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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

TP: My name is Tim Proctor. I’m a freelance artist and designer.


MW: What are you most known for?

TP: Most people know me for the art that I create for sketch cards. I have worked on many properties such as Star Wars, Mars Attacks, Bettie Page, Night of the Living Dead, Nevermore Alice, The Walking Dead and much much more. In addition to sketch cards, I have also produced a limited edition print for Star Wars Celebration V as well as Celebration VI. When I’m not working on official projects, Im usually working on private commissions.


MW: Let’s talk about Star Wars. Where would fans of Star Wars see your art?

TP: I produce sketch cards for TOPPS and have worked on a number of Star Wars sets – The Clone Wars Season 1 and Season 2, Star Wars Galaxy 5, 6, and 7, The 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and most recently Star Wars Galactic Files. These cards can usually be purchased at hobby and comic shops. Some of them can also be found at retail stores such as Target or Wal-Mart. As I mentioned previously, I had limited edition prints at Celebration V and VI. I was also asked to create a custom live size clone trooper helmet which was on display at Celebration VI. The helmets were later auctioned off to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. 100% of the proceeds went to the foundation. A large number of Star Wars art can be found on my website


MW: What do you have new that you are doing for Star Wars?

TP: Currently I do not have any official projects relating to star wars. However, I am working on a few private commissions right now. I’m sure another Star Wars project will not be too far off.


MW: What do you think of Disney buying Lucas Films?

TP: Well, when i first heard the news, I wasn’t really sure what to think to be honest. I’m okay with it because whatever it takes to keep Star Wars alive is a good thing in my book. Not that it could ever die out. I have been a super fan since I was a kid and my whole childhood literally revolved around Star Wars. Plus, now we get more movies to look forward to. More movies means more characters to draw and potentially more work for me as an artist. It’s a win win situation to me. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Star Wars.


MW: Do you think you still will be asked to do Star Wars drawing for cards and such?

TP: I certainly hope so. I always have a great time working on Star Wars. I was recently invited to submit a concept for a print for Star Wars Celebration Europe II which will be held later this year in Germany, but due to various reasons i had to decline. But I do hope that a Star Wars Celebration VII will not be too far off.


MW: Lets talk about The Walking Dead. What have you done for the # 1 show on TV?

TP: I received an email from Cryptozoic Entertainment inviting me to work on sketch cards for Season 2. I created about 40 cards which were randomly inserted into packs of trading cards. For this set, all 40 cards featured walkers. Initially I had to create one card which would be my audition card. Once that card was sent to AMC for approval I was given the go ahead to complete the rest of the cards. All 40 still had to be approved. When I had heard that they put out a set for season 1, it was too late to get on the project. So I patiently waited for the next set and was very excited when I got the invite. The show is easily my favorite show on television. I’m also working on walking dead art for my own personal collection as well.

MW: So who were your favorite walkers to draw?

TP: Well we were not actually allowed to use exact walker likenesses. If we wanted to draw a specific walker, we had to either change the image to make it our own or zoom out, blur the image etc. So what i tried to do was create generic walkers but still keep the overall look that they had in the show. I also painted a few cards where you could see the barn burning scene. This was also great because you could create silhouettes of walkers against the burning barn backdrop. It was a bit of a challenge but I enjoyed every minute of it.


MW: So for the season 2 sketch cards you did you were not able to do a sketch card of Alex Darko, Mike Mundy or any others?

TP: No not really, but there are a few cards that I created where you can tell who its suppose to be. I was a little worried about those cards getting approved as I think they were getting dangerously close to the actual likeness, but in the end all of my cards were approved.

MW: Man I would have thought AMC would have wanted the actual walker sketched. In this day everyone knows who the walkers are anyway. Did it kind of take you back when told you could not do 40 walkers on The Walking Dead?

TP: I was a bit surprised because I believe that on the season 1 set there were actual walkers depicted. For the Season 2 set, some artists were asked to draw the main cast and they were able to use the actor’s likeness. Other artists were asked to draw only walkers, while some artists did a little bit of both. Although it was a challenge, I could never turn it down… I mean it’s The Walking Dead. How could I refuse? From what I have heard, all of the cards depicting the main cast, the actual actors had to approve them. For whatever reason, this was not the case with the walkers.

MW: If asked to be a walker in season 4 would you? Also who would you want to take you out?

TP: Definitely!! I do plan to submit my info when they open the next casting call. But the competition is fierce. They get thousands of people wanting to be on the show. Not only that but you have to have the right look that they are looking for at that particular time. It’s a long shot but maybe just maybe it will happen. As for whom I would want to take me out…. if I had my pick…. Michonne. Who wouldn’t want to be sliced in half or have their head go flying off! If it couldn’t be Michonne, then maybe Rick with a simple bullet to the head… or maybe meeting head first with one of Darryl’s arrows. I would be happy with any role they put me in. I’m a huge fan and just to be a small part of it would be incredible. It could happen. Who knows.

MW: If you got ask to draw for Robert Kirkman and THe Walking Dead comic would you?

TP: I love the comics. I’m currently reading them. As for doing art for the comic I would love to say yes, however I do not have a lot of experience doing comic art or sequential art. Now if they wanted cover art of something, definitely. Robert has created such an amazing world. The story telling is incredible as is the artwork. I think what I like most is the character dynamic. I hope he continues for a very long time.

MW: What else is on tap for you in 2013?

TP: Well I have a new project coming up but I can’t mention anything about it just yet. I just finished up a couple of card sets and will be working on a new set called Angels and Demons as well as a few other sets in the near future. I will also be working on a lot of private commissions. There are three conventions (so far) this year that i will be attending as a guest artist. Planet Comicon in Kansas City April 6th-7th, Ancient City Con in Jacksonville Florida June 21st -23rd, and Wizard World in Austin Texas, November 22nd -24th.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TP: In closing I would like to say thank you to my family, friends, and fans who have supported me over the years. I never feel like I say it enough. You are appreciated more than you know. Thank you so much. Please feel free to stop by one of the shows; I will be located in artist alley. It’s always a pleasure meeting everyone.