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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself to the Blastzone Online readers?
AB: My name is Alan Beiler The Black Amish Man.


MW: How did you get cast for Amish Mafia?
AB: I’m the creator and producer of Amish Mafia and the show Breaking Amish and many more. I’m the one who did the casting for both shows. It took me 6 years to get both shows on the air.

MW: Take me on a ride into Alan Beiler life?
AB: I live a very normal life. I do a lot for local charity I love going to auctions and fishing and spending time with my family. I have a wonderful family. A beautiful girlfriend three amazing step kids Gavin, Jaden and Kailyn and a beautiful daughter Brooklyn Rayne. I love the simple life.

MW: Tell me about the first time you recorded for Amish Mafia?
AB: The first day we filmed Amish Mafia it was a dream come true. To see another one of my ideas make it to TV.

MW: What do you remember most about the first season of Amish Mafia?
AB: I was going thru a rough spot in my life at that time. There were a lot of lessons I needed to learn. And I had to learn them the hard way. That being said it was a challenge I had the cast together then a week before filming a main character got killed in a plane crash when that happened two other cast members dropped out. So there I was a week before filming and looking for new cast members that’s when I found Levi, Merlin, and Jolin.
MW: What do you remember most about the fourth season of Amish Mafia?
AB: All I can say is every season got better I got a little challenging when Esther and her brothers and a few other got fired but again we made it work I wasn’t to fond of the replacements but at the end of the day we made a killer show.

MW: Tell me about the following people
AB: Lebanon Levi & Merlin
Both good friends of mine we stay in touch. Very down to earth.

MW: Was it hard to have your life as a part of Amish Mafia?
AB: Having the world watch me learn the hard way yes it was hard but I’m glad it happened.


MW: Do you ever wish you never did the show?
AB: Never! It has opened so many new doors.
MW: What is the difference in an Amish and a Mennonite?
AB: Very similar but different Mennonites drive have electric Mennonites don’t do rumspringa

MW: What is the one misconception about being Amish/Mennonite?
AB: Amish kids are allowed to live like you and I they can drive and own cars have electronics, party etc. during rumspringa but once they join the church they must get rid of all that and rumspringa can last as long as they want it to.

MW: What do you think of the other Amish shows?
AB: Most likely I created them I’ve done shows for BBC , Nat Geo, etc.

MW: What did you think of the Dr. Phil episode “Behind the Buggies and Bonnets: Amish Mafia Star under Attack”

AB: Honestly I didn’t watch it.

MW: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or request an autograph?
AB: Facebook: “Alan Beiler the black Amish man” & Instagram: blackamishman717

MW: What can we expect from Alan Beiler in the future?
AB: A lot!! I’m working on a book and a movie and a bunch of other shows and let me add Amish Mafia is not done we will be back.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AB: First keep an eye on my social media for upcoming events ect. Also my book will be out soon I will answer a lot of questions in the book.

Thanks for listening and a little life lesson nobody’s perfect everybody makes mistakes learn from your mistakes and correct them don’t wait till it’s too late and you have to learn them the hard way. Stay true to you. If you’re interested in booking me for appearance’s I do a lot of autograph signings and appearances or motivational speaking about how to turn your life around message me on Facebook.