Jay good to see 7 Days Away at it again and killing it. Been a long time since you played the show for me here. “Final Cry” is still my favorite.


gnr GNR_Troubadour_Apr_1_2016_4



That is the drum kit of none other than Steven Adler…

guns-n-roses-2 gnr

GNR_Troubadour_Apr_1_2016_4 GNR_Troubadour_Apr_1_2016_5


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More Very Soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day “Kentucky” comes out by Black Stone Cherry. I am excited about this release Black Stone Cherry is a band that should get more respect in the USA. They go overseas and headline hugr shows with people who respect a good band. Get off your asses and give Black Stone Cherry a like and go out and buy “Kentucky” toady on CD, Digital or best of all vinyl.


BSC bsc1

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