30 Days Of Walking Dead Interviews – Ruben Swift Vidal A Savior In The Walking Dead Season 7

Posted: 01/19/2017 in 30 Days Of Walking Dead Interviews, The Walking Dead



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

Mike: Please introduce yourself?

Ruben: Whut Up Peeps, Ruben Swift Vidal here, Hailing from the Bronx NYC, residing in Atlanta, GA.

Mike: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you:

Ruben: Www.imdb.me/rubenvidal I have been on various TV Shows and Featured in a couple of movies, still a baby to the industry, rolling 2 1/2 years long. I also Produce all walks of music from Hip Hop, House to Rock. I have probably worked with your favorite artists.

Mike: How did you get the job to play a Savior on The Walking Dead?

Ruben: Well long story, never seen the show. My son Giovanni and Che, kept telling me about the show, I’ve never seen it. I didn’t want to watch a show with cowboys and zombies lol I had been working in film and the casting company had called me and ask if I wanted to be on a show(untitled) they asked if I had my ears and if I was looking tough lol (all day everyday) I took the job, then a week later they told me it was TWD.

Mike: When you got the job did you know it was for The Walking Dead?

Ruben: I didn’t know at first, then after I was told I was a Savior, but the whole time I thought it was called survivor lol.

Mike: Had you read The Walking Dead comics or saw the show?

Ruben: I didn’t watch it till after we filmed episode 16 of season 6.

the-walking-dead-s06e16-lucille-glenn landscape-1469292311-walking-dead-negan-lucille

Mike: How was it doing the Glenn and Abraham scene on The Walking Dead?

Ruben: It was cool, they are really cool dudes. I didn’t know who they were, we all have a job and we handle it, listen to Greg and the AD’s, boom! That simple.

Mike: Take the readers through doing the scene?

Ruben: Oh man it was cold those nights, I won’t forget that. We arrived early and left as the sun was rising lol scenes take long, posts of waiting, then rush rush rush lol not know the show and being apart of this was weird to me, cold, not knowing what going on, just a open mind. To ruff up Aaron and see these people are there knees, it was a dramatic sight. I though it was intense and to see Jeffery do those mono logs so many times, wow. HOURS!

Mike: What other scenes were you in for season7?

Ruben: I’m in a couple of scenes throughout Season 7, I’m also a stand in for Greg. I got cut of episode 1 season 7 , because of the biker vest I had one, they didn’t get to clear the patches, Booooo in the one who put the gun on Sasha’s head, you see my hand, but that’s it lol. I got cut out of 3 episodes , but you’ll be seeing a lot of me soon lol.

Mike: Give the readers a story from the set of The Walking Dead?

Ruben: some said there’s a long, so I’m set days of short. There’s a lot of moving people in a lot of moving elements of filming The Walking Dead. Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t be too cold and sometimes I wouldn’t I wish it wouldn’t be too hot. A typical day begins with breakfast, story time, waiting, and then filming, and then waiting again and waiting and waiting, then filming. Then comes lunchtime and repeat LOL

Mike: Will we get to see anymore of you in the next part of the season? Ruben: yep, lots of episodes coming.

Mike: What else do you have going on? Ruben: currently working on sleepy hollow, I just got to do a movie with Al pachino called hangman, i’m a detective, I am a teacher in the movie Jumanji, and I beat up Tom Cruise and a movie called American made that comes out this summer. I have filled so many things I forget I work on TV and films in about 5 to 6 days a week now. Thankful and blessed, I never thought I would be in this business.

Mike: How can fans reach you:

Ruben: Website: www.sugargroove.com

Instagram: swift_sugar_groove

FAcebook: Ruben Swift Vidal

Twitter: DJNproject

Mike: What would you like to say in closing?

Ruben: Live your dreams and be the dream, I believe anybody can do anything they truly want to do, all you have to do is give it 100% and consider it done. I was a poor kid from the Bronx and didn’t have anything, I went from being a graffiti writer to being on television and working with some of the biggest stars in music, movies and being a part of entertainment history. #thankful #blessed each and everyone of you can do it. Relationships and networking is key. I truly wish you all the best, Ruben Swift Vidal

PS: Google and listen to the music I create, it will inspire you.


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