Exclusive Interview With Vincent M. Ward (Oscar) On The Walking Dead Season 3

Posted: 10/26/2012 in Actors, Television, The Walking Dead

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

VMW: Hello my name is Vincent M Ward.
MW: How would fans of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC know you?

VMW: The fans would know me from TWD because it seems like I had to famous lines in the last episode about calling my old lady and when I said i aint never begged for my life and Im not about to start…I’ve been hearing those from people all week

MW: How did you get cast as Oscar on The Walking Dead?

VMW: I got the part of Oscar by auditioning so I worked for it and won…

MW: Was it a dream come true?

VMW: I can’t say it was a dream come true because I had never seen the show until after my 4th episode when they were running the marathon but I will say now that I realize that the show is so popular it’s the beginning stages of a dream…Anyone would love to be in my shoes right now as an actor and I’m very grateful.

MW: Will we see you anymore this season?

VMW: Yes because I told on myself with the last question…lol

MW: What did you think when you saw last weeks and this week’s episodes?

VMW: I’ve been excited about October, 14th for a while now because everything is so secretive so I’ve been holding this info in for 5 months now so I was relieved when it finally came on…I was very very happy.

MW: Have you done any conventions as a guest yet?

VMW: No conventions yet…I think people are waiting to see what happens with my character and also to see if they like Oscar.

MW: Who is the coolest actor on The Walking Dead to work with?

VMW: By far the best cast and crew I’ve ever worked with…PERIOD…My favorite was Andy aka Rick because he was a true leader and made me feel welcomed and IronE aka T-Dog we just clicked and something about him reminded me of me.

MW: What else are you doing other then The Walking Dead?

VMW: A lot…Films, auditioning, hosting, plays, face of Stevenland Clothing, being patient.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

VMW: It’s been an honor that you took time out to want to interview the new guy and be on the lookout for Vincent M Ward as Oscar on The Walking Dead and always Rise and Grind, u don’t put in the work, u don’t deserve to Shine.

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