fight for it, practice non-stop, and make music that inspires others like it inspires you. Music doesn’t owe you anything, if you feel called to do this, then do it, but don’t expect it to happen overnight.  Good things take time, and require a lot of discipline & determination.  You’ll hear a lot of “no’s” before you hear a “yes.”  So let it roll off your back, get up and keep walking.  Remember, at the end of the day, music speaks for itself, let someone else tell you you’re good at what you do, or that that’s a great song.  Appreciate everything along the way, it takes a village, so love people the way you’d want to be loved and appreciated.  If you stick with it, the rest will take care of itself.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TM: From myself and the band, thx so much for all of your love and support!! We don’t take it lightly, and are so thankful for each and every one of you that believe in & support this band and this music.  We hope to see you all very soon!!  Cheers!





Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself

JD: Junkie Dildoz is an Italian Street Metal band formed by:
Tommy Blazer – Vocals
Phil Snakebite – Guitars & Back. Vocals
Brian “Heavy” Ancillotti – Drums
Eric Sandiego – Bass & Back. Vocals

MW: How long has Junkie Dildoz been together?

JD: After the split of our previous band Revel me (Tommy) and Phil we decided to go ahead and founded a new band with a more aggressive & wild look and sound, so in June 2008 Junkie Dildoz were born.

MW: How did the name Junkie Dildoz come about?

JD: (Tommy) I’m always been a great fan of Pretty Boy Floyd, so our monicker is a tribute to their greatest album Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz (the electric toy can be understood as a guitar but also a dildo, a sexy toy…) and the song Junkie Girl from the EP A Tale of Sex, Designer Drugs, and the Death of Rock N Roll

MW: Where is Junkie Dildoz from?

JD; Florence – Italy

MW: How is the scene in Florence?

JD: The town had a great New Wave scene in the ‘80s, even if the Rock scene has never really taken off we had great bands like Strana Officina (our drummer Brian is the son of singer Bud Ancillotti), Sabotage, Death SS ad Shabby Trick releasing great albums appreciated by critics all over the world. Current scene sees great bands like Jolly Rox, Runover, Story Of Jade or Noiseful Silence releasing CD’s and touring around Italy (some of them also touring Europe) but once again the lack of suitable labels or the lack of media prevent succeed at the highest levels.

MW: How many releases do you have?

JD: The first one was “Welcome To The Porn Nation” in 2009, the last one is “Fuck You We Rock” released in 2012, to be honest our first release was under the moniker Revel in 2008 titled “The 4 Freaky Songs E.P.” but this is another story…

MW: Tell me about each one?

JD: Welcome To The Porn Nation was reordered with a different line up and poor budget, the sound is really raw and my voice (Tommy) sounds maybe a little bit too dirty and “strained”, despite this during our concerts the kids always ask us several tracks taken from the disc like “Welcome To The Porn Nation”, “Woman Be My Mistress” or “Hard As Sex Hot As Rock”.
Fuck You We Rock contain less songs but well produced with a cool “Sleaze” sound, first reviews are really positive and we’ve received several requests from distant part of the world, maybe this time we will find a good label to work with.

MW: Do you have a new release coming out?

JD: We’re actually working on new songs for the next full album but we would like to release a 45rpm vinyl single which will include two new songs, we grew up listening to music on vinyl and we liked the idea of doing a tribute to this so fascinating musical support.

MW: Tell me about it?

JD: We have three new songs ready and we would like to re-record some of the songs from the previous CD’s, this time we would like to work more on aggressive guitars and anthemic chorus.

MW: What songs do you have videos for?

JD: We have an official video for the song “I’M A Gun” but we must replace the audio track because the guys from the studio used a demo version and not the official CD version…shit happen!!! We have also an official Video Bootleg shoot live at Hard Rock Cafe Firenze featuring the track “I’M A Gun” and “Woman Be My Mistress” a song taken from our first EP.
The new video footage sessions for the song “Fuck You We Rock” will start next spring 2013.

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?

