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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself.

HZ: Hey there internet humans my name is Henry Zebrowski, I’m a comedian from NYC in the sketch group Murderfist and I run a podcast called Last Podcast On The Left from Cave Comedy Radio. I am 604 pounds and I love my bed.

MW: How did you get involved with Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell?

HZ: I auditioned for it in NYC and I met Dave Willis and Casper Kelly in LA while I was out there peddling my wares to the city of Angels. They are hilarious and beautiful people.

MW: How do you like being Gary?

HZ: I think that I am actually Gary and that Henry is an imposter. I love the character and I would play him forever.

MW: How hard was it doing the character?

HZ:  Not hard at all, except for when I had a spike shoved inside my butt for most of an episode. The spike harness, made by the brilliant Chris Brown of creature effects for Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, really chafed my “inner sanctum.”

MW: How did the show come about?

HZ: It started off as a short of the same name done by Dave Willis and Casper Kelly, Dave actually played my character but he had a giant face constricting rubber mask on for the duration and it really hurt him. I think it went through a number of iterations before it arrived at Adult Swim in its current sexy form. 

MW: How many episodes of the first season will there be?

HZ: There are 6 action packed butt ‘sploding episodes. 

MW: How long is each episode?

HZ: 15 minutes, or a fat man’s walk around the block.

MW: What is the show about?

HZ: I play Gary who is an associate demon in hell who is no good at his job. Satan, played by Matt Servitto- a cruel man, is my boss and he tortures me for all of my days. Claude is my truly evil intern played by Craig Rowan who gets all the ladies (sorry ladies, he’s getting married), one-ups me at every turn. It’s like Touched By An Angel meets Jacob’s Ladder with me playing a Marnie like idiot. Is that too weird?

MW: What can we expect for the first season?

HZ: It’s going to change your life. I hope you like laughing because if not you are a bad person, don’t watch the show.

MW: You just started acting back in 2009. What did you do before that?

HZ: Drifted from town to town, selling spoon jewelry. I lived in Florida for a time and I am still the same comedian in NYC I have been for 7 years with my group Murderfist.

MW: Your first show was Michael & Michael Have Issues. Please tell me about it?

HZ: It was a fun experience. Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black are very tall and they got comedy out of me through a mix of fear and money.

MW: Is the show on DVD or where can it be seen?

HZ: It’s on DVD and Netflix Instant. I sometimes toss it on the Netflix whenever I’m feeling sad.

MW: What has been your favorite TV show to be a guest star on?

HZ: I loved doing Law and Order SVU because my mom got to see me being a stoned pervert.

MW: Tell me about CollegeHumor Originals.

HZ: They are run by a great group of people and I love doing sketch all over town.

MW: Where can it be seen?

HZ: On Don’t go to because you will be scarred.

MW: Tell me about Jest Originals.

HZ: They are a part of College Humor and again a bunch of awesome comedians making funny stuff.

MW: Where can it be seen?

HZ: On!

MW: How is The Wolf Of Wall Street going?

HZ: It’s the experience of a lifetime. I will probably never get to do something like this again so I take things from set as much as possible.

MW: Who do you get to act with in the movie?

HX: It’s a list far greater than I, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jonah Hill, Rob Reiner, Ethan Suplee, PJ Byrne, Kenny Choi, NYC comedian Barry Rothbart – it’s insane. People are going to flip out over this movie.

MW: What else can we expect from you in 2013?

HZ: I am releasing a new BBQ sauce called “Zebrowski’s Hog Spit.” Also look for me on “Huffin It With Biff and Stu” on My Damn Channel and the film Awful Nice!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

HZ: The reptilians run everything.


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

CK: I’m Casper Kelly. I write and direct things. There’s a high school called Casper Kelly Walsh High School. I’m the one that’s not a high school.

MW: How did you get involved with Your Pretty Face Is Going TO Hell? How did the show come about?

CK: I had an idea for a short where these guys go to a heaven with unlimited virgins and a river of milk and cotton candy. And the joke was you show them a million years later in paradise and they are bored off their asses. They end up building a rocket ship out of cotton candy and virgin bones to try to escape. I showed it to the amazing Dave Willis and he added a ton of funny ideas and took it to a new level. He added a devil character that he played. A devil that had to stab a guy with a pitchfork for eternity. And we started joking about what that might be like to be that devil. It might be worse to be the devil than the guy he’s torturing. A lot of issues with carpal tunnel. Not to mention the boredom. And then from that, and the funny way Dave played it, we started thinking of a show around that devil. And Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell the show was born.

