Interview With Charlene Montgomery The Arthur Of “The Legend Of George Jones His Life & Death”

Posted: 03/01/2016 in Authors



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
CM: I am married to Peanutt Montgomery who was George Jones’ major songwriter for over 30 years. We live in Sheffield, Alabama where Peanutt still records under his own label.
MW: Tell me about the first time you met George Jones?
CM: I was cruising in Florence, Alabama with my sister, Linda. when a couple of guys pulled up beside us and asked us to meet them down at the local ice cream parlor. We did that and ended up riding around with the guys. They happened to be George Jones and Peanutt Montgomery, and the rest of the story is in the book.
MW: How did you and your husband Peanut become so close to Mr. Jones?
CM: Peanutt was working with Rick Hall of Fame Studios when he met George. They became best friends when Peanutt started writing some big hits for George. For all those years, all of us were inseparable.
MW: Lets talk about “The Legend of George Jones.” How did the book come about?
CM: George was unhappy with the couple of books on him plus the trash in them. He didn’t like them at all, so he asked me years before his death if I would write a book and tell the straight story about who he was and why. I kept a diary for over 10 years and then handed that to my publisher.
MW: When you wrote the book was it made from your memories or something else?
CM: I was with George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and his children every day for years. We lived near each other. When the Jones’ moved, we moved too. Often I was the one who would pick out their next home and make the deals for them.
MW: With Mr. Jones being such a loved entertainer was any thing a touchy subject?
CM: His marriages were touchy subjects, but his estranged relationship with his children due to the pressures put on him by his fifth wife Nancy were deplorable.
MW: How has the book done since it was released?
CM: The sales have been good, and the paperback was just released that a lot of buyers have been waiting for.
MW: Is it true Mr. Jones got drunk and rode his lawnmower into town to get beer?
CM: 100% true. His wife let all the air of his tires, so that he couldn’t go to the liquor store, so he hopped on his garden tractor and rode to buy his booze.
MW: Mr. Jones was called many names No Show Jones and The Possum. What made him such a great friend in the end?
CM: George stayed loyal to Peanutt and me throughout the years. We loved him, so we put up with him. It was part of the deal if you were a close friend of George.
MW: What made Mr. Jones stop drinking and partying like he had done for so many years?
CM: He got into trouble with his health and almost died several times. George was afraid of dying, and there were many he ran around with taking advantage of him and stealing his money.
MW: What made Mr. Jones the Legend he became?
CM: George had that unique phraseology that was unique to anyone in the country music field. He sang big songs that went to the top of the charts. He had more number one hits than anyone in the music business of any genre.
MW: In one word Sum Up Mr. Jones?
CM: Mysterious
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
CM: George Jones was a close friend, and I miss him. Our relationship was torn apart by his fifth wife, Nancy, but I stay in constant touch with the children. After all, I was there when they were born, and I love them. I loved George Jones.
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