EXCLUSIVE Interview with Anthony “Chopper” Rinaldo (Barn Walker) From The Walking Dead TV Series On AMC

Posted: 10/25/2012 in Actors, Television, The Walking Dead

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AR: Anthony “Chopper” Rinaldo from Canastota, NY…the nickname Chopper has nothing to do with The Walking Dead it’s something people have called me since the age of 4 years old.

MW: How would fans of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC know you?
AR: I’ve been in some memorable “mid ground scenes” I was one of the Walkers that converge onto Rick, Glen & Hershel as they decide what to do with Randall who’s leg is impaled on a fence in episode 2.09 “Triggerfinger” I was shot by Rick as he and Carl fled the burning barn and escaped down the back ladder of the RV. I’m kinda lumbering screen left & Rick shoots me in the head and I go down hard on my back, brains flying one way, feet flying another in the season 2 finale “Beside the Dying Fire” Was also one of the walkers that file into the laundry room after Tomas opens 2 doors instead of one in episode 3.02 “Sick” I can be seen right before Tomas decides to umm…”nudge” a walker toward Rick, I have the “Scott Farkus like” glowing yellow eyes.

MW: How did you get cast as a walker on The Walking Dead?
AR: I had just moved to Atlanta from central NY, was having trouble finding work when I came across a casting call posted by ECA (Extras Casting Atlanta) in early June 2011 looking for a heavily tattooed, pierced individual for a scene in The 3 Stooges movie, I sent in a few pictures and was contacted soon after saying they had found someone for the stooges movie but asked if I would like to be part of a scene on The Walking Dead playing a dead, Latino gang member in episode 1 of season 2. I said “Hell Yeah!” or something professional along those lines. (I’m Italian/Irish) but I could “play” Latin and dead…The scene was later cut but can be found in the extras of the DVD and Blu-Ray discs, Go buy it now! I got along great with everyone on set, while totally geeking out, swapping stories with Greg Nicotero about living in Pittsburgh, PA for 5 years, developing a love for all things zombie and going to Monroeville Mall and day dreaming about being a zombie or a survivor in Dawn of the Dead. I told them I’d love to come back and be a walker sometime. Thanked them and ECA profusely and waited, several months later I was called back as a walker for episode 2.09.

MW: Tell me about zombie school?
AR: Never went to zombie school but…
1)While attending and (not attending college)in Pittsburgh, PA I worked at a few of their Haunted Houses during the fall, 1 of them run by the great Tom Savini
2)previous to moving to ATL I had spent 5 summers working the door at a bar/restaurant in Sylvan Beach, NY called the Crazy Clam where many a night I had witnessed patrons after a long night partying it up “zombie walk” out the door.

MW: What episodes of season 2 are you in
AR: “Triggerfinger” & “Beside The Dying Fire”.

MW: Are you going to be in season 3?
AR: Yes I’ve worked on episodes 1 & 2 and I may make an appearance in a later episode. I could tell you …but I’d have to eat you.

MW: Have you done any conventions as a guest yet?
AR: No, because really if you don’t have a good pause button, you probably missed me so far, maybe someday.

MW: Who is the coolest actor on The Walking Dead to work with?
AR: Honestly and I know it’s starting to become a cliché answer reading your other interviews, But seriously everyone is so incredible cool, from the caterers to the P.A.s to the FX people all the way through the entire cast not to mention all the talented extras I’ve had the pleasure to work along the way!

MW: What else are you doing other then The Walking Dead?
AR: Well since ECA “discovered me” I’ve worked on “Flight”, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”,  “Drop Dead Diva” and I’m currently standing in on “Scary Movie 5”

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AR: I’d like to thank anyone who has stuck around and is still reading this, Thank you Mike for the interview; I was starting to get zombie envy, after you interviewed a bunch of my other zombie buddies.
I’d like to thank: Janel, Patrick and everyone at ECA from the bottom of my undead heart, you guys rock! I love being a part of the series. I literally pinch myself everyday.TWD and all the people I’ve met on set. Thank you Atlanta, I truly love this city and everyone I’ve met here in the south*thank you for not holding that Civil War thing against me(I believe most of my ancestors were still in Europe around that time anyway) My friends and family that stuck by me over the years. My mother, stepfather and sisters who were probably tempted to shoot me in the head after many years of my zombie like, brain dead behavior. My way out of my league, super hot girlfriend Stephanie-the reason I moved to Atlanta in the first place, thank you for letting me pursue this and putting up with the zombie paint stained sheets and tub, tending to my bumps, bruises ,walking dead pneumonia and possible heat stroke I picked up along the way. Couldn’t have done it without you and lastly-my liver, thanks for putting up the good fight lil buddy! Oh and whatever cat left me the hairball while I was answering this.

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