MW: How many episodes of the first season will there be?

CK: Six! We wanted to do Six Hundred and Sixty Six but that proved difficult to schedule. So just six.

MW: How long is each episode?

CK: They’re about 11:40 each but we crunched them down to 11:15 with this fancy machine called Lexicon. But know that you are actually getting 11:40 minutes of show. It’s magic!

MW: What is the show about?

CK: The show is about Gary (Henry Zebrowski), a mid-level demon in Hell, who is a little too nice and slack to do his job well. He also had an intern, Claude (Craig Rowin), who is smarter and more ambitious than he is and will stab him in the back.

MW: What can we expect for the first season?

CK: Whipping, sex, high school musicals, corrupted pro baseball players, maggots, heart break, hiking expeditions gone awry, large things put up posteriors in an unpleasant way, lava, more maggots, and a little bit of love.

MW: Let’s go back a few years. How was it getting your start on CatDog?

CK: A college friend John Altschuler, who wrote a long time on King of the Hill, hooked me up with those fine people. It was a great experience but I was young and didn’t know what I was doing in some ways. My writing partner and I kept trying to put in Apocalypse Now references and they kept taking them out. But it was my first taste of the sweet life of writing full time. I liked it. I later got to work with Tom Kenny a lot on promos and specials for the Powerpuff Girls where he did the Mayor. Damn he’s funny.

MW: Tell me about coming up with Stroker And Hoop?

CK: My writing partner Jeff Olsen was always drawn to that 80’s Rip Tide/Magnum P.I. vibe and we wanted to do a show around that. And I loved the idea of a talking car that was a little more temperamental than KITT.

MW: How hard was it to make the show happen?

CK: The pitching of it was pretty simple. Jeff and I worked making promos and specials for Cartoon Network (including Night of the Living Doo with David Cross) and Adult Swim development was literally across the foyer. We pitched it to Linda Simensky, Khaki Jones, and Mike Lazzo. They liked it and we were on our way! Also Jeff and I had written on Birdman at that point so that helped.

MW: After creating the show was it hard to also write it?

CK: It was hard to juggle voice directing and all that and writing. And for a half hour show, as opposed to a quarter hour, you really need more of a story with some turns in it and you also need a b-story, generally. I had always been a writer that procrastinated and wrote at the last minute, and that show brutally cured me of that affliction.

MW: Is Stroker And Hoop on DVD or where can it be seen?

CK: It’s on iTunes. DVD seems unlikely at this point which is too bad because we have some good extras. We have the episode of “The XXX-Wife” with all the nudity intact. The animators were very dedicated and fully animated “Sack Flashers” when they didn’t need to. There was a lot of thought by them on the separate design of Stroker and Hoop’s junk and how it reflects their different personalities.

MW: You would then go on to write for the Squidbillies. How did this come about?

CK: While Dave Willis and I were working on the Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell short I offered to write a script if they ever got too busy to do them all. Strongly offered slashed pleaded. Eventually they got too busy so they gave me a shot. I was really thrilled because I love that show. The voice work is so great.

MW: What is your favorite episode of the Squidbillies that you wrote?

CK: I’m partial to “Armageddon It On” which is about the rapture. I went to some Christian camps as a little kid and they really scared the crap out of me about the rapture and if me and my family would make the cut. It was fun to channel that childhood fear into comedy. Todd Hanson of the Onion complimented me on that script which made my year.

MW: What else is on tap for you in 2013?

CK: I wrote a book of short stories called More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer. They’re full of weird science fiction and humor and unrequited love. One story is about Sneezy’s crushing sexual desire for Snow White.

I’m writing a feature. I’m also working on an animated Adult Swim show with Jim Fortier, the other half of Squidbillies. He’s so hilarious.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

CK: Thanks for the interview. Watch Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell on Adult Swim. Eat fewer processed foods and simple carbohydrates. Kiss your loved ones.