SXSW Performer Interview With band My Education

Posted: 11/25/2011 in Music, SXSW

Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
ST: Scott Telles, My Education – I play the bass guitar.

MW: How did you get the chance to play SXSW 2012?
ST: We were invited to play by SXSW staff about a week after submitting
our application this year. We have played SXSW several times before.

MW: Have you ever played SXSW before?
ST: Yes – every year since 2006.

MW: Where is My Education from?
ST: Austin TX

MW: What is the music scene like in Austin?
ST: Very diverse and active. Our city approved nickname is “The Live Music
Capital of the World”. On any given night, there are from 10-100
different live music shows happening all over town, from indie rock to
avant-garde to classical to noise.

MW: Do you have a new release coming out?
ST: Yes. We have a remix album and a “bootleg” live album in the can and a
new studio album in the mixing stage.

MW: Do you plan to tour on your way to SXSW?
ST: No, as we live here in Austin where the festival is. We plan to tour
this summer, though.

MW: What are you hoping for coming out of SXSW?
ST: The secret to having a good time at SXSW is not to go into it with any
expectations. Expect only to see an awful lot of music, drink an awful
lot of beer, and get almost no sleep. That said, we are sure we will
meet all kinds of new people, see a lot of great bands, and expand and
reinforce our national and international web of contacts.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
ST: Rrrrrraaaawwwkkkk! And keep yr dugs clean.

tour dates:
11/19/2012 – @ Skinny’s Ballroom – Austin, TX w/ Scan Hopper (CD
release party), the Gary, and the Zest of Yore
12/08/2012- @ the Mohawk – Austin, TX w/ the Sea and Cake
01/07/2012 – @ the Beauty Bar – Austin, TX – Free Week
March 2012 – SXSW

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