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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
LL: I am Layla Labelle. I am lead guitarist of Tight and a porn star from Montreal.

MW: How would people know you?
LL: I am best known for my role in Tight. I have only done a handful of movies, 6 of them with the band. My first ever adult movie was called Layla Labelle’s First Time. Right after that I did Tight and then some scenes on web-sites. I have since left the adult industry to pursue my music career.

MW: What are you best known for?
LL: I am known for doing really shocking hardcore scenes. Some of my band mates are veteran porn stars and they couldn’t watch some of my scenes! Musically I am known for my guitar work and vocals and creative songwriting.

MW: How did Tight come together?
LL: I think it was for Playboy TV originally and then turned into this big movie. I’m not too onto that side of things.

MW: How did you get involved with Tight?
LL: When I shot Layla Labelle’s First Time we happened to do a scene in a girl’s house who had a guitar and I picked it up and started playing. The director couldn’t believe I played guitar and he called a friend of his who was putting together a TV series about a porn star band and he came and heard me play and cast me in the band.

MW: Before Tight came about you did porn. How did you get into that field?
LL: I always wanted to do porn so on my 18th birthday I called Real Productions and asked if they would want to do a First Time movie with me and they said yes and I did it. I wanted to try everything so that movie has my first time ever doing girl/girl, my first time ever doing anal, my first threesome and even my first gang bang. I was a busy girl!

MW: Are you still doing porn?
LL: No. I outgrew it.

MW: Which do you like doing more porn or non-porn films?
LL: I’ve never really did a non porn movie because even Tight we were shooting porn at the same time because there were 6 xxx movies too. So I guess I like doing porn more but I might like to do a regular movie if I could.

MW: How has the porn industry changed over the years?
LL: You would have to ask Monica that. She’s really old and was in porn forever.

MW: Can we expect anything more from Tight?
LL: Our first album came out a couple months ago – a soundtrack and live album right from the movie – and our first studio album comes out this month. It’s called Life of the Party and it has some really good songs. Our new singer has a much better voice than Monica. Not that Monica was bad she just didn’t have a range like Kelley Jean has.

MW: Would Tight ever tour?
LL: We have toured in the past and done radio appearances including Howard Stern. Right now we’re looking for a new drummer so can’t tour until then. Know any porn star drummers?

MW: What do you have going in the future?
LL: I’m living a much calmer life than was seen in the movie. I was pretty out of control then and partying too much (but really what else is there to do when you’re touring all over America with a rock band?!)

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
LL: I got a lot of nasty letters when the movie came out that I was disrespectful of the other girls but I want people to know that you don’t really know what it’s like until you live through it. I was always fighting with Monica and I had our drummer trying to kill me and bullying me so of course I lashed out. I regret some of the things I said and did but it was 39 days and they can’t show all the times I was nice.
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