EXCLUSIVE Interview with Markice Kesan Moore (Andrew – Prisoner) From The Walking Dead TV Series On AMC

Posted: 12/24/2012 in Television, The Walking Dead

Let me say before I sent this interview to Markice PR person I had no clue what I was getting. I was just trying to do more Walking Dead interviews for my website. Since I got this back on December 20th. I have been very intrigued to find out more about Markice and why he is in Federal Prison. I hope that Markice will do his first interview about what has happened with me when the time comes. In the meantime this is another very good read. Thanx, Mike



Interview Done by Mike Wilkerson

MW: Can I say exclusive interview?
MKM: First off I want to apologize for my very late response to your interview questions Mike. I was in the “hole” literally. I am currently serving time in a federal prison. I will get into the details at a later time, but this is my first interview since being incarcerated, so yes I would say this is very exclusive! lol

MW: Please Introduce Yourself and how would fans know you?
MKM: My name is Markice Kesan Moore, fans of TWD might know me from the movie “ATL” starring rappers TI and BIG BOI, and MTV’s “From G’s to Gents” I have also done Tyler Perrys “Meet the Browns” sitcom, and an episode of Lifetimes hit show, “Army Wives” to name a few projects. To see a more extensive list of my work please go to IMDB.com and search Markice Moore.


MW: How did you get casted as Andrew on TWD and was it a dream come true?
MKM: It’s crazy because I auditioned for the pilot episode of TWD for the role of TDOG played by IronE Singleton, but I was later casted on season 3 as Andrew through my agency in Atlanta, “The People Store”. Brian Bemer coached me and put me on tape for the Casting Directors. Production was very hush hush about season 3 so I didn’t even know I booked it officially until a week before shooting. I was elated; I couldn’t believe it when my manager, Gail Tassell called to tell me the good news. I’m a huge fan of the show, it’s my favorite show on TV, so yes it was a dream come true.

MW: what do you think of the way you went out?
MKM: It’s weird because I have so much fun playing bad guys and I loved the way Andrew went out! He went out like a G, and he took a few people with him! lol. Die Hard TWD fans will remember my character forever because of all the trouble he caused. Plus Andrew almost got Rick! The fight scenes were great! Especially in my death scene.


MW: What did you think when you saw your last two episodes?
MKM: Unfortunately I have not been able to watch the show due to my incarceration, for legal reason I am not able to discuss why I am in prison, but I will soon. Let’s just say, I stayed true to the code, and never told. lol It’s just so ironic that I played a prisoner and shortly after shooting TWD I was imprisoned in real life. Sort of like Art emulating Life or something like that. Very trippy. I’m living Andrews life for real now. But in retrospect my experience behind bars has given me time to focus and work on my chops as an author, and screenplay writer. I am currently writing a novel titled, “The Candy Lady” and my autobiography, “Forced to Be Free, Hood to Hollywood story of Markice Kesan Moore”. Expect for these two books to be out Sept.2013. The experience of writing has been a great relief from the harsh reality of federal prison, but I look on the bright side, I can write without any distractions. I’m totally focused. Of course the only downside is that I have not been able to promote the show, or attend any conventions. I apologize to the fans of TWD for that.

MW: Who is the coolest actor on TWD to work with?
MKM: I must say all of the actors on TWD were very cool! They were so humble, we all ate together for lunch, and it was cool. I am a huge fan of the show so working with IronE, Andy, Steven, and the rest of the gang was surreal to say the least. I was honored, and blessed. IronE who played TDOG was my main man! lol. He was a huge hip-hop fan, and I’m a rapper first, so I let him here my music in between scenes and we kicked it in his trailer. He became a fan of my music, I told him when i finished my album, “Enjoy Life” I would make sure he got a copy first! Shout out to IronE, our conversations were inspiring. But overall everybody was cool, also the crew, the whole crew make up, wardrobe, the PA’s, the camera guys, the producers, the craft service people, everybody was great to be around. I loved them all.


MW: What else are you doing other than TWD?
MKM: Well I’m really focused on my writing right now the novels, my autobio, and some screenplays. I plan to hit the ground running. I still have support from my agency, my management team, and my fans so I’m looking forward to getting out and back into the swing of things. This too shall pass. I’m sure I’ll be busy as hell once I’m out!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
MKM: I just want to let fans and readers know that no matter what happens in life you must stay positive. God is in everything. You just have to allow him to filter the negative things into positives. Keep Faith, stay Humble, and stay focused. And most of all never give up on your dreams.  To my fans and readers who want to stay in touch with me, you can write me @
Markice Moore #66327054
MCC New York
150 Park Row
New York, NY, 10007

I would like to thank Mike Wilkerson for his interest and patience. My manager Gail Tassell for believing in me through it all, and I want to send my love to all the prisoners throughout the world hold your heads up and turn ur negatives into positives. Thank you all. One love


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    Markice moore is a very great actor!!!!…

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