JD: We LOVE to play live , everywhere, we don’t have a favorite place, what we really need is a stage, some beers and drinks for the after show party ;-P

MW: How would you categorize Junkie Dildoz sound and look?

JD: Our sound is could be described as Hard Power Sleaze Metal, our look is something in between a Post Punk who meets a Goth Rock N Roll Rebel…

MW: Who is Junkie Dildoz influenced from?

JD: We are four different persons with different tastes, basically we influenced from old school bands like Motley Crue, Vain, Shotgun Messiah, Pretty Boy Floyd and W.A.S.P. but we like also Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Wednsday 13, Murderdolls, Him, 69 Eyes…

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

JD: Please listen to new bands, buy real records and go to real live shows, Youtube and Torrent are free & easy but will kill music!!!
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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
G: Gustav here, bass guitar player in classic rock/ hardrock band Stallion Four from Sweden.

MW: How long has Stallion Four been together?
G: We say that we were formed in early 2008. It was then that the foundations of today’s set was formed.

MW: How did the name Stallion Four come about?
G: It was not me who came up with the name. It was a former member who came up with it and it has the horsepower to do.

Horsepower Rock n´roll machine!!!

MW: Where is Stallion Four from?
G: We come from a town in Sweden called Uppsala.

MW: How is the scene in Uppsala, Sweden?
G: Rock scene in Sweden is very good right now. Lots of both older bands and new bands that are both releasing records and touring in full swing and many rock / metal festivals around the country in various sizes. So I would say that it is very good. We are excited to be a part of it.

MW: How many releases do you have?
G: We have released a full-length album and a seven-inch single.

MW: Tell me about each one?
G: The single is released on the Swedish label “SMP records”, a small independent company
Our debut album “Rough times”, is released on the label “Pure rock records” that we are signed on. We are really pleased to be signed on “Pure Rock Records”, very good company to work with.

MW: Do you have a new release coming out?
G: “Rough times” was released in late July 2012, so it is newly released. But we are currently in the midst of writing songs for the next album. So far, the new material sounds fantastic. It will be very exciting to record the next album, which will also be released on “Pure Rock Records”

MW: What songs do you have videos for?
G: We have just recorded a video for one of the songs on the album called “Madness”.
Here you can check out the video
But if all goes as planned, we will record a new video for another song on the album in early January 2013

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?
G: There, I do not think we’ve played yet. Think it will prove in the future where it is best to play live!

MW: How would you categorize Stallion Four sound and look?
G: I would say that both music and style wise it’s about hard rock, classic rock or hard Rock N’ Roll. Simple but true. You usually hear about both the music and the people is genuine and real.

MW: Who is Stallion Four influenced from?
G: We are influenced by so many bands and musicians. We all have different role models in the band that we are most influenced by. But some bands we usually mention when it comes to influences are AC / DC, Guns N’ Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motörhead, Rose Tattoo and The Four Horsemen.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
G: Will like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and keep up to date on Stallion Four in 2013.
This is just the beginning ….

You can vote on the Sweden Rock site:


Interview one By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

WK: Wild Kitten is a hard rock band based in Greece.

The band’s ultimate goal was and is the preservation of the magical 80s wrapped in a more modern sound. In more plain terms the preservation of the music that we grew up with, shared our experiences, our romances, our failures with? It was a one way street for us when it came down to the kind of music we’d choose to play!

MW: How long has Wild Kitten been together?

W: Wild Kitten was created in January 2008 out of love towards the hard rock – hair metal genre by the lead singer Eliz and the guitar player Nikki Love.

MW: How did the name Wild Kitten come about?

WK: Out of pure luck!! The original name was to be “White Pearls”!… Telling that name to a friend of ours he overheard the name “Wild Kitten” and he liked it!!! And then we decided to keep the name our friend heard by mistake!!!
MW: Where is Wild Kitten from?

WK: Wild Kitten is based in Larisa, Greece.
MW: How is the scene in Larisa, Greece?

