Storage Hunters Is Dead To Me And Should Be To YOU…

Posted: 05/16/2013 in Reality TV, Storage Hunters, Television


I have told you all there was something up. I have known for months from insiders that this shit was going down. I like Scott and Chrissy a lot there good people I never ment no harm to them. You people took it that way. So now you all know how the business of shows work. Both of them will bounce back and be bigger then ever. Also furthermore Storage Hunters will suck with out both of them on the show. I am done watching it all together and so should you.

I could count on my 2 hands friends of mine who have been treated like this in the business of so called reality shows. If you have been on a reality show and want to do a interview about being screwed over contact me at and we will break the silence…


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