Interview With New Band Doll Skin

Posted: 02/09/2016 in Music

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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourselves?

DS: We are Doll Skin! A hard rock band with punk, metal, and even pop influences, from Phoenix, Arizona. We are Meghan (19, drummer), Nicole (17, bassist), Sydney (16, singer), and Alex (16, guitarist)

MW: How did Doll Skin Come about?

DS: In Meghan’s junior year of high school, 2013, she got us together for a battle of the bands at her school. We didn’t expect it to go anywhere past the competition, just some friends getting together to play a fun show, but then we scored a perfect 100 from the judges, taking first place! We decided to keep things going and see where it went.


MW: How did Doll Skin get David Ellefson to take notice?

DS: David was actually the celebrity judge at that battle of the bands. He loved our energy and command of the audience and that we were the only band to bring an original song to the competition. We competed in the same battle of the bands the next year, this time taking 2nd place, but David had maintained interest and set up a meeting with us. The next thing we know we are in the studio and working very close with David. He’s a fantastic guy and has helped us immensely, we’re very lucky to have him on our team.


MW: How was it working with David Ellefson on “In Your Face”?

DS: David has been an incredible mentor to us, especially to Nicole, our bassist. He offers a lot of insightful suggestions, but accepts our occasional ‘no’, knowing that holding true to our style is very important. He’s very focused and driven, great to work with!

MW: What are your plans for touring in 2016?

DS: We have two dates with HELLYEAH on February 19th and 21st, and then two dates with the Dead Kennedys on March 10th and 11th, then we hit the road for a mid-west run into early April, starting with five days at SXSW. We are home April and May, working on some new material. We have some very cool, but unannounced, possibilities in the works that could be happening in the spring and early summer.

MW: Who would your dream tour be with? And why?

DS: That’s a really tough question! Between the four of us there is such a wide range of favorite bands and artists that it would end up as more of a dream festival! We recently got off tour with Metal Allegiance and then right to Shiprocked, so between those two we have had quite a ‘dream tour’ experience already! Both were full of artists that we are huge fans of! To give a more solid answer, Avenged Sevenfold, The Used, My Chemical Romance (in the instance of a reunion), and Foo Fighters would all be dream tour bands, but we could rattle off so many more.


MW: Will you be doing any music festivals in 2016?

DS: Yes! We will be at SXSW

MW: How can fans purchase “In Your Face”?

DS: “In Your Face” can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and hard copy on our website.

MW: Do you think you will ever release “In Your Face” on vinyl?

DS: We would love to! Although we may have to save a vinyl release for a full length album.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DS: We have lots of new music that we can’t wait to release, we are very excited to keep working hard. Stay tuned! You can order our new EP here:




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