WK: It used to be a lot better… Now, with all the political and economic turbulences we are facing the past few years, all that has affected music in Greece as well. It’s very difficult to organize a tour or the basic live shows, even within Greece, not to mention produce an album… But difficulties, especially in heavy metal and hard rock scene, were always a big issue here in Greece, so we are used to it! If you love something very much you won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of that.

You see, the road to success has always been long and difficult. But if you’re passionate enough and you don’t give up in front of difficulties then we believe everything is possible. Success for us is to make sure people are having fun in our live shows with our songs as well as our covers. From that point of view, then we’re already successful!

MW: How many releases do you have?

WK: One release so far, our first self-titled album “Wild Kitten”.

MW: Tell me about it?

WK: The first album was a big unexpected hit! We sold out our every copy through Facebook and in our live shows. Then, through our supporter and promoter “BEROCK RADIO AND MINIZINE” came our record deal with Italian DEFOX RECORDS for the digital distribution of our first album for 10 years in all the worldwide digital megastores (available by the end of December, early January). It was a very nice surprise for us, all of this commotion right from the first album!

MW: Do you have a new release coming out?

WK: Yes, as a matter of fact we are producing our second album as we speak.

MW: Tell me about it?

WK: It’s going to be a lot more mature and a lot more… uplifting!! It will also have a cover, following the steps of the cover “In the Heat of the Night” by Sandra which we made in our first album, and which proved to be a great hit, not only abroad but here in Greece as well, becoming a huge radio hit! At the moment we cannot reveal what the cover will be for the second album but we can promise it’s going to be a huge surprise as well!

We should also mention that before the release of the second album, we will release a single called “Scream”, and it’s the only song influenced by the whole situation that’s been taking place here in Greece in the past few years. The single will also be included in the second full-length album.

MW: What songs do you have videos for?

WK: There is only one video clip up till now, in the song “F.U.C.K.” There are plans for upcoming videos for the new songs.

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?

WK: Talking about Greece, the two biggest cities Athens and Thessaloniki are always our favorite places to play live because the audience is by far a lot more than in other cities, especially audiences that love hard rock.

Favorite place of all time: Los Angeles, California! We’d very much like to pursue some live shows over there and it’s really not that difficult, all you need is a kick-ass manager which we are constantly looking for!
MW: How would you categorize Wild Kitten sound and look?

WK: Pure hard rock with a touch of glam!! Reaping riffs but with the necessary amount of melodic tones! Full of energy and passion on stage!
MW: Who is Horseman Wild Kitten influenced from?

WK: Our music influences were and are so many…Lita Ford, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, L.A. Guns and even more disco or pop-rock from the 80s such as Tina Turner or Sandra from which we made our cover “In the Heat of the Night”! The influences are truly so many and thank God for that!
MW: What would you like to say in closing?

WK: Thank you for the hospitality!

Drop by and take a glance of what Wild Kitten are all about in our page on Facebook:

Keep on rocking and we’ll be right here rocking with you!!!



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TT: Timm Tantrum Snake City Playboys/Psycho Gypsy

MW: How long has Psycho Gypsy and Snake City Playboys been together?

TT: Well Psycho Gypsy has been around since 1994 or so. Snake City Playboys I formed in 2010

MW: How did the name Snake City Playboys come about?

TT: The name refers to our hometown which is located in the desert. “Snake City” is a metaphor for both the literal local wildlife and the people you find in the city “Snakes” if you will. People
you can’t really trust. Larger towns are full of “Snakes”

MW: Where is Snake City Playboys from?

TT: Phoenix Az

MW: How is the scene in Phoenix AZ?

TT: There’s a lot of talent here. It’s not like Austin or Nashville by any means but definitely has the potential to be if it were more organized. So many great musicians here.

MW: How many releases do you have?

TT: I personally have a few although Snake City is working on its first

MW: Tell me about each one?

