New Interview With Lori & Brandon Bernier From Storage Hunters And Now Deal Hunters

Posted: 01/20/2016 in Deal Hunters, Reality TV, Storage Hunters, Television, TV


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourselves?
L&BB: Hey there its Brandon and Lori otherwise known as Team Brandori.
MW: What happened with Storage Hunters?
L&BB: Storage Hunters is still currently shown even still on the Reelz channel as well as all over the world.
MW: Were you all surprised when Storage Hunters was no more?
L&BB:  We were a bit surprised as the show was still pulling in good numbers both here and in the UK.  We did however see this coming as there was a lot of misdirection.
MW: Why did you two not do Storage Hunters: UK?
L&BB: We did not do the UK version because we just were not interested in appearing on that version.
MW: What have you been doing since Storage Hunters?
L&BB: Since Storage Hunters we have been working on several different projects some of which we still have interest in and you just might see in the future.
MW: What do you miss most about the show?
L&BB: The main thing we missed about the show was the Friendly competition between us and the other cast members as well as all the great places we went to while we were filming.
MW: What can you tell me about the new show Deal Hunters?
L&BB: The New show Deal Hunters as you can see has a lot of familiar faces from the original however you are going to see all different types of auctions as well as more of the selling aspect. We are going to blow away the old show!
MW: The Deal Hunters Facebook has grown over night. What would you like to say to your fans?
L&BB: We sent out invites to the page right after creating it and in a matter of 1 hour 40 minutes we had over 500 likes and it continues to grow. We know what the fans have been asking for and we thought it was time we give it to them! We love our fans and are so happy to have the opportunity to interact with them again. We all have some of the BEST fans in the world!
MW: How can fans reach out to you?
L&BB: They can find us on the Facebook fan page follow the url:
MW: What would you all like to say in closing?
L&BB: In closing we would like to thank you and all our fans for being just as excited as we are about this project and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!!!!! We also want to thank our other cast members with all of us working together it has made this a reality!

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