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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: How did you come up with the Gotta’go.
RC: I am Federal Officer I transporting inmates in cars ,buses ,vans when i have inmates with me  I could not just pull over to McDonalds and go to the restroom also I  transport on private airplanes so I tried to find something i can use there was nothing on the market so  I end up designing  something I thought would be cool to  wear  end up submitting for a design patent and applied for patent  had a prototype made and started wearing as a personal use think and it took off from there.

MW: What did people think when you showed them the first Gotta’go?
RC: what a great Ideal

MW: What kind of buyers buy Gotta’go?
RC: Men who are Incontinence, men with prostate issues who leak use as an alternative adult diapers, law Enforcement, Truckers, hunters, doctors who do long operation, beer drinkers, and sports fans.

MW: Where can Buyers buy Gotta’go?

RC: On my website

MW: How many versions of Gotta’go is there?

RC: There are three versions.

MW: What have buyers said after buying Gotta’go?

RC: Very comfortable.

MW: Is there anything else out on the market like Gotta’go?
RC: Similar  made of latex you roll up on Penis.

MW: How many Gotta’go have you sold?
RC: About  900

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

RC: When You Gotta’go You Gotta’go !!!!

Video review of Gotta’go