TT: My first was with Psycho Gypsy back in 1999 self titled with 10 songs. It was re released back in 2008 on Amazon and iTunes. I’ve also done some solo things. I recorded bass for 2 tracks on an album called “Dark Pandemonium” for Rotting Flesh Radio. Jerry Vayne from the band Foxy Roxx who’s an old friend of mine played guitar on those tracks. That led to a collaboration of two more tracks with Vayne. A Halloween track called Headless Man which is a heavy metal re make of the Bing Crosby track from Disney’s “Sleepy Hollow” and a metal version of the Christmas classic “From All Of Us” All of these tracks can be found for download at The Snake City Playboys album will be my second release with a band however.

MW: When is the new release coming out?

TT: Sometime early 2013.
MW: Tell me about it?

TT: It’s an EP with 6 tracks. It’s being co produced by Darrin Richards of Chemicals Of Democracy. The songs are called
Tears Blood Sacrifice
Thin Ice
Live It Up
Rock N Roll Is Good Medicine

MW: What songs do you have videos for?

TT: We have one video already on Youtube which has thousands of hits already for Rock N Roll Is Good Medicine. We will have a second video coming out next year but we are keeping the details of that one a secret

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?

TT: I’ve played several places across the country but thus far the clubs in LA have it down. I’m torn between The KeyClub and The Whiskey

MW: How would you categorize Snake City Playboys sound and look?

TT: That’s easy LOUD SLEAZY ROCK N ROLL. As far as image somewhere between The Stones and Motley Crue

MW: Who is Snake City Playboys influenced from?

TT: Man we listen to everything. You never know where an inspiration is gonna come from. rock, old country, metal, modern, classic. Good tunes is good tunes. Our Bass player Jay Sin is the grandson of Country legend Jimmy Wakely. My son plays guitar for us and he has more modern influences like Black Veil Brides, Cradle Of Filth and Avenged Sevenfold stuff like that. Our drummer is a full on Led Zeppelin freak. Then there’s me with my Psycho Gypsy glam rock background so we’re all over the place

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TT: Real rock is still out there. Sure bands like Crue and Kiss still go on tour and play the same tunes they’ve played for 30 years but there are plenty of new bands in the rock genre with new music to check out. WE ARE DEFINITELY ONE TO BE RECKONED WITH \m/ KEEP IT LOUD!!!!!!!/snakecityplayboys


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

V: Hey, I’m Voya, but also the lead guitarist of Sydney hard rock band Rattlesnake.

MW: How long has Rattlesnake been together?

V: We’ve been together for about 2 years now and man have they gone quick.

MW: How did the name Rattlesnake come about?

V: There was a local band a while before we formed and I always dug the name, always thought I wish I could call my band Rattlesnake, so they broke up and I saw no harm in using the name.

MW: Where is Rattlesnake from?

V: We’re based in Sydney, Australia

MW: How is the scene in Sydney, Australia?

V: it’s a very happening place at the moment for the rock and metal, heaps of great bands and lots of people wanting to be in that scene, I can only see it growing faster and faster.

MW: How many releases do you have?

V: We have an EP we released a few years ago and a Promo single.

MW: Tell me about each one?

V: The EP only had 200 copies and they’re gone (thankfully), but the promo single is circulating around getting people familiar with our sound in anticipation for a new CD coming soon with more tracks.

You can download our promo at

MW: Do you have a new release coming out?

V: Early next there will be a new one.

MW: Tell me about it?

V: It’s gonna have song’s we’ve written recently and some earlier ones re-recorded.

MW: What songs do you have videos for?

V: That’s just one all you guys will have to wait and see. Keep a look out on

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?

V: My favorite shows have been the ones where we’ve gone in with no expectations and they turn out to be absolutely killer.

MW: How would you categorize Rattlesnake sound and look?

V: I personally feel like we sound and look like a classic hard rock band mixed with modern elements in a unique twist, but many have told us our sound and look is unintentionally seductive.

MW: Who is Rattlesnake influenced from?

V: We’re influenced by way too many, if we had to give a general list now it would probably be Guns N’ Roses, Audioslave, Bon Jovi, Alter Bridge, Deep Purple, along those lines but also Aussie bands like Electric Mary, My Secret Circus, Sunset Riot.

M: What would you like to say in closing?

