Interview With Dr. Janet Taylor From The Jeremy Kyle Show

Posted: 10/21/2011 in Television

Interview done by Michael Wilkerson
MW: Please introduce yourself?

JT: My name is Dr. Janet Taylor. I am a psychiatrist in NYC and the mother of four daughters.

MW: How long have you been a doctor?

JT: I have been a medical doctor for more than twenty years.

MW: What kind of doctor are you?

JT: I am an adult psychiatrist.

MW: What kind of television experience do you have?

JT: I have been doing television media for the past five years. Since I am based in New York, I have been fortunate to work with National morning talk shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show , CNN, and Black Enterprise Television.

MW: How did you get the job working with the Jeremy Kyle Show?

JT: Luck and working with the executive producers in the past.

MW: How is it working with Jeremy Kyle?

JT: Jeremy is AMAZING. He is extremely intuitive and can expertly anticipate conflict, elicit both sides and aim for resolution.

MW: He seems like a straight shooter. My wife watches the show everyday.

MW: What is it you do for the Jeremy Kyle Show?

JT: I run Guest Support. We provide support for the guest from the beginning stages (pre-interview) to referrals (post-show)

MW: Do you plan to get your own TV show in the future?

JT: No.

MW: Give me a day in your life?
JT: I work at Harlem Hospital during the first part of the week doing Outpatient Psychiatry  and do Jeremy Kyle the second half. I am officially an empty-nester which makes my life much easier.

MW: What do you have to say about the epidemic of bulling going on now?

JT: Bullying is underestimated by the general population and felt to be an example of “just what kids do”. The short-term effects can be extremely detrimental to kids and teens and the long-term effects worse. In my experience, bullying is a very serious public health threat.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

JT: I would like to say thanks to you for this interview and thanks to your wife for watching faithfully. I would like to extend an invitation for both of you to come for a taping if you are in NYC.

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