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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AD: My name is Alicia Dove and I’m a Jesse James Bourbon Girl.

MW: How did you become a Jesse James Bourbon Girl?
AD: Jesse Dupree decided he wanted to add another dance group to Full Throttle Saloon that could also act as promoters for the Jesse James Outlaw Bourbon. Because I had just retired from cheerleading in the NFL, it was easy to round up a bunch of fellow alumni to create a performance group for the Jesse James Bourbon. I should mention that there are two Jesse James Bourbon Girls who have been there from the start: Patty McCown and Kaecee Severance. While they do not perform choreographed routines, they have established the Jesse James Bourbon Girls in the promotional side of things long before I came along, and have successfully created a strong market for the bourbon in their respective areas geographically. Having promo girls who could also dance was just another way for Jesse to get the bourbon brand noticed. Somewhere along the way people started calling us the “Puh Pow Girls,” but I’m pretty sure that’s because we had “Puh Pow” written on the back of our shorts while in Sturgis. Ha!

MW: What does a Jesse James Bourbon Girl Do?
AD: You can find Jesse James Bourbon Girls at various events around the country, mostly promoting the bourbon at liquor stores, concerts, nightclubs, and bars. It is our job to interact with customers both new and returning alike, and to make sure the brand is being represented in a fun-loving and positive light. We provide another way customers can connect to Jesse, Jackyl, Full Throttle Saloon, and the Jesse James Bourbon brand.

MW: Tell me about your first appearance on Full Throttle Saloon on tru-TV?
AD: The current season was my first time appearing on Full Throttle Saloon and I have to say it was a great experience. We had a camera crew with us almost the entire time, so after a while we started to forget they were there. A lot of people try to say the show is fake, but after shooting this season, there is absolutely no truth to that. Everything that we encountered happened naturally. Full Throttle Saloon really is a special place that just so happens to be insanely wild and fun at the same time!

MW: Tell me a story about being at the Full Throttle Saloon?
AD: Jesse had sent us downtown to sell tickets to Big & Rich, and unfortunately our rental car was towed. The owner of a gas station let another Bourbon Girl and I take his truck to the towing company to retrieve it, but it was a nightmare getting it out. After about an hour and a half, I finally got the rental car back. As I started to pull out of the car lot, a young boy who worked there waved me down. I asked him what I could help him with, to which he replied, “Lady, I may be too young to work here, but I ain’t too young to ask you for your number.” He was fourteen. After the hellacious time I had trying to get that damn car out, all I wanted to do was get back to FTS. But honestly, when that kid said that I just busted out laughing. It made my day. Brave kid!

MW: How was it dancing on the Full Throttle Saloon stage?
AD: Dancing on the main stage at FTS is great. The lights, the crowd, the atmosphere… it all gives you such a high. It’s incredible. The people were really receptive to our show, and we are so grateful of that. Being able to share the stage with the Rockstars, who we truly respect and love, was awesome.

MW: How is Jesse to work with?
AD: Jesse is amazing, but because he’s my boyfriends father, he’s more than just my boss. I respect the heck out of him and he has already taught me so much about the business side of the Jesse James Bourbon Girls. Plus he taught us some really cool dance moves that he did with us on stage at FTS!

MW: How is to work with Michael Ballard?
AD: Michael is one of the sweetest, happiest, and most friendly guys you can meet. I don’t work with him directly, but in all my brief exchanges with him, he’s been great.

MW: How is it to work with Angie Ballard?
AD: I don’t work directly with Angie, either. But, just as with her husband, she has always been a very positive and sweet person. She’s beautiful, and you can tell she has a huge heart. I’m very happy for her and Michael over the news of their baby!

MW: How is it to work with Goat?
AD: Goat is witty, fun, and hilarious. You won’t find a better host anywhere!

MW: How is it to work with Fajita Mike?
AD: Fajita is another character that just cracks me up. He’s very sweet and I always love running into him at events. He’s a good man.

MW: What is in store for The Jesse James Bourbon Girls in 2014?
AD: With Jesse, I hope to take the Jesse James Bourbon Girls to the next level in creating another avenue for bourbon lovers, Jackyl fans, and Full Throttle Saloon fans to interact with the bourbon brand. The Jesse James Bourbon Girls are not only a premier promotional team of beautiful and friendly women, but they are talented and create a fun environment at each event they attend. We will be doing more events and performances than ever before, and I hope to have a calendar made for 2015.

MW: Do you all have any appearances lined up for 2014 yet?
AD: Yes we do, check our Facebook Page and Twitter for dates!

MW: What do you do in your everyday life?
AD: I am the director of another performing arts troupe called The Cherry Bombs.

MW: How can fans reach out to you?
AD: Fans can find the Jesse James Bourbon Girl Facebook Fan Page at: and their Twitter at: @JJBourbonGirls

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AD: I’d like to say that I’m very grateful for the opportunity to help promote the Jesse James Bourbon through the division of the girls. I’m excited for the things in store for them in 2014!!!