V: Watch out for new wave in talented local Aussie rock, and get ready for a lot of new releases from Rattlesnake. Thanks Mike!


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
W: How’s it going Mike?! Brothers Danny Doll (bass) and Chad Michael (Lead vocals/rhythm guitar) are here along with JP Clubs (drums) and Scotty V (lead guitar).

MW: How long has Wicked been together?
W: WICKED has been together for about one year to date. January 2012, Chad and Danny’s “WICKED” was brought to life after years of formulation in what is a direct public out-cry to what we believe in, thanks to fellow band mates and our management team “Larger-than-Life Productions.” With only one year under our belt we are accomplishing more than a typical band could dream of and our brotherhood and sense of family has become an unstoppable force!

MW: How did the name Wicked come about?
W: The name “WICKED” was something that truly described what we are all about! As a commonly used adjective, “WICKED” is who we are not only musically, but as people, and in everything we do! It comes from our outspoken, never-back-down, outrageous personalities…and maybe it’s one of the few one word Rock names left!

MW: Where is Wicked from?
W: WICKED is a group of Rock ‘N Roll vagabonds with no anchor to any certain area… So you may find us roaming the alleyways of New York City…but we are all originally from Utica, NY except for Scotty V who we found in Geneva, NY.

MW: How is the scene in New York City, NY?
W: If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s the perfect place for a bunch of glam rockers to crawl out of the underground and start making a noise! Utica is full of wise-old rockers from the 70s and 80s who really appreciate our unwillingness to accept modern music and its lack of passion and style. But when we spend our time in our other home NYC, the scene is just explosive! Lead by Rock N Roll Sleaze promoter Samuel Valentine…where you can catch a WICKED show and be sure to see long haired sleazy rockers raising their fists and beautiful girls dancing on the bar…as if it were circa 1981!

MW: How many releases do you have?
W: At this point we have no releases and it’s not because we don’t have albums worth of songs…or hours and hours of studio time…or even the relentless training, direction, and support of our management team, but instead it’s because we have a plan! Unlike others who go in guns blazing…we’re preparing to come to the fight with the very best weapon!
…you’ll see what I mean soon!

MW: Do you have a new release coming out?
W: Again no new release or release dates have been publicized, but you can stay informed and up-to-date on our page

MW: What songs do you have videos for?
W: We do however have a live video of our song “Trashed Youth” live at the Uptown Theatre! It is an early example of what we aim to do…and that’s to bring you a real live show! Full of all the elements that made Rock ‘N Roll so entertaining in the 70s and 80s!

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?
W: “Well I know what Chad is thinking” – Danny Doll. Webster Hall (the old RITZ) in NYC has been one of our favorite places! How could it not be?! The shows we played there, all of them were packed with the hottest guys and girls who couldn’t wait to sign along, pour some vodka down each other’s throats, and take every last piece of clothing off! Rock N Roll is truly thriving in New York City and the scene is exploding out of the gutters once again!

MW: How would you categorize Wicked sound and look?
W: UNMATCHABLE! Motley Crue (shout at the devil) and KISS thought they had it going on…Well we just took it to the next level! Come to see WICKED and you’ll hear that classic 70s / 80s style of straight Rock ‘N Roll (think early KISS) that has been lost for far too long! You’ll also see blonde hair to the sky, decked out in custom made studded leather outfits, topped off with platform heels… all made by our manager “The Leather Architect.” Oh and don’t forget to catch Chad and Danny’s ripped bodies!

MW: Who is Wicked influenced from?
W: WICKED is the answer to Larger than Life Rock N Roll with the seductive glamour / sleaze stardust of Ziggy, the bombastic attitude of KISS, and the gutsy machismo of the Starz! Our influences come from bands like these and others like Mott the Hopple, Thin Lizzy, The Stooges, and the New York Dolls!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
W: WICKED would like to thank Mike at Blastzone Online and remind you to spread the word about Rock N Roll! This scene is building and it can use your help! Tell your friends and follow WICKED at our different sites for news, shows, pictures, videos, and much more!