Band Of The Day – Psycho Gypsy/Snake City Playboys – Phoenix, AZ

Posted: 12/14/2012 in Band Of The Day, Music



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TT: Timm Tantrum Snake City Playboys/Psycho Gypsy

MW: How long has Psycho Gypsy and Snake City Playboys been together?

TT: Well Psycho Gypsy has been around since 1994 or so. Snake City Playboys I formed in 2010

MW: How did the name Snake City Playboys come about?

TT: The name refers to our hometown which is located in the desert. “Snake City” is a metaphor for both the literal local wildlife and the people you find in the city “Snakes” if you will. People
you can’t really trust. Larger towns are full of “Snakes”

MW: Where is Snake City Playboys from?

TT: Phoenix Az

MW: How is the scene in Phoenix AZ?

TT: There’s a lot of talent here. It’s not like Austin or Nashville by any means but definitely has the potential to be if it were more organized. So many great musicians here.

MW: How many releases do you have?

TT: I personally have a few although Snake City is working on its first

MW: Tell me about each one?

TT: My first was with Psycho Gypsy back in 1999 self titled with 10 songs. It was re released back in 2008 on Amazon and iTunes. I’ve also done some solo things. I recorded bass for 2 tracks on an album called “Dark Pandemonium” for Rotting Flesh Radio. Jerry Vayne from the band Foxy Roxx who’s an old friend of mine played guitar on those tracks. That led to a collaboration of two more tracks with Vayne. A Halloween track called Headless Man which is a heavy metal re make of the Bing Crosby track from Disney’s “Sleepy Hollow” and a metal version of the Christmas classic “From All Of Us” All of these tracks can be found for download at The Snake City Playboys album will be my second release with a band however.

MW: When is the new release coming out?

TT: Sometime early 2013.
MW: Tell me about it?

TT: It’s an EP with 6 tracks. It’s being co produced by Darrin Richards of Chemicals Of Democracy. The songs are called
Tears Blood Sacrifice
Thin Ice
Live It Up
Rock N Roll Is Good Medicine

MW: What songs do you have videos for?

TT: We have one video already on Youtube which has thousands of hits already for Rock N Roll Is Good Medicine. We will have a second video coming out next year but we are keeping the details of that one a secret

MW: Where is your favorite place to play live?

TT: I’ve played several places across the country but thus far the clubs in LA have it down. I’m torn between The KeyClub and The Whiskey

MW: How would you categorize Snake City Playboys sound and look?

TT: That’s easy LOUD SLEAZY ROCK N ROLL. As far as image somewhere between The Stones and Motley Crue

MW: Who is Snake City Playboys influenced from?

TT: Man we listen to everything. You never know where an inspiration is gonna come from. rock, old country, metal, modern, classic. Good tunes is good tunes. Our Bass player Jay Sin is the grandson of Country legend Jimmy Wakely. My son plays guitar for us and he has more modern influences like Black Veil Brides, Cradle Of Filth and Avenged Sevenfold stuff like that. Our drummer is a full on Led Zeppelin freak. Then there’s me with my Psycho Gypsy glam rock background so we’re all over the place

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TT: Real rock is still out there. Sure bands like Crue and Kiss still go on tour and play the same tunes they’ve played for 30 years but there are plenty of new bands in the rock genre with new music to check out. WE ARE DEFINITELY ONE TO BE RECKONED WITH \m/ KEEP IT LOUD!!!!!!!/snakecityplayboys


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