Interview With Lacey Sturm Ex. Lead Singer Of Flyleaf

Posted: 02/10/2016 in Music



Lacey Sturm photo

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

LS: Hi! I’m Lacey Sturm.

MW: Tell me about your first time on a stage?

LS: The first time I was ever on a stage was a play I was in when I was about four years old. I played an orphan who finds her father. I had one line, “Daddy! Daddy!” And I totally nailed it. 


MW: How did Flyleaf come about?

LS: We all were young concert goers in the local central Texas music scene. I used to play my acoustic guitar in coffee shops and wrote songs that way. I met Sameer, James, Jared and Pat through that local scene. Eventually their bands broke up and we all ended up starting a band together.



MW: You had 10 + years with Flyleaf what do you remember most about that time?

LS: I remember the growing pains of learning about being adult humans together with a bunch of people who were raised very differently from each other. And I remember feeling very familial about each other and saying we loved each other like family. But it wasn’t until we weren’t in a band together anymore that I really understood my deep love and admiration for them all as people. The band and crew. 

MW: Do you think you will ever play with Flyleaf again?

LS: I’m a very present person, so I could never say one way or another about that. After all this time of things working out exactly how I thought they would and also working out completely the opposite of what I expected, I have learned that I don’t know anything. And to just be grateful for what’s in front of me. 

 Lacey Sturm-Life Screams-Cover Art

MW: Let’s talk about “Life Screams”. Tell me about making it?

LS: Life Screams was just about paying attention to the moment i was in and figuring out how to learn and grow and have joy from that. It’s about realizing that Love honors freedom and relishing in how freedom proves Love genuine. Making the record was the freest process and so easy. Very genuine.


MW: How did you decide on “Impossible” being the lead single?

LS: “Impossible” embodies the message we want to share I think. The sound is urgent and thankful at the same time. And that’s how we feel as a family right now. 

MW: Will there be a video for “Impossible” also?

LS: Yes! Hopefully soon!

MW: “Life Screams” comes out on February 12th. will it be on vinyl also? Vinyl would sound sweet…

LS: Yes! There will be vinyl! I’m excited for that as well. I can’t wait to hear impossible on vinyl!

MW: What touring plans do you have for 2016?

LS: We have a tour booked with OTEP, and some shows with Adelitas Way, as well as some major rock festivals.. Carolina Rebellion, Northern Invasion, Rock On The Range, and Welcome to Rockville to name a few.

MW: Do you think you will release “Roxanne” by The Police as a single? You do an amazing job.

LS: Thanks!! It has been suggested and we are considering that.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

LS: Please stay in touch through our website,, and Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Facebook.

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