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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself to the Blastzone Online readers.
SM: Author, broadcaster and itinerant philosopher.

MW: Take me for a ride in Simon Majumdar’s life?
SM: It is a life of constant travel, both domestically and internationally. It is a life that allows me to spend wonderful time with my patient wife, who travels with me a lot of the time and it is a life which allows me to meet extraordinary people along the way, from farmers and chefs, to students and TV stars. I am very blessed to have the life I do and I never take it for granted for one second.

MW: Tell our readers about the first time you made a full meal?
SM: I was probably six and saw a recipe for scone pizza on a UK children’s TV show called Blue Peter. I spent the whole day trying to recreate it and the end result was both hideously ugly and catastrophic for the kitchen. It put me off pizza for life, but my brother ate every last crumb.

MW: When did you know you wanted to work with food for the rest of your life?
SM: I have always wanted to work with food and did so in a limited way as a book publisher. 2006 was when I first committed myself to making it a career.

MW: How did you get involved with Food Network?
SM: I met with the producers of Iron Chef America two days before my wedding in 2010. They were looking for judges for that show and for a third judge for The Next Iron Chef. I went on my honeymoon not expecting to hear back, but was called to say that they wanted me for both just as I was sitting on a vineyard in Portugal. It was the beginning of a great relationship and again, one that I never take for granted

MW: Tell me about Chef Simon and the following shows:

SM: Cutthroat Kitchen – The most fun show I have ever taken part in and also one of the best crews ever. It really does feel like a family.
Iron Chef America – A genuine privilege to be asked to judge the food of such skilled and competitive chefs. I love my time in Kitchen Stadium.
The Next Iron Chef – Very high pressure. The weight of choosing a new Iron Chef, a title that can change a person’s life) lays very heavily on all three of the judges. We never take it lightly.

Beat Bobby Flay – The hardest job in the business as BF is just so damn hard to beat. He really is that good. But, I love the challenge and the chance to offer a slice of culinary commentary as I observe the proceedings
MW: How is it working with Alton Brown?
SM: It is food TV University. Even after so many years, I learn something new from him every day, be it about how to create presence on screen or a tidbit of food science.

MW: Which show produced the best food? And what was it?
SM: The Next Iron Chef finale between Geoffrey Zakarian and Elizabeth Faulkner.

MW: Which show produced the worst food? And what was it?
SM: Extreme Chef. Not because of the lack of skills of the chefs, but because of the crazy situations in which they found themselves.

MW: Who is your favorite chef to work with? And why?
SM: I don’t have one favorite chef to work with, but Geoffrey Zakarian is definitely the most fun to hang out with.

MW: Tell me about your following books:

SM: Fed, White, And Blue – My latest book about my journey to American Citizenship. I am on the tour for it as we speak, revisiting cities and making friends in new ones.

Eating For Britain – A genuine labor of love. A chance to offer a new perspective on Britain’s much and unfairly maligned food history and current scene.
Eat My Globe – The book that saved my life, as I traveled the world to follow my still mantra “Go Everywhere. Eat Everything”

MW: What do you have going on for the rest of 2015?
SM: Driving, touring, cooking, reading, eating, filming. And, repeat.

MW: How can fans reach you to say hi or to get your merchandise?
SM: People can reach me at
@simonmajumdar (Instagram and Twitter)
Simon Majumdar (Facebook)

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
SM: